Ulcers occur when there is excessive acid production in GIT, colon becomes inflamed and there is formation of ulcers on the inner lining of the colon. Largest intestine is affected morerather than the small intestine. These ulcers are very painful, swollen, and leads to feeling of fullness and a perpetual feeling of going to pass stools. It also has a psychological effect on theperson effected. it comes under Purishavaha srotas vikaras and causes raktatisar(bloody stools) due to imbalanced Vata, pitta, and Kapha doshas. CAC ulcer heal tablets protect the endothelial layer, cure ulcers, and restores body metabolism.


  • Kehrewa Pishti -100 mg
  • Prawal Pishti -100 mg
  • Guduchi satv -150 mg
  • Aloe vera -100 mg



Kaharva pishti is also known as Trinkantamani pishti or Amber of succinate. It is pitta shamak, hridyacoolant and raktanirodhak. It is having hemostatic properties and is used to treat Bleeding disorders, menorrhagiadiarrheaUlcerative colitisfever and anorexia etc.


  • Heart Palpitation
  • Tachycardia


  • Worm infestation in brain and headache because of the same
  • Cysticercosis (pork tapeworm infestation)

It acts as potent anthelmintic and eradicates pork tapeworms.


  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Bleeding piles
  • Blood in stools
  • Bleeding due to Ulcerative colitis or any inflammatory diseases


  • Excessive uterine bleeding
  • Heavy menstruation


Praval pishti or coral calcium is useful in disorders where people experience heat or burning sensation in any part of the body. It reduces the heat in the body and lowers the elevated body temperature. Not only it reduces fever but it also gives relief from symptoms of fever including heat or burning sensation, excessive thirst, excessive perspiration, insomnia, vertigo, restlessness, loss of strength and weakness. In general fevers, it can work alone without any other medication.

  • Antacid (reduces acid production in the stomach)
  • Anti-inflammatory (effects are more visible in hepatitis)
  • Anti-arthritic (It’s a natural calcium supplement)
  • Anti-pyretic (subsides fever)
  • Digestive Stimulant
  • It has Madhur(sweet) and slightly amla(sour) rasa, laghuruksha quality, Sheeta virya(potency) and it pacifies all three doshas.


It has astringent effect, promotes digestion, balances vata and kapha, treats constipation and raktpitta(bleeding disorders)

Scientific name – Tinospora cordifolia

Properties – It is astringentbitter with hot potency

RASAYANI – Rejuvenating

SANGRAHINI – useful in diarrheamalabsorption syndrome

BALYA – improves strength

AGNIDEEPANI – Increases digestive fire

AMAHARA – Treats indigestion

DAHAHARA –gives relief from burning sensation

MEHAHARA – useful in diabetes and urinary tract disorders

KASAHARA- treats cough

KAMLA – useful in treatment of jaundice

KUSHTHA – useful in skin disorders

JVARA- Treats fever

HRUDYA – useful in heart disorders

CHAKSHUSHYA – Cures eye disorders

VAYASTHAPAN – anti aging

VRUSHYA – aphrodisiac

PART USED – Most used part is stem


Scientific name – Aloe barbadensis miller

  • It has bitter taste and is cold in potency
  • It has balancing effect on all three doshas, but its effect is stronger on Pita dosha.
  • It stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Cures burns, wounds, ulcers,skin disorders and its anti inflammatory
  • Treats fungus, insect bites, herpes, vaginal infections
  • Prevents kidney stones, crohn’s disease and IBS
  • Alkalises body, balances acid production, treats constipation


Our CAC ULCER HEAL TABLET is 1000mg per tablet, which is easy to take in a dose of twice a day(1bd)

It is different in comparison to other pharmacy ulcer heal tablet available in open market.

Medicinal properties of CAC ulcer heal tablet

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anticoagulant
  • Analgesic


  • In ulcerative colitis
  • IBS
  • Gastritis
  • Restore body metabolism
  • Pacifies Pitta and Vata doshas
  • Provide cooling effect
  • Heals ulcers
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Removes bacterial infection
  • Effective in inflammation and swelling

DOSAGE – 1tablet twice daily with plain water. 


gokshura capsule

CAC GOKSHURA CAPSULES are 100% natural and safe and is pure Ayurvedic formulation. Gokshura is the herb that helps in revitalizing and rejuvenating the body. Gokshura helps to balance all three Doshas.

Gokshura  is a traditional ayurvedic herb that is useful in both revitalising and rejuvenating the body. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties which makes it extremely beneficial for improving kidney functions and treating urinary tract infection, urinary distension, urinary calculidysuria, difficulty in micturition, osteoarthritis, gout and sexual problems.

INGREDIENTS – Each capsule contains Gokshur 500mg

BOTANICAL NAME – Tribulus terrestris

ENGLISH NAME – Caltrops, puncture vine


  • RASA(taste) – Madhur(sweet)
  • GUNA(Physical property)- Guru, snigdha(Heavy, unctuous)
  • VIRYA(Potency)-  Sheet(cold)
  • VIPAKA(Metabolic property) – Madhur(sweet)
  • DOSHA EFFECT – Balances all three doshas in body
  • Shothahara – Anti inflammatory
  • Krimighna – Anti helminthic
  • Mutravirechaniya – Promotes urine flow
  • Balakarak – Provides strength
  • Vrishya – Aphrodisiac
  • Vastishodhan – useful in urinary tract disorders
  • Deepan – Increases digestive fire
  • Prameh hara – Useful in diabetes
  • Ashmarihara – Treats kidney stones
  • Shwas kasa hara – Treats respiratory disorders
  • Hridya – Good for heart health
  • Arshahara – Useful in treatment of piles



Gokshura capsules are very beneficial for body building and the minerals present in this herb improves body composition and muscle strength.

In todays time everyone is concerned about their body image

A lot of men want to make their body more muscular and they choose steroid for the same which pump up their body in an unnatural way. This is harmful in the long run, therefore it is important to switch to a natural source and for that we have gokshura and ashwagandha. Both these herbs can be used in bodybuilding.


Gokshura is very beneficial in treating urinary disorders and kidney stones. Regular consumption of Gokshura can easily give relief from bladder problems and diuretic ailments. Its  diuretic activity is well utilized through a lot of formulations.

It has a cleansing effect on the urinary bladder, because Gokshura is filled with lithotryptic activity which regulates the functioning of the urinary system.


Gokshura promotes ovulation and sperm production. Men  and women who deal with fertility issues and want to start a family, gokshura consumption works well for them.

Apart from this it also increases libido in both women and men, enhances the sperm quality and quantity in men.

  • PCOS

Gokshura is very beneficial for women with PCOS, because it eliminates excessive water and decreases the size of the cyst. It  increases the exercise capacity, fights glucose intolerance and also controls diabetes in women affected with PCOS. Gokshura consumption can avoid unwanted weight gain.


Gokshura is a popular in Ayurvedic herb to cleanse the skin from within. Teenagers or adults suffering from acne can use Gokshura to treat it and prevent it from occurring in the future. Bad skin can result in low esteem or low self confidence level, this problem can cease to exist by the regular consumption of Gokshura because of its healing properties. It also cures woundshivesitchinessskin inflammation and skin eruptions.


Regular consumption of gokshur can make your skin appear younger and slow down the aging effects like fine lineswrinkles and body degeneration. It also enhances the muscle power of a person.


Gokshura is an excellent herb for disorders of prostate glands. It also treats urinary problems caused by prostate disorders. It rejuvenates and cleanses the organs present inside the lower abdomen.


Gokshura enhances the healthy heart activity. Cures heart ailments like angina and reduces the chances of heart attacks. It also brings down cholesterol levels in the body, reduces blood sugar, hypertension and blood pressure levels.


It  regulates the level of serotonin as it has MOA inhibitors. Serotonin is a hormone that influences emotional and mental state of a person. If consumed regularly it effectively treats Parkinson’s disease, psychological imbalances, headaches and relieves stress.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Diuretic
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Anti-gout
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-hypertensive
  • Immune-modulator
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Indigestion
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Chest pain
  • Eczema
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Infertility
  • Urinary calculi
  • Abdominal Colic
  • Dysuria
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Urinary obstruction
  • Enhances digestion
  • Ascites
  • Hernia
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Hair fall
  • Obesity
  • Bed wetting
  • Headache/stress


Our CAC Gokshura capsules are 500mg per tablet, which is easy to take in a dose of twice a day(1bd)

It is different in comparison to other pharmacy gokshura capsules available in open market.


One capsule twice a day with plain water


garlic capsule

CAC Garlic capsules are  purely herbal formulation.  It is used in diseases related to blood and  cardiovascular systems. It balances all the three doshas(vata, pitta, kapha) of body and maintain healthy balance of these doshas. It is very effective in high cholesterol, diabetes and in high lipid levels. It is anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal and immuno modulator.

Garlicalso known as Lehsun or Rasona, has been known as  “Wonder Drug“. It  has been used medicinally over the years for treating bites, tumors, ulcers, snakebite, wounds, headaches, heart diseases, cancer, pimples, measles etc. It also keeps us away from infections like common cold, cough because it has Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral property.

It is an anti aging spice. It is hot, cleansing, cardiac tonic, digestive good for eyes, useful in asthma and cough, it also improves hair strength and quality.

INGREDIENTS – Each capsule contains Garlic/Allium sativum 500mg

BOTANICAL NAME – Allium sativum


  • RASA(taste) – 5 rasas except sour,pungent main
  • GUNA(quality) – heavy, unctuous, penetrating,mild laxative, sticky
  • VIRYA(potency) – Hot
  • VIPAKA (post digestive effect) – Pungent
  • DOSHA EFFECT – Balances kapha, vata and aggravates pitta dosha but if taken by rasayan vidhi then it stimulates digestive fire.
  • Vedanasthapana – Analgesic
  • Jantujit, krumighna – Treats worm infestations, useful in infected wounds
  • Kushtaghna – Treats skin disorders
  • Kilasaghna – useful in spreading skin disorders
  • Vataghna – useful in vata related disorders like, paralysisneuralgiaconstipation
  • Gulmahara – Treats abdominal tumours
  • Vrushya – Aphrodisiac
  •  Bhagna asthi sandharak – Promotes quick healing of fractured bones
  • Chakshushya – Good for eyes
  • Pachak – Treats ama dosha/ indigestion
  • Shoolhara – Useful in abdominal colic
  • Jwarahara – useful in fever
  • Shophahara – relieves swelling
  • Vibandhhara – treats constipation
  • Aruchihara – useful in anorexia
  • Balya – improves strength and immunity
  • Rasayana – Rejuvinating
  • Raktdoshhara – Blood purifier
  • Medhya – Brain tonic


  • TREATS DYSENTERY –  It has inhibitory effects on gram-negative bacteria of the typhoid-paratyphoid-enteritis group, it has outstanding germicidal properties and can keep amoebic dysentery at bay. Garlic also has anticancer activity.
  • LOWERS CHOLESTEROL – Garlic is rich in the Ellison compound which prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. They are more detrimental to health after oxidation. People who have high cholesterol levels should include garlic herb in their diet.
  • TREATS ACNE – Garlic can be used with other ingredients like honey, turmeric, to treat acne scars and  it prevents the development of acne, it acts as a cleanser and an antibiotic substance for soothing skin rashes.
  • HEART HEALTH – Garlic protects heart against cardiovascular issues like heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Arteries tend to lose their ability to stretch with age. Garlic helps reduce this and also protect the heart from the damaging effects of free  radicals.
  • RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS – Use of garlic in daily diet reduces the frequency and number of colds. Its antibacterial properties, helps in treating throat irritations. Garlic also reduces the severity of up respiratory tract infections.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT– Garlic helps in regulating the formation of fat cells in our body and help prevent weight gain.


  • High blood pressure
  • Prostate cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • High cholesterol
  • Prevent tick bites
  • Common cold
  • Indigestion
  • Fractures, dislocation, bone diseases
  • Menstrual problems
  • Seminal disorders
  • Chronic fever
  • Malaria
  • Emaciation
  • Fistula in ano
  • Cataract and other eye disorders
  • Cough, breathlessness, asthma
  • Skin disorders


Our CAC Garlic capsules are 500mg per tablet, which is easy to take in a dose of twice a day(1bd)

It is different in comparison to other pharmacy garlic capsules available in open market.

DOSAGE – 1 capsule twice a day with plain water



CAC Pain o kill syrup is ayurvedic and purely herbal formulation. It help to relax your muscles and muscles cramps thus relieving pain. It balances all the three doshas of your body thus maintaining proper blood circulation. It provides soothing effect to the affected area of pain. It contains various herbs like Jivanti, Musta, Usher, Bilwa, Shatavri and Kantakari. All these herbs are natural pain relievers.


  • Hadjod (Cissus quadrangularis) 400 mg
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)    300 mg
  • Shalaki (Boswelia serriata)          200 mg
  • Shudh gugglu (Comihera mukul)           200 mg
  • Surinam sweet (Colchium luteumbaker)       200 mg
  • Methi (Trigonella foenum)          200 mg
  • Nirgundi (Vitex nirgundo)            100 mg
  • Garlic (Allium sativum)     100 mg
  • Khurasani ajwain (Hyoscyamus niger) 100 mg
  • Shunthi (Zingiber officinale)       100 mg
  • Deodar (Cedrus deodara)                        100 mg
  • Shilajeet (Ashaltum punjabinum)          250 mg

Uses of Pain O Kill Syrup

  • Knee pain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Backache
  • Cervical spondylitis
  • Osteoarthritis


Packed with calcium, magnesium and the antioxidant resveratrol, hadjod works to foster proper bone cell growth, regeneration and proliferation, thereby ensuring positive structural development of the body.

Heals Bone Conditions

The juice of hadjod stem derivatives can be consumed internally as well as a paste or powder prepared from its leaves applied externally, on fractures, osteoporosis and arthritis. Hadjod speeds up bone mineralization and formation, simultaneously increasing bone mineral density and strength, and pacifying aches in the joints.


SHALLAKI resin gives relief in pain (especially joint pain) because of its Vata balancing nature. According to Ayurveda, all types of pain are caused by aggravated Vata, using Shallaki helps to pacify Vata and reduces the pain associated with swelling.


It reduce the inflammation, reduce joint pain.


Nirgundi helps in the management of this pain due to its Vata balancing property. You can apply Nirgundi leaves paste on the affected area to get relief from pain


Garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties have the potential to counter both arthritis and rheumatism.


Anti-rheumatic: gives relief in rheumatism.

Anodyne: pain relieving.


Deodar oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which alleviate joint pain due to arthritis and rheumatism. The oil removes toxins from the bowel and improves digestive function.


Contains anti-inflammatory agents that help relieve common cold and prevents viral infections. Good for stomach care, sunthi is helpful in motion sickness and nausea. It is beneficial in reducing joint pain and inflammation. Ginger also helps reduces indigestion and supports digestive health.


It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and is thus useful for different painful conditions of the bodyShilajit is also found to be very beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout as it nourishes the joints and reduces the inflammation and pain.


It may act as a pain reliever, preventing pain signals from traveling along the central nervous system. It may also have some anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, some research has shown it to be effective in treating forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis.


Our CAC PAIN O KILL SYRUP is 500 mg per tablet. Which is easy to take in dose of twice a day (1bd). It is different in comparison to other pharmacy PAIN O KILL SYRUP pressure tablets available in open market. 



CAC LIVER CARE SYRUP is a herbo-mineral Syrup which is purely ayurvedic formulation. CAC Liver Care syrup helps in balancing Pitta dosha. This Syrup enhances regeneration of liver cells, promote functions of liver, and improve blood flow from the liver. It helps in the treatment of fatty liver, Liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis, hepatomegaly, and obstructive Jaundice. CAC Liver Care syrup contains Ingredients like Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Kutaki(Picrorhiza kurroa), Bhumi amla( phyllanthus niruri), Giloy(Tinopora Cordifolia), Yavakshar( Hordeum vulgare), Imli Kshar( Tamarindus indica), Mukta Shukta pisti etc. These herbs shows Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, Hepato-protective, properties. This syrup improves digestion, enhances appetite.

Uses of Liver Care Syrup:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-hepatotoxicity
  • Hepato-protective
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Loss of appetite
  • Poor liver functions
  • Poor Appetite
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Fatty Liver
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatomegaly
  • Jaundice
  • Obstructive jaundice

Ingredients of CAC Liver Care Syrup are:

       Each 5 ml Contains:

  • Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata)    –     300 mg
  • Kutaki(Picrorhiza kurroa)       –      250 mg
  • Bhumi amla( phyllanthus niruri)   –    300 mg
  • Giloy(Tinopora Cordifolia)     –      250 mg
  • Yavakshar( Hordeum vulgare)   –   75 mg
  • Imli Kshar( Tamarindus indica)   –   75 mg
  • Mukta Shukta pisti     –   90 mg



The scientific name of Palash is Butea monosperma. Taking decoction of Palash, drinking it removes problems like kidney and liver. According to Ayurveda, Palash flower is beneficial in treating diabetes, eye related diseases such as cataract, anemia, kidney stones, urinary disorders and bladder pain.


Giloy’s juice is a panacea for many diseases. Doctors also recommend drinking its juice. This brings out the toxins present in the body.


The benefits of Kalmegh can also be seen to maintain liver health balance. For this, extracts of leaves of Kalmegh can be consumed. Actually, leaves of Kalmegh have hepatoprotective properties. Consuming its extract can help protect against liver and renal damage.


Bhumi Amla is one the best herb for managing liver problems like swelling in the liver, jaundice and weak liver function Bhumi Amla not only helps in liver detoxification but also helps in nourishment due to its properties of Rasayana( rejuvinating ) and Pitta balancing.


If you have any liver problem, then eating a kutki is very beneficial for you because according to a research, the property of keeping liver cells healthy is found in a Kutki.

CAC Neem Soap


In this decade, the health world is being run by using chemical medicines along with herbs. This is how beauty products are made, such as neem soap.

Neem soap is suitable for all skin types as it is an herb that does not contain chemical drugs, so it does not cause any bad effect on the skin.

Neem soap is made from neem oil to give health benefits. Neem oil is a botanical oil extracted from the neem tree.

Neem trees are famous in the Indian subcontinent. These trees are found in continent and semi-continent. Neem oil is not used for cooking.

Benefits of neem

Neem is used in India to make beauty products such as soap, powder, cream, etc. The oil is commonly used for hair and skin care.

Neem contains many types of ingredients which are beneficial for our skin and body such as:

  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-germ particles

Benefits of neem soap

Neem soap gets rid of ringworm

Neem oil present in neem soap has antibacterial and fungal properties.

Ringworm is a skin related disease spread by fungi and bacteria for which neem is the best remedy for its treatment as it protects against various skin diseases.

Neem soap brightens the skin 

Daily use of Neem soap makes skin healthy so that it looks clean and shiny.

The reason for this is that Neem soap contains Vitamin A which is considered a very important element for the skin.

Neem soap for spots

Neem soap has anti-inflammatory properties which removes stains from the skin and also prevents it from getting ignited.

Neem makes the skin free of bacteria 

Neem soap has antibacterial properties. Medically, it is capable of killing bacteria such as e-coli. Therefore, all the problems caused by these bacteria are destroyed.

This eliminates the problem of spikes

We can get rid of the nail on our face by using Neem soap. Because its antioxidant properties help in keeping the skin healthy.

Benefits of Neem soap in wrinkles removal

Wrinkling problems are very common, especially in working women. Neem soap can prove to be very beneficial for such women.

Neem present in neem soap goes inside the pores and helps in removing wrinkles as well as removing scars on the face.

Neem soap reduces pores

Neem soap helps in shrinking the pores of the skin so that the skin becomes soft, while the rest of the beauty soap gives the skin a shade.

Neem soap closes the pores without irritation and dryness.

It removes excess oil from the skin.

One of the main reasons for having a nail is that different types of skin release oil. This makes a nail.

Neem soap helps remove excess oil from the skin, mainly from the face.

Neem soap relieves itching

Itching is a common inflammatory disease of the skin, ie many people are affected by it.

Neem relieves itching of the skin as it is anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Itching is cured quickly by using Neem soap regularly.

This soap removes dead cells

Neem soap has the ability to remove dead cells. These dead cells make our skin unhealthy and dry.

After removing these dead cells, new cells are born.

We try a variety of soaps to keep our skin clean, soft and beautiful. Many types of skin soaps are also available in the market. But it uses more chemicals. This can damage your skin. Instead of chemical soap, homemade Ayurvedic soap does its job without causing any damage to the skin.

Soap made from neem leaves removes dead cells by nourishing your skin. Also, it helps in removing dirt and dirt and grease on the skin. Neem leaves are a tonic for the skin. And the best thing is that neem leaves are beneficial for every type of skin. You can also use it on your face if you want. This will clean your skin from inside without damaging it. Today we will tell you the method of soap prepared from neem leaves.



CAC Ashwagandha tablet is an herbal and purely ayurvedic formulation. Ashwagandha has been called the kings of Ayurvedic herbs. Its root has a horsey smell. It boosts your immune system and relieves stress. It is made from the goodness of Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng. It helps you recover from anxiety and depression, boost your brain. It may also modestly enhance strength performance, improve glucose metabolism, increase testosterone levels It is a good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-stress properties.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – 650 mg

Uses of Ashwagandha churna:

  • Stress buster
  • Arthritis
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Skin conditions
  • Stress
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Diabetes
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • Fevers
  • Snake bites
  • Memory loss
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Reduce symptoms of depression
  • Boost testosterone and increase fertility in men
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides level
  • Help calm the brain
  •  Reduce Cholestrol 

Consuming  Ashwagandha powder can help reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Also it can help increase the amount of HDL (good cholesterol). Research in the World Journal of Medical Science also mentions that ashwagandha has a hypolipidemic effect, which may help some in lowering cholesterol .

  •  For Insomnia

People struggling with sleeplessness can take ashwagandha on the advice of a doctor. According to this study, ashwagandha leaves contain a compound called triethylene glycol, which can help in sleeping in deep sleep. Based on this research, it can be said that Ashwagandha can be consumed to improve sleep quality of insomnia victims.

  • For Stress

The problem of stress can cause many diseases. According to research conducted on mice, the anti-stress properties present in Ayurvedic medicine ashwagandha can reduce stress and protect it from diseases caused by it .

  • Increase in Sexual Ability 

Ashwagandha is a powerful medicine, which can improve the quality of semen by improving the sexual ability of men. Ashwagandha can increase sperm quality as well as its number. This research has been done on the decreased fertility due to stress (oxidative stress, chemical stress and mental stress).

  •  In Diabetes

Diabetes can also be avoided through the Ayurvedic medicine Ashwagandha. The hypoglycemic effect present in it may be helpful in reducing the amount of glucose.

  •  For Immunity

If the body’s immunity will not be better, then it becomes difficult to fight against diseases. The immunomodulatory effect present in it may alter the immunity of the body according to its requirement, which may help in fighting diseases . Therefore, ashwagandha is believed to help enhance immunity.

  •  For Thyroid

The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in the throat produces the necessary hormones. When these hormones become unbalanced, the body weight begins to decrease or increase. Due to this, many other kinds of problems also have to be faced. This stage is called thyroid.

  • For Eye disease

Increasingly people are falling prey to eye diseases. Ashwagandha has antioxidant properties, which can help fight cataracts. The study found that ashwagandha can work effectively against cataracts. It may be somewhat beneficial in preventing cataracts from growing.

  •  In Arthritis

Arthritis is such a painful disease .It becomes difficult for the patient to walk and sit and get up. Medicinal properties of Ashwagandha due to its antiinflammatory effect can reduce the symptoms of Arthritis from its root juice. Also, the pain of arthritis can also be relieved.


Carelessness to health and changing routines can rapidly affect brain function. Thus, various studies conducted on animals have found that ashwagandha can positively impact brain functioning and memory. As we have already mentioned above, taking ashwagandha can also improve sleep, which relaxes the brain and can work better.

  • Strong Muscles

It is also important to strengthen the muscles along with bones. Ashwagandha intake can be beneficial for the muscles. With this, the muscles can become stronger as well as better coordination between the brain and muscles. For the time being, further scientific research is said to be done in this regard. Not only this, ashwagandha can make up for weakness and improve the strength of the leg muscles. Ashwagandha is also known to improve neuromuscular coordination .

  • For Anxiety and Depression

Ashwagandha powder benefits include protecting against anxiety and depression. The bioactive compounds of ashwagandha have actions such as anxiolytic (Anxiolytic – anxiety reduction drug) and anti-depressant. A research says that consuming it for 5 days can show the same effect as an anxiety-reducing drug. Ashwagandha can control the level of tribulin (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) of the brain, which is increased due to stress. For this reason, ashwagandha is believed to be beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression.

  • For Inflammation

Ashwagandha has adequate antiinflammatory properties . In this sense, it can be said that it can help reduce inflammation in the skin. Indeed, the most common bacteria responsible for skin infections is Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause facial swelling. The bacteria responsible for this infection may neutralize skin inflammation by neutralizing the antibacterial properties present in the ashwagandha . Ashwagandha paste can be applied where there is inflammation in the skin.

  • Prevent Ageing

Ashwagandha has antioxidant properties. In this sense, it can also be beneficial for the skin. Antioxidant properties can protect against signs of aging (wrinkles and loose skin) by fighting free radicals formed in the body.

  • Premature graying of hair

Everyone wants their hair not to be prematurely white. This desire can be fulfilled with Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic medicine increases the product of melanin in the hair. Melanin is a type of pigment that helps maintain the natural color of hair.


women syrup

CAC Woman Champion is purely herbal and ayurvedic formulation. It is a very effective tonic for women and help to maintain their health. It balances all the doshas of body and also maintain hormone levels. It contains herbs like Lodhra, Manjishta, Ashok chaal, Punarnava,Shatavar,Bala,Daruharidra,Nagarmotha that help women typically with mood changes, stress, headache and pain. CAC Women champion helps in leading a life of minimum discomfort during those difficult days every month. It act as antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti spasmodic, uterine tonic and immunity booster.


  4. BALA



Lodhra is a very important medicine used by all Ayurvedic practitioners. All parts of lodhra  like roots, bark as well as leaves of this plant are used for medicinal purposes but most useful part its stem. Lodhra is useful in managing female disorders such as leucorrhea (excessive vaginal discharge) caused by vaginal infections as it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties helps to manage excessive menstrual bleeding by promoting blood thickening due to its hemostatic (process which stops bleeding) properties .


Manjistha which scientific name Rubia cordifolia is a type of flowering plant family Rubiaceae. .Manjistha bright red root is extensively used for preparing various formulations aimed at detoxifying the blood, treating skin diseases, improving complexion, and many more.

Manjistha help to subside the pain  during dysmenorrhea and help to encourages easy flow during menstrual cycle.Women suffering from PCOD, manjistha actively helps in purifying the blood and restore healthy uterus leading to regular and healthy periods. 


Anantmul which scientific name is hemidesmus indicus it is semierect herb family apocynaceae. Anantmul is known to posses healing (ROPAN) and blood purifier (RAKTASHODHAK). It benefits in bleeding disorders and detoxifies the body and alleviates loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery and improve skin complexion. It can be used externally as well internally.

In females it help in gynecological problems such as menorrhagia, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea.


Bala which scientific name Sida cordifolia is a subshrub of mallow family malvaceae. The seeds, leaves, roots are used to make medicines. Bala root is used for urinary urgency (urinary incontinence) and vaginal discharges (leukorrhea).

Bala has excellent anti inflammatory properties hence it is used to treat wounds as well as inflammation. Oils that are prepared using Bala are very useful in treating arthritis and various other diseases that affect joints .Bala has good control in large intestine  motility absorbing water and nutrients from the intestines. So, it can use in case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Herbal preparations used in female infertility .Bala possesses strong diuretic properties; hence, it helps in cystitis and rejuvenates the urinary system. Bala helps to build a healthy body as well as strengthens the immune system of the body


Gokhru which  scientific name tribulus terrestris is an annual plant family zygophyllales.  . Gokhru anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties  makes it extremely beneficial for improving kidney functions and treating a number of genitourinary problems like urinary track infection, urinary distension, urinary calculi, dysuria, difficulty in micturition, treating osteoarthritis, gout and relieving from sexual problems.Gokshura grows in cold and hot temperatures. gokhru boosting female fertility and stimulate digestive system


Brahmi which scientific name centella asiatica is an perennial plant in the flowering plant family apiaceae . Brahmi used in various skin conditions such as leprosy, eczema, psoriasis, diarrhoea, fever, amenorrhea, diseases of the female genitourinary tract and relieving anxiety and improving cognition.


Ashok chhal  which scientific name saraca indica is a plant and  family fabaceae.
Ashoka herb has various medical properities espically in its bark and leaves. Ashoka  manage  heavy, irregular and painful periods. It help to get relief from abdominal pain and spasms. Controlling internal bleeding, especially in the case of piles due to its Kasaya (astringent) property. Ashoka good in  Kasht-aartava(dysmenorrhea).  Vata dosha controlled mensturation so it is importan  that Vata should be under control to manage dysmenorrhea. Ashoka has Vata balancing property and gives relief in dysmenorrhea. This herb controls aggravated Vata and reduces abdominal pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle.


Safed musli which scientific name asparagus adscendens family liliaceae. It is traditionally used for boosting vitslity, improving sexual performance,arthritis. This herb has been used to treat various sexual problems in both men and women since ancient times. This herb is mentioned in ancient ayurvedic scriptures of Charaka Samhita and Raj Nighantu for treating various problems . Musli reduce stress improve sexual vigous in females and  regulate hormonal imbalance and regulate mensuration. It also help in muscle building and tissue repairing facilitate weight gain. In nursing mother it helps to increase breast milk production.


Nag kesar which scientific name mesua ferrea family colophyllaceae. Nagkesar pacifies all three dosha vata pitta and kapha. The leaves, seeds, roots, fruits of nagkesar used in Ayurveda for medical properities.  Nagkesar is ability to arrest bleeding.  In Ayurveda it is used for treating bleeding disorders caused due to Pitta imbalance. Nag kesar helpful to managing indigestion and improves the digestive fire and helps in boosting the digestive power. Extremely beneficial for women suffering from excessive bleeding during menses.


giloy capsule


Giloy or Guduchi has been used from centuries in Ayurveda.

As per its name “Amrita” it shows rejuvenating effects (Rasayana) to our body or it Enduring, Immortal or endless.

It has been used from centuries in Ayurveda and it is very effective and safe herb against various diseases as it is an immunomodulator.

In the Pandemic year 2020, It has been used widely on large scales as it not only cures fever but also build up your immunity to fight against Corona virus.

SCIENTIFIC NAME- Tinospora cordifolia

COMMON NAMES-  Guduchi, Heart-leaved moonseed, Gurjo, Giloy

Sanskrit Name- Amrita, Amritvalli

FAMILY- Menispermaceae

Genus- Tinospora

PART USED- Stem, Roots and Leaves


This is tablet is made by the fresh extracts from the stem and leaves of Guduchi which is organically grown and it is made under the guidance of MD Ayurveda Doctors so making it different and effective than other similar product in the market.

CAC Giloy tablet is 100% natural and have no side effect.

It is clinically tested and made up of pure Ayurveda herb.


  • It is a large, deciduous and spreads extensively or climbing shrub with several  branches that are elongated and twining.
  • Leaves – simple, alternate, and estipulate having long petioles up to 6 inches long that are roundish and pulvinate, both at the base and the apex with the basal one longer & it is twisted partially and also half way around. As per the shape of the leaf and reddish fruit it is named as heart-leaved moonseed.
  • Flowers- Unisexual, small on separate plants and appears when the plant is leafless. color– greenish-yellow on axillary & terminal racemes.
  • Male flowers – clustered
  • Female flowers – usually solitary.
  • It has 6sepals in two series of three each. The outer ones are smaller than the inner. It has 6 petals which are smaller than sepals, obovate, and membranous. Fruits aggregate in clusters of 1-3. They are ovoid in shape with smooth drupelets on thick stalks also with sub terminal style scars, scarlet or orange colored.


Alkaloids, Proteins, Calcium, Natural steroids, Pytosterols, glycosides, Columbin, tinosporaside, palmatine,berberine,tembeterine, tinocordifolioside, phenylpropene disaccharides, choline, tinosporic acid,  tinosporon, and tinosporide.


Taste- Katu(PUNGENT), Tikta(BITTER), Kashaya(ASTRINGENT)

It removes the accumulated pitta

It balances the Tridoshas(VATA,PITTA AND KAPHA)


Dosage- 1 to 2capsules twice daily after meals.

with Luke warm water. 


  • It builds up your Immunity.
  • It detoxifies your body thus giving good complexion and natural glow to your skin.
  • It is effective and preferred traditionally to treat bronchitis and chronic cough. By the action of pacifying the mucous membrane of the respiratory system so making it an effective drug against asthma.
  • It acts as a remedy for fatty liver. One of the biggest benefits of Giloy
  • It helps to stimulate and regenerate the damaged tissues of liver.
  • It improves digestion and immunes body against hyperacidity, worm infestation, colitis, abdominal pain, excessive thirst and vomiting.
  • It reduces Stress and Anxiety by providing calming effect to the body and normalizing your physiological functions.
  • It crosses the Blood brain barrier i.e. it has excellent power to enhance memory and cognitive functions.
  • It is a health rejuvenator as it enhances natural immunity To fight against various ailments such as Jaundice, fever, Skin disorders, Constipation and Tuberculosis
  • Anti Ageing effects- It helps in reducing wrinkles, fine line, dark spots and pimples resulting in flawless skin
  • It is well known for its Anti- inflammatory properties that is it helps in reducing pain in the patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Antipyretic– It brings down your high temperature i.e. it useful in Fever and very effective in Intermittent Fever(this fever is mostly in an infectious disease).
  • It promotes Sexual health- it tackles various issues like impotence and involuntary ejaculation.
  • It helps in improving clarity of vision on external application by boiling giloy powder or leaves in water. cool down and apply on eye lids.

Detox Tablets


Chandigarh Ayurved Centre Detox tablets are 100% natural & safe containing 1gm herbs extract. The herbs used for formulation of these tablets show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, & immuno-modulator properties.

The herbs & minerals used for preparation of this churna shows antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulator properties.


Parwal Pishti, Shukta Pishti, Giloy Satav, Kamdudha Ras, Jahar Mohra, Akik Pishti, Gandhak Rasayan, Shankh Bhasma, Sutshekhar Ras, Sudhyog Tab, Shwet Parpati, Yavakshaar.

Parwal Pishti:

Paraval Pishti (Coral Calcium) is an Ayurvedic medicine which is used in most of the Ayurvedic treatments for a cough, cold and other Ayurvedic dosha like ‘pitta’. Praval Pishti has a sweet- sour taste to it and mostly comes in powder and liquid form. Predominantly used in conditions of calcium deficiency, Praval Pishti is abundant in vitamin C and natural calcium which increases overall immunity and sustenance of healthy bones and teeth.

Shukta Pishti:

Muktashukti is an ayurvedic name for pearl oyster shell. Muktashukti Bhasma and Mukta Shukti Pishti both contain pearl oyster shell calcium, but both are processed in different ways. Both have similar health benefits and medicinal uses.

Giloy Satav:

Giloy satva for low immunity: Low immunity is not just one health issue, but it can disturb your entire health. Apart from staying in stress, both physical as well as mental, you are more susceptible to several infections. Repeated infections can make your body even weaker and a weak body again is an invitation to many diseases. The only way out is try ayurvedic giloy satva and work on your lifestyle. The later isn’t possible instantly and hence you must start taking giloy satva if you are told that your immune system is not strong enough. To build non-specific immunity, the patient requires 40 days courses of Giloy Satva.

Kamdudha Ras:

Made from herbal and mineral ingredients, Kamdudha Ras (Mukta Yukta) is used in the treatment of many diseases. It serves as a great Ayurvedic medicine that helps in providing relief from digestive issues, chronic fever, burning sensation, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, debility and much more.

Jahar Mohra:

Jahar Mohra Pishti and Bhasma give strength to heart, brain and intestine. Jahar Mohra is indicated in the fever, weakness of heart, palpitation, high blood pressure, rickets, indigestion, vomiting,
diarrhea and burning sensation in the body. It is also used as prophylactic during infectious diseases.

Akik Pishti:

Akik Bhasma (Pishti) is a mineral-based ayurvedic medicine used for the treatment of general debility, heart weakness, and feeling of excessive heat in the body, mental diseases, eye diseases and excessive uterine bleeding in women.

Shankh Bhasma:

Shankh Bhasma (also spelled as Shankha Bhasm) is an ayurvedic remedy prepared from conch shell. In ayurveda, Shankh Bhasma is used for treating diarrhea (loose stools), acne, pimples, liver enlargement
(Hepatomegaly), splenomegaly, abdominal pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, heartburn, acid reflux, abdominal distension and irritable bowel syndrome.

Sutshekhar Ras:

Sutshekhar Ras contains Sutshekhar Ras as a key ingredient. Sutshekhar Ras pacifies the disruption of pitta and vata dosha. Sutshekhar Ras is formulated to treat hyperacidity, acid reflux and other related conditions. Not only this, it helps in binding stool to lower the stress on abdominal muscles. Owing to this, the pain of passing the stool is also curbed. This works progressively to treat gastritis.

Shwet Parpati:

Shwet Parpati or Kshara parpati is Ayurvedic preparation made by dehydrated homogenous blending of ammonium chloride, potash alum and potassium nitrate. This medicine is useful in treating dysuria, oliguria, colic, urinary tract infections, urinary calculi and hyperacidity. Shwet Parpati is white in colour and is not prepared from black sulphide of mercury.  This preparation is called Parpati as it is made in the form of thin flakes.  This form of medicine is more beneficial compared to metallic Bhasm.


Yavaksara is an alkaline preparation made with the ingredients in the formulation ,Contaning, Yava (Hordenum vulgare) APT Bhasma, Jala (Water) API

Medicinal properties:

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Immuno-modulator

These herbal tablets give good results in:

  • General weakness
  • Overall detoxification of the body
  • Stress
  • Improves metabolism
  • Provides cooling & calming effect.
  • Strengthens the body.

Detox Tablet is used to improve the digestion of fatty foods in the body. It is a pancreatic enzyme combination with amino acids. This tablet works by providing additional digestive enzymes, which improves digestion. That is why it is advisable to take this medicine with food. If you forget one dose of it, take it as soon as you remember.

Detox Tablet is used for the treatment of digestive problems. These problems occur when the pancreas is removed by surgery or in some cases it is not working well. It is also used for intestinal gas or as a digestive aid. This tablet is safe if taken according to the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

If you have any of the following, you should inform your doctor before taking Detox Tablet:

  • Pregnant
  • Plans to become pregnant
  • Breastfeeding, or
  • Suffering from liver or kidney disease.

When you talk about losing weight, the first advice is to detox the body. Experts also believe that body detox is necessary to have beautiful skin and lose weight. Nowadays, detox has increased. But do you know whether detoxing continuously for days is beneficial or harmful

What is detox?

When we talk about intake-day detox, it means that you follow a special diet throughout the week, which works to detox your body. A seven-day-long detox diet consists mostly of liquids. The quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables is high. Alcohol, caffeine, processed food, salt, dairy products, wheat and other manufactured drinks are prohibited in the detox plan.

Beans, lentils, oats, bean salt nuts, seeds, fish can be used in a 7-day detox program. Almonds or soy milk may be used in place of dairy products.

those who have adopted it consider it an effective way of feeling refreshed and fit. Of course one cannot adopt it regularly but it may be beneficial to adopt it at intervals of few months. Experts believe that giving a maximum of three days to a detox diet is enough. More than this it can be harmful. The body also works for internal cleansing, so a detox diet can make the body work easier.

In today’s time, due to pollution and bad food, everyone’s health is declining significantly. Our body is also like a car. Such as: servicing is done when its condition gets messed up while driving. Similarly, the body also needs cleaning.

So listen, cleansing from inside the body is called detox. That is, you can clean your body from inside by detox. This will keep your body clean and you can also get a lot of benefits.

Why detoxification is important?

Mis-eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, pollution, etc. increases such toxins in the body, due to which you start experiencing many problems. Such as: sluggishness, weight gain, depression, insomnia, pimples, indigestion etc.

The body is detoxed to avoid such problems. Many people start eating less to detox the body. It is important for those people to know that detoxification does not mean eating less, but it means eating healthy.

According to experts, body detoxification can also help in reducing your weight, but at present, there is no study completely agreed and permanent weight loss.

Detoxing removes toxins from your liver, kidney, digestive system, skin and lungs. When your body parts remain healthy, then your health will be corrected automatically.

Some natural and best  ways in which you can detox the body at home

1. Take anti-oxidant

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and anti-oxidants that help to produce enzymes that clean the liver as well as other body parts. Therefore, you should consume fruits and vegetables according to the changing season.

Understand whether sweetness of fruits is beneficial for health or not

2. Eat light food

The more heavy food you eat, the more it damages the digestive system. Now whether it is oily food or alcohol.

Instead of eating a lot of food at once, eat small meals. By eating light, your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar will also be under control and energy will remain for a long time.

If one consumes alcohol, more than 90% of the alcohol is metabolized in the liver.

The liver enzyme metabolizes alcohol into acetaldehyde (Acetaldehyde) which can also cause cancer. Therefore, its intake should also be stopped.

Eat these 6 Indian foods for breakfast to lose weight

3. Avoid eating foods with sugar

To increase your metabolism and toxins out of the body, you should reduce or stop consuming the sugar and sugar products you take every day.

You should also stay away from chocolate and cold coffee as they can also contain a lot of sugar. You can consume water instead of them, which will be better for your body than these sugar drinks.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount given below can be taken in the form of sugar in a day, no matter in whatever form.

4. Drink herbal tea

Best Natural Simple And Healthy Ways To Detox Your Body In Hindi

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To reduce all types of digestive problems, eat Green Tea or Chamomile Tea. Drinking herbal tea also helps in better sleep.

Avoid milk tea as much as possible and drink herbal tea to flush out toxins.

Along with this you can adopt other methods. Such as: cucumber and coriander water, lemon tea etc.

Hair loss can also be prevented by taking a teaspoon of green tea every day

5. Exercise or activity

Best Natural Simple And Healthy Ways To Detox Your Body In Hindi

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If you start your day in a healthy way, you can benefit greatly. It is not necessary that you go to the gym. Instead, you can take a walk, jogging or cycling, or even take your dog for a walk.

You must have seen many people who go for a walk in the morning or are involved in some physical activity, they remain fresh throughout the day. So just for what time you also include some activity in your routine every morning then see how healthy your body will be.

If you do not want to go to the gym, then these 4 body weight exercises at home will also give results

Conclusion: If you follow these simple methods, then toxins will be automatically removed from your body and your skin as well as your body will be cleansed slowly from inside.

It takes some time for you to get their results, so be patient.