CAC Garlic capsules are  purely herbal formulation.  It is used in diseases related to blood and  cardiovascular systems. It balances all the three doshas(vata, pitta, kapha) of body and maintain healthy balance of these doshas. It is very effective in high cholesterol, diabetes and in high lipid levels. It is anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal and immuno modulator.

Garlicalso known as Lehsun or Rasona, has been known as  “Wonder Drug“. It  has been used medicinally over the years for treating bites, tumors, ulcers, snakebite, wounds, headaches, heart diseases, cancer, pimples, measles etc. It also keeps us away from infections like common cold, cough because it has Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral property.

It is an anti aging spice. It is hot, cleansing, cardiac tonic, digestive good for eyes, useful in asthma and cough, it also improves hair strength and quality.

INGREDIENTS – Each capsule contains Garlic/Allium sativum 500mg

BOTANICAL NAME – Allium sativum


  • RASA(taste) – 5 rasas except sour,pungent main
  • GUNA(quality) – heavy, unctuous, penetrating,mild laxative, sticky
  • VIRYA(potency) – Hot
  • VIPAKA (post digestive effect) – Pungent
  • DOSHA EFFECT – Balances kapha, vata and aggravates pitta dosha but if taken by rasayan vidhi then it stimulates digestive fire.
  • Vedanasthapana – Analgesic
  • Jantujit, krumighna – Treats worm infestations, useful in infected wounds
  • Kushtaghna – Treats skin disorders
  • Kilasaghna – useful in spreading skin disorders
  • Vataghna – useful in vata related disorders like, paralysisneuralgiaconstipation
  • Gulmahara – Treats abdominal tumours
  • Vrushya – Aphrodisiac
  •  Bhagna asthi sandharak – Promotes quick healing of fractured bones
  • Chakshushya – Good for eyes
  • Pachak – Treats ama dosha/ indigestion
  • Shoolhara – Useful in abdominal colic
  • Jwarahara – useful in fever
  • Shophahara – relieves swelling
  • Vibandhhara – treats constipation
  • Aruchihara – useful in anorexia
  • Balya – improves strength and immunity
  • Rasayana – Rejuvinating
  • Raktdoshhara – Blood purifier
  • Medhya – Brain tonic


  • TREATS DYSENTERY –  It has inhibitory effects on gram-negative bacteria of the typhoid-paratyphoid-enteritis group, it has outstanding germicidal properties and can keep amoebic dysentery at bay. Garlic also has anticancer activity.
  • LOWERS CHOLESTEROL – Garlic is rich in the Ellison compound which prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. They are more detrimental to health after oxidation. People who have high cholesterol levels should include garlic herb in their diet.
  • TREATS ACNE – Garlic can be used with other ingredients like honey, turmeric, to treat acne scars and  it prevents the development of acne, it acts as a cleanser and an antibiotic substance for soothing skin rashes.
  • HEART HEALTH – Garlic protects heart against cardiovascular issues like heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Arteries tend to lose their ability to stretch with age. Garlic helps reduce this and also protect the heart from the damaging effects of free  radicals.
  • RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS – Use of garlic in daily diet reduces the frequency and number of colds. Its antibacterial properties, helps in treating throat irritations. Garlic also reduces the severity of up respiratory tract infections.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT– Garlic helps in regulating the formation of fat cells in our body and help prevent weight gain.


  • High blood pressure
  • Prostate cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • High cholesterol
  • Prevent tick bites
  • Common cold
  • Indigestion
  • Fractures, dislocation, bone diseases
  • Menstrual problems
  • Seminal disorders
  • Chronic fever
  • Malaria
  • Emaciation
  • Fistula in ano
  • Cataract and other eye disorders
  • Cough, breathlessness, asthma
  • Skin disorders


Our CAC Garlic capsules are 500mg per tablet, which is easy to take in a dose of twice a day(1bd)

It is different in comparison to other pharmacy garlic capsules available in open market.

DOSAGE – 1 capsule twice a day with plain water