Herbs and Home Remedies for Diarrhoea

  1. Take 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and cook it in 100gm of water. Mix another 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and blend the mixture to form a paste. Give this mixture with curd, three times a day. Recommended diet: rice and curd.
  2. Take one part of kernel, one part bel pupl, and one part sugar candy. Crush the mixture to form a paste. Give 3-6gm of this powder with water to cure diarrhea.
  3. Take equal quantities of kernel of mango seeds and mango pupl and mix well. Give 1gm of this mixture 2-3 times a day. It helps in curing diarrhea.
  4. Take 10-20gm of kernel and blend it with kanji to form a paste. Apply this paste on stomach. It is beneficial in curing diarrhea.
  5. Take the bark of mango tree and 40gm of barley. Crush the two and then boil in 500gm water till water is reduced to 1\8th of the original quantity. Let the solution cool. Mix a little honey and drink. It is helpful in diarrhea and especially in mucous colitis.
  6. Take young and fresh stem of mango plant. Blend it with curd to form paste. Apply this paste around the stomach area.
  7. Take 25ml of mango left extract, 12gm each of honey and milk and 6gm ghee. Mix them well and give to the patient. It helps in curing diarrhea with bleeding.
  8. Grind equal quantities of poppy and saffron and prepare tablets of 125mg each. Give these tablets with honey.
  9. Roast poppy and give this to the patient. It cures dysentery.
  10. Grind 4-9gm of its pod and give this to the patient. It cures diarrhea.
  11. In case of stomach cramps, stomachache, gastric problems and vomiting like ailments, 5-7 drops of Amritdhara given with sweet batasa is very beneficial.
  12. To cure diarrhea in children, take 15gm guava root and boil it in 150ml water. When the water is reduced to half, give 6ml of the solution to the patient, 2-3 times a day.
  13. Boil unripe guava and give boiled fruit to the patient. It curs diarrhea.
  14. Take the bark and fresh leaves of guava tree. Prepare its decoction. 20ml of this decoction when given to the patient cures early stages of cholera.
  15. Give 2-3gm powder of pomegranate fruit’s peel with water, every morning and evening. It is beneficial in curing diarrhea.
  16. Grind fresh pomegranate buds with cardamom seeds and mastangi. Add sugar to the mixture and prepare a paste. Give this to children. It cures diarrhea in children. It is also beneficial in dysentery.
  17. Grind pomegranate fruit along with the peel, and extract its juice. Give 30-50gm of this juice to the patient. This can also be given with sugar added to it. It controls vomiting due to pitta and is beneficial in curing itching, fatigue and tiredness.

Herbs and Home Remedies for All Types of Fever


1. Prepare decoction with equal of Gooseberry fruit, jasmine leaves, nagarmotha, and ywsasa. Give 1\4 part of it with jiggery to the patient. It helps cure all the infections in the body.

2. Give 2 -5 gm of Ankle’s roots powder two times a day. It causes sweating which immediately controls the body temperature becomes normal.

3. Take 10gm Tie bid root, 3gm each of koot and peepal, 6gm bebeda. Boil them all in 1litre water till water is reduced to 1\8th. Strain the solution and add sugar candy to it. Give this solution both morning and evening. It helps cure influenza or any other communicable illness.

4. Take 3gm powder of Tiebid root and mix with 2gm dry ginger powder and cook in rice water. Give this solution to the patient. It is beneficial in curing dengue fever and also in influenza.

5. During fever, heat Tiebid leaves and tie on the painful area.

6. Grind the Tiebid’s fruits in water and apply the paste on the body. It cures the burning sensation during fever.

7. Grind the Tiebid’s root in water and apply the paste on the body. It cures the pain during fever.

8. Give 1-10gm Indian Atis powder, 4-5 times a day with warm water. It causes sweating which cures the fever and also cleanses urine.

9. Take equal quantities of Indian Atis powder, vaya bading powder. Mix the two and give 1gm of this mixture with honey to children. It kills the worms in children.

10. Before the recurrence of fever, give 2gm of Indian Atis powder orally at an interval of 2hour. It helps control the temperature.

11. Give 2gm Indian Atis powder with chebulic Myrobalan jam (murabba). It cures bleeding diarrhoea.

12. Give 625mg Indian Atis powder orally. It controls the body heat due to fever.

13. To control fever, give 625mg Indian Atis powder with 200mg green kasis.

14. To get rid of malarial high fever, take 1gm Indian Atis powder with 75mg quinine. Give this quantity 2-3 times a day.

15. In case of normal fever, take 1part Indian Atis powder and 2 part sugar candy. Mix them and in case of adults, give 1gm of this mixture and in case of children give 500mg of this mixture with honey or squash of banafsa, every morning and evening.

16. Take 10gm each of Persian lilac bark and dhamasa, and 10 seeds of kasami. Grind them solid and then soak in 50 – 100 ml water. After some time, crush the mixture and strain it. Give this to the patient before the patient starts shivering due to cold.

17. Grind soft leaves and 1\4th the amount black peppers. Prepare tablets of this paste and give 2 tablets to the patient twice a day. It cures malaria fever and also frequently occurring fever.

18. Take equal quantities of jasmine leaves, Indian Gooseberry, nagarmotha, and jawasa and prepare the decoction. Mix jiggery in its decoction and give 30ml of it to the patient, twice a day. It helps cure the fever and patient is relieved of all the disorders.

Herbs and Home Remedies for Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin
  1. Jasmine oil is a magical and most effective medicine for curing skin problems. It can be applied to cure any type of wound, eczema, itching, burns, pain and wound which do not heal fast.
  2. Apply jasmine paste of 8- 10 flowers to cure any type of skin problem and blood disorders. It brings immediate relief.
  3. Apply paste of honey and cinnamon on the affected area. Within a few days, the itching, eczema, and boils like disorders of skin get cured.
  4. Boil 20gm arand root in 400 ml water till only 100ml water is till left. Give this to the patient. It is beneficial in curing all types of skin problems.
  5. Grind Gokharu seed’s kernel in water and apply on the affected area.
  6. Grind the Gorakhmundi leaves in water and apply the paste or apply the juice of leaves on the affected part. It cures many types of skin problems, boils of syphilis and old wounds.
  7. In case of itching, eczema, boils, blood and other skin problems. Mix 2 – 5gm turmeric powder in cow’s urine and give it 2 – 3 times a day to the patient. Mix the turmeric powder in butter and apply on the affected area. Give 5 gm turmeric with 2gm sugar every morning and evening to the patient.
  8. Skin itching take 40gm cumin seeds and mix with 20gm vermillion. Cook them in 320 gm mustard oil. Apply this oil on the affected area. It cures the itching of skin.
  9. Skin problem boil decoction of root of white oleander with sesame oil and apply on the affected area.
  10. Skin disorders apply sarphonka seed oil on the affected area. It is beneficial in itching and other incurable skin disorders.
  11. Skin disorders cook root of white hogweed in oil and then massage the legs with this oil. It cures skin disorders.
  12. Skin disorders give its soft new leaves to eat. It cures itching and all other types of skin disorders. Its 40 ml decoction can also be given to treat the skin disorders.

Ayurvedic Cure For All Type of Heart Diseases & High Blood Pressure


1. Take Guava fruit: remove all the seeds in it. Chop the fruit into fine pieces, add sugar from a paste. Sauce on low heat. This paste is very beneficial for heart. It also cures constipation.

2. Take 10gm pomegranate (anar) leaves and grind them with 100gm ml water. Strain the solution and give to the patient every morning and evening. It maintaining the heart beat.

3. Give 6gm powder of shade dried pomegranate leaves with fresh water to the patient. It cures eczema, blood related disorder like psoriasis. It also cures stabilizes heartbeat.

4. Take 20gm wheat flour and roast it in 30gm ghee. When it turns pink, add 3 gm powder of Arjuna bark and 40gm sugar candy and 100gm boiling water in it and cook the mixture. When the mixture thickens, take it off the fire. Give this to the patient every morning and evening. Its regular intake cures heart pain, increased heartbeat and other heart disorders.

5. In case of heart weakness and in swelling of heart cook 6-12gm powder of arjun bark with jiggery and milk. Strain the milk and give this to the patient .it prevents water of blood lymph from getting into the blood vessels and thus prevents swelling which in turn cures the fatigueness and weakness of heart.

6. In case of fatigue of heart fast heartbeat swelling of heart enlargement and all other heart disorders. Arjun is very beneficial.

7. After heart attack give 50 ml of arjun decoction every morning and evening. It is an effective heart or cardiac tonic.

8. For complete benefit prepare the decoction in milk. It cures disorders like increased heartbeat angina pain and anxiety.

9. In case of heart diseases impact of cloth sieved powder of its bark is much more effective than an injection. Keep Arjun powder on the tongue and suck. It gives immediate relief. Its effect is similar to that of sorbitrate tablet. In case of fast heartbeat and high pulse rate keep its powder on the tongue of the patient. It immediately provides strength to the pulse. The effect of this medicine is permanent and does not cause any negative effect. It is much more effective than allopathic medicine like digitalis.

10. Arjuna is beneficial in high blood pressure. In case of swelling of heart due to high blood pressure, this medicine cures even this swelling.

11. Take equal quantities of long pepper root and green cardamom. Grind them into fine powder. Give 3gm of this powder with ghee every morning and evening. It cures constipation and heart disorders.

12. Mix equal quantities of long pepper powder and powder of bark of root of lemon. Give 3gm of this mixture with decoction of Arjuna, on empty stomach in the morning. It cures heart pain and other incurable heart disorders.

13. Give 1gm long pepper powder every morning with honey. It controls the cholesterol levels and cures weakness of heart.

Bargad / Banyan (Ficus benghalensis)- Properties & Medicinal Usage

bargad tree, banyan tree
bargad tree,  banyan tree

BOTANICAL NAME – Ficus benghalensis

FAMILY NAME – Moraceae

SANSKRIT NAME – Vata, Bahupad


Generations after generation and decades after decades, the World has changed but the banyan tree stands erect witnessing the changes around it. It stands as alive restimonial of all geographic and social change and natural disasters. The banyan tree has got special mention in the Hindu mythology and is a well known tree and does not need any specific introduction. Branches of the tree are widely spread out from which grow aerial roots, which grow brown and thick.


It cures kapha and pitta , relieves pain, cure ulcers and wounds, is a blood purifier, cures oedema, swelling and is beneficial for eyes. It helps cure bleeding diathesia, enhances semen production and cures uterine problems.


To improve the facial glow:-

Take 4-5 fresh leaves or its aerial roots and grind them with 5-10 gm masoor. Apply the paste on the face.

Take 1 part of each of each of its dried yellow leaves, jasmine leaves, red sandalwood, koot. Grind them all in water and apply the paste on face.

Ear problems:-

In case OF Boils or worms in The car take few drops of banyan milk and mix with mustard oil put drops of this mixture in the cars lt. cures the boils and kills the worms.

Hair problems:-

Take 15-20 gm ash of its leaves and mix in 50ml linseed oil. Massage this oil on the head. It helps grow new hair.

Take extract of fresh, soft leaves and mix equal amount of mustard oil in it. Cook the mixture to medicine the oil. Apply this on the hair.

Tooth problems:-

Take 5gm tree bark, 3gm catechu, and 1gm black pepper. Grind them all to form a fine powder, use this powder to brush the teeth.

In case a tooth is to be extracted, apply its milk on the tooth. The tooth can then be easily extracted.

Nasal bleeding: –

Give 2gm powder of aerial roots with butter milk.

Sleepiness / drowsiness: –

Take hard, green, shade dried leaves and crush them to form a solid powder. Take 5gm of this powder and boil it in 1 litre of water till water is reduced to 1/4 add 1 ½ gm salt in it and give to the patient every morning and evening.

Tea for cold:-

In case of cold , take its soft, red colored leaves and dry them in shade and crush them. Take 1 or 1 ½ tea spoon of this powder and boil in 1 litre water till water is reduced to 1/4. Add 2 teaspoonful sugar in the mixture and give to the patient every morning and evening like tea.

Swelling of the Eyes: –

Take 5ml of banyan tree milk and add 100 mg camphor and 1 tea spoon honey in it. Apply this mixture with an eyeliner.


Give 10gm cold decoction of its branches and small soft branches.

Non-bleeding piles: –

Boil 10gm bark in 200 ml water till water is reduced to half. Strain the solution and ghee and sugar. Give to the patient.

Bleeding piles:-

Take 20gm fresh, soft leaves and grind them in 100ml water. Give this mixture to the patient. Wit in 2-3 days, bleeding stops.

Diarrhoea with blood:-

In case of blood lost before, with and after passing stools, take 10gm buds and grind them. Soak them in water overnight. Next day morning, strain the solution and cook it with 50gm ghee. Cook till only ghee is left behind and add 10-15 gm each of honey and sugar in the left over ghee. Give to the patient.

For sweating:-

Cook yellow leaves with rice and give the decoction of cooked rice to the patient.


Smear leaves with ghee and tie on the affected area. It bring immediate relief.


Grind its buds or soft leaves with curd and apply on the burnt area. It brings immediate relief.

Effective Herbs to Cure All Type of Tooth Diseases

Healthy Tooth

1. Burn the peel of babul and almonds and brush with it. It cures tooth problems.

2. Use the soft branches of babul and neem tree to brush the teeth.

3. Take equal quantities of dry babul bark, flowers, leaves and pods. Grind them all and use the powder to brush the teeth.

4. Use the decoction of babul bark to gargle. It cures the infection of teeth.

5. Take 50gm powder of bark of neem root, 50 gm swarna gairika and 10gm rock salt. Mix them well and give it 3 triturating of juice of margosa leaves. Dry the powder and store it in a bottle. Use this powder to brush the teeth. It cures bleeding from gums, pus formation in gums, stomatitis, foul smell from mouth, and anxiety etc disorders.

6. Course grinds 100gm of neem root and boils it half liter water till water is reduced to 1\4. Give this decoction to the patient to use it for gargles. It cures multiple disorder of teeth.

7. All Below given herbs should be taken in mentioned quantities and made to a very fine powder.

Haridra 50gms
Sphatika 50gms
Bark of babul 50gms
Tumburu 50gms
Rock salt 50gms
Neem (leaf) 50gms
Akarakara (flower) 25gms
Lavanga or clove 10gm

Cures danta roga, danta krmi, pyorrhea, etc. by root.

8. Gargle with tinpatia (changeri) leaves juice. It cures all kinds of gum problems.

10. Chew tinpatia (changeri) 2-3 leaves like betel leaf. It cures the foul smell.

11. Use tinpatia dried leaves to brush the teeth.

12. Til is beneficial for teeth. Chew 25gm sesame seeds regularly. It makes the teeth stronger.

13. Keep sesame seeds in mouth for 5 – 10 minutes and then spit out. It cures pyorrhea and also make the teeth strong.

Pineapple (Ananas)- Properties, Medicinal Usage & Health Benefits

pineapple, ananas, health benefits, properties, medicinal usage
pineapple, ananas, health benefits, properties, medicinal usage


ENGLISH NAME – Pineapple



Pineapple is a native plant of Brazil, but now a day, it is grown in large quantities all over India, especially in Bengal, Assam and Western coastal plains. Pineapple plant matures in two years. It is up to 2 ft tall and looks very similar to those of kewarba plants. Leaves are 1- 2 ft long , thin, strong. The fruit is yellowish in colour with several small thorny leaves.


It suppresses vata pitta, promotes digestive functions, and is purgative. It helps cure stones, urinary disorders and promotes physical strength.


Breathlessness, Asthma and Breathing problems:-

Take pine apple juice and equal amounts of powder of root of small kateri, Indian gooseberry and cumin seeds. Give this mixture with honey to the patient.

Take 5gm juice of ripe fruit and add 1gm each of peepal root, saunth and baheda powder. Mix roasted Borax and honey in it and give to the patient. It gives relief in breathing problems.


Cut small pieces of ripe fruit and sprinkle rock salt and black pepper on it. Eating this fruit cures indigestion.

Take 50gm juice of ripe fruit and add 1 -2 grapes and 100mg rock salt in it and give to the patient.


Pineapple is very beneficial in diabetes. Take 50gm pineapple juice and add 5-5 gm each of sesame , barad, babeda, amla, gokhru and jamun seeds. When dried, grind the mixture to form a powder. Give 2gm of this powder , every morning and evening.

Stomach problem:-

Take 5gm pineapple juice and add 100mg roasted asfoetida, 150 mg each of rock salt and ginger juice in it. Give this mixture every morning and evening.

Add 150 mg each of yavskhar, peepal and turmeric in pineapple juice and drink. It cures jaundice , liver and stomach problem within 7 days.


Prepare decoction of pineapple leaves and add little amounts of barad powder in it. Give this decoction to the patient. It helps cleanse urine and stool which gives relief in ascites.


Take 8gm pineapple juice and add 2gm turmeric powder and 3gm sugar to it. Drinking this regularly helps cure jaundice.


Take 8gm pineapple juice and add 1-1 gm each of powder of peepal bark ang jiggery. Give this to patient.


Take extract of pineapple leaves and mix little amount of honey. Give 2 – 8 gm of this. It also helps in eradicating worms.

Oedema, Swelling :-

In case of swelling in body organs, incomplete release of urine, body ache or swelling under eyes, give pineapple juice to the patient as can be taken for 5-6 days.

Curing fever:-

Give pineapple juice to the patient or add honey in 10gm juice and give to the patient . It makes the patient sweat a lot.


Pineapple squash also is beneficial in curing pitta and strengthens heart.


To throat


Lemon juice, sugar, ginger extract.


Apple is representative of Pineapple.

Grapes (Angur) – Medicinal Usage & Health Benefits

Grapes, AngurBotnical Nane: – Vitis vinifera

Family Name: – Vitaceae

Sanskrit Name: – Draksha, Harahura

Hindi: – Munakka, Angur, Dakh, Kishmish


Grapes vine is a popular fruit of a perennial creeper. It is one of the best fruits without any harmful effects. It can be used by anyone be it a patient, healthy person, children or adults. There are several varieties of grapes like, black grapes, small grapes, long grapes, violent grapes. Black grapes are dried and make munakka.

Ripe Fruit: – It is a purgative, cool, beneficial for eyes and nutritious. Its juice is sweet and good for voice. Its helps clean urine and stool. It helps cure thirst, fever, breathing problems and asthma.



Take equal quantities of grapes and Indian gooseberry, boil and crush them. Mix shunthi churna in it. Give a little amount with honey to the patient.

Take 20gm munakka 10ml each of sugar candy, pomegranate bark and khus- khus. Grind all solid and soak them in 400gm water overnight. Next morning strain the solution and divide into three parts. Give each part to the patient in a day.


Take 7- 9gm munakka. 7gm sugar candy and 7gm liquorice. Grind them all. Give inhalation of this powder to the patient. It cures headache due to pitta and any other disorder.


Take 7gm pieces of munakka, 2-3gm jamun leaves. Prepare the decoction and use it to gargle. It cures any aliment in the mouth.


Give inhalation of 2drops of grapes juice. It immediately controls bleeding from nose.


In case of foul smell from mouth due to cough or indigestion, give 4-8gm munakka end every day. It may not control foul smell due to worms in stomach.


Take 5gm each of munakka and roasted paddy and soak them in water for 1 hour. After one hour, crush them and strain the solution. Mix 3-3gm each of sugar, honey and ghee in the strained solution and give the patient to lick.


Prepare decoction of 7-9 munakka pieces and Haritaki. In c 30-50 gm of decoction, add 20-25 gm sugar and 1 teaspoon full honey. Give this to patient.


Take equal quantities of grapes, Indian gooseberry, dates, and black pepper. Grind them all give this paste to the patient.


Prepare paste of ghee, dates, sugar candy honey and long pepper and give to the patient. It helps cure voice hoarseness, cold and fever.


Take 5 pieces of munakka 20pieces of long pepper and 40gm sugar and 1gm catechu. Mix them all and give to the patient with honey, daily.


In case of pain in heart, take 2part munakka’s pulp, 1part honey 1\2 part cloves. Mix them all and give to the patient for a few days.


Take 5 -10 munakka pieces. Clean them and remove the seeds and boil them in 100gm milk. Give this boiled milk to the patient.

Take 15-20 munakka pieces, 4 pieces of big, 2gm each of aniseed, sanaya, pulp of amaltas and rose flowers. Prepare decoction of all these together and give the decoction to the patient in the morning with 5gm jam of rose petals.


Prepare decoction of grapes and Malabar nut. Give 30-50 mg of this decoction to the patient. It cures liver pain due to pitta kapha.


Take 7 gm munakka and 3gm of aniseed. Soak them 50ml of water. In the morning crush this mixture strain it and drink.


Take branch of black grape plant and burn it to ashes. Take 5gm of this ash and mix it in water, give this solution to the patient twice a day.


In spring, the branches of grape plant produce a liquid which is very beneficial in curing skin problems.


Give 5gm grape vinegar with 50ml milk, repeatedly.


Let the patient vomit and then give 5-10 gm kishmish cooked in 150ml milk.

Amrud (Guava)- Properties & Medicinal Usage

amrud, guava, medicinal usage, properties
amrud, guava, medicinal usage, properties

Botnical Name – Psidium guajava

Family Name – Myrtaceae

Sanskrit Name – Peruk, Bahubheej


Guava is a common fruit. The two varieties of fruit have white & red pulp. Taste wise the fruit are sweet and sour. Fruits from winter season are sweeter and tastier. Fruits are available in rainy season. The tree is 20 – 30 ft tall. Leaves are 4- 7 inch long on small branches. Stem is sweet and flowers are small in size.


Its fruit is tasty, appetizing thirst and strengthens the hear. It is purgative and cures cough.



Take a unripe guava before sunrise. Rub it on stone and make a paste. Apply the paste on forehead area which aches. This treatment should be administered 2 – 4 times a day.


Chew 2-4 guava leaves. It relieves toothache or boil 4-5 leaves and potassium permanganate in water and use the water for gargles.


Chew fresh guava leaves with catechu. It cures boils in mouth.

Mental disorder

Decoction of leaves is used to cure boils disorders .


Massage the backbone of children using the tincture of leaves.

Heart tonic

Remove all the seeds in it. Chop the fruit in fine pieces, add sugar and form a paste. This paste is very beneficial for the heart.


In case of phlegm give one guava ( remove the seeds ) to the patient and give fresh water to drink. Within 3 days blocked phlegm will flow and clear the nose. After 3 – 4 days to control the flow give 40 gm jiggery without water at night.

Cough and related disorders

In case of dry cough where phlegm does not come out easily, bite and chew a fresh guava. In case of excessive phlegm and cough and mild fever, give fresh and sweet guavas to eat.


Give 12gm decoction of guava leaves. It controls vomits.


Take 15gm juice of its soft leaves and mix sugar in it. Give this to patient daily in the morning. It gives relief within 9 days.


Cut fine pieces of guava and soak in water. Give this water to patient to drink after sometimes.


Give guava with black pepper, black salt and ginger to the patient during breakfast. Eating guava during lunch is beneficial in curing colitis and diarrhea.


To cure diarrhea in children, take 20gm guava root and boil in 200ml water. When the water is reduced to half, give 8ml of the solution to the patient, 4-5 times a day.


Guava jam is beneficial in dysentery and diarrhea.

Prolapse rectum

In case of children apply thick decoction of root as paste.

Take equal quantities of guava root, bark and leaves. Take 200gm of this mixture with 1/2 kg water. When water is reduced to half use this decoction to rinse the affected area and push it inside.


Make paste of fresh guava leaves and apply on the painful area. It helps relieve the pain to a great extent.


In case of malaria give guava fruit to the patient .grind the soft leaves with water and then strain the solution. Give this solution to the patient.

Burning sensation

Take guava seeds grind them and mix the paste with rose water and sugar candy. It cures enlarged liver.


Give enough quantity of juice of the leaves to the patient. It nullifies the effect of bhang.

Walnut – Medicinal Usage & Health Benefits

medicinal usage of walnut, walnut health benefits


Walnut is a beautiful and fragrant tree, which is found in two forms:

Wild walnut: These are 100 to 200 ft tall that grow wild. The shell of the fruit is thick.

Agriculturally grown walnut: These are 50 to 80 ft tall and the fruits have a fine thin peel.

medicinal usage of walnut, walnut health benefits


Weakness of Brain

Take 30 to 55 gm of walnut seed regularly. It helps in stabilizing the brain.

Facial Palsy

Massage the face with walnut oil and then take steam of a decoction made of anti – vata herbs.


Grind walnut seeds in Nirgundi juice. Use this mixture as nasal drops.


Take seeds of three walnuts and four pieces of barad. Burn them and grind the ash four black papers. Apply the paste as kohl.


Drink 50 t0 70 gm decoction of walnuts leaves. Also wash the knots with this decoctions.


Chewing the bark of walnut cleanses the teeth.


To augment the quantity of breast milk, take 1gm roasted wheat flour, 10gm walnut leaves.


Chew roasted walnut seeds. It’s beneficial in control line cough.


In case of flu when the body become stiff, massaging with walnut oil brings relief.


Give 30 to 40 gm walnut oil in 200gm milk in the morning. It helps soften the abdominal area and stool is passed easily.

Intestinal worms

Prepare decoction of walnut bark. Give 40 to 60 gm of this decoction. It kills the worms in intestine.


In case of gastric piles , apply walnut oil on the blisters .it helps the swelling and relieves.


In case of irregular menstrual cycle, take 40 to 60 gm of decoction of fruit peel with 2teaspoonful honey, 3 – 4 times a day.

Urinary Diseases

Take 50gm walnut seeds, 40gm cbbuara and 10 gm cotton seeds. Grind them together and then roast in little quantity of ghee. Add equal amount of sugar candy to the mixture. Take 25 gm of this mixture every morning.