Celery – Medicinal Benefits

What is Celery?

Celery (ajmodha) is a kind of small plant used as a food. Its scientific name is Apium graveolens. It is mostly used to make salads. At the same time, there is a practice of using it to decorate food as well. There are many people who like to eat soup or juice. Explain that it is very similar to coriander in view, but it is not coriander. It is mainly found in Middle-Eastern Europe and America. Due to its many medicinal properties, it is now being used all over the world.

Why is celery good for you?

According to experts, it contains calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron. At the same time, it is also found in vitamins-A, C, E, B-6, B-9 and vitamin-K along with many other nutrients. All these nutrients are considered very important for health. In addition, celery also has many medicinal properties, some of which are as follows:

  • Anthelmintic (parasitic destroyer)
  • Antispasmodic
  • Carminative (relieving gas problem)
  • Diuretic (urine enhancer)
  • Laxative (stool loosening)
  • Sedative Stimulant (mind calming)

This is the reason why celery is considered useful for physical health and mental health. Not only this, celery is also very useful for skin and hair.

Ajmoda names in different languages

The Latin botanical name of celery is Apium Graveolens and Syn-Carum graveolens (Linn.) Koso-Pol. is.
It is also named as carum roxburghianum.

Hindi – Parsley, Parsley, Big Parsley, Parsley, Parsley

English (ajmoda in english) – Celery

Sanskrit – Ajmoda, Ayamoda, Ajmoja, Kharashwa, Karvi, Mayur, Brahmakusha, Lochmastaka

Punjabi – Bhootjata

Gujarati – Bodi ajmoda, Parsley (Ajmod)

Kannada (celery root in kannada) – Ajmoda Boma, Selerina

Tamil (ajmoda in tamil) – Ajmoda, Celery kerai

Telugu (celery seeds in telugu) – Ajumoda, Voma

Ayurvedic treatment

  • Rasa- katu , tikta
  • Guna-laghu, ruksha
  • Virya- ushna
  • Vipaka – katu

Classical categorization

  • Aachrya charak- shoolaprashmana , deepaneeya
  • Aacharya sushurat – pippalyadi grop of herbes
  • Aachraya vagbhata – pippalyadi groups of herbes

Benefits of Celery

Here we will try to know the advantages of parsley in sequence. At the same time, we will also tell how it can work to provide relief in those problems.

1. Controls blood pressure

A scientific research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that anti-hypertensive effect is found in the seeds of celery, which can work to control high blood pressure.

2. Reduces cholesterol

The benefits of celery also include controlling cholesterol levels. It is be said that it contains a chemical compound called 3-N-butyphthalide, which can work to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood stream. Not only this, it can also play an important role in balancing the entire lipid profile.

3. Helpful in weight loss

Celery can act as an effective weight controller. It is low in calories and is also rich in fiber.

4. Help in preventing cancer

The benefits of celery can also be seen in a fatal disease like cancer. According to experts, celery contains an element known as epigenin, which may reduce it as an adjunct in cancer prevention and treatment to avoid the risk of cancer

5. Helpful in digestion and constipation

The juice can be used to get the benefits of celery in digestive problems.

6. beneficial in asthma

According to experts, many anti-oxidants are also found in celery along with vitamins and minerals. Due to their presence, it works as a medicine in the treatment of many diseases.

7. takes care of heart

Celery can also be used as a treatment for heart-related diseases. Based on a research, it is believed that celery contains many vitamins and phytochemicals along with fiber and protein, which can work to maintain heart health.

8. Improve immunity

Celery is also capable of increasing immunity. According to experts, flavonoids, alkaloids and phenolic compounds are found in celery. Due to the presence of all these, the celery exhibits immune-stimulating effect.

9. Controls diabetes

Research has found that celery seeds contain some elements that are capable of controlling blood sugar.

10. Kidney & Liver Health

Celery seed oil can prove to be quite beneficial for kidney. Explain that some special elements in its seed oil such as: Chrysoeriol, diglucoside, luteolin, apiosigalucoside and luteolin are found. These ingredients may be helpful in relieving kidney stone problem. At the same time, another research has also confirmed that some elements are also found in the leaves of celery, due to the presence of which its use can prove to be helpful in providing protection to the liver.

Useful parts of Ajmoda

  • Ajmoda seeds
  • The root
  • The leaves
  • Oil

Dosage -2-4 gm