CAC Anu tail

  • CAC Anu tail is herbo mineral and purely ayurvedic formulation. It is used for ayurvedic treatment procedure known as Nasya treatment in most of the disease involving Ear, Nose and Throat involving pain. It has Tridosha balancing properties but mainly help to balance your Kapha dosha that cause Headache, running Nose or Sinusitis. It strengthens Ear, Eyes, Nose, Tongue and Throat.


  • Swet Chandan 0.28g
  • Agru 0.28g
  • Tejpatra 0.28g
  •  Daru haridra 0.28g
  • Mulethi 0.28g
  • Balamool 0.28g


  • Mental stress
  • Migraine
  • Sinusitis
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Neck stiffness
  • Tonsillitis
  • Weak eyesight

The main components of Anu Taila are Jivanti, Anantamool, Cedar, Kantakari, Cinnamon, Pithavan, Brihati whose nature and qualities are explained below. The appropriate dose of Anu Taila depends on the patient’s age, gender, and past health problems. n.

Active Ingredients


Useful agent to increase libido. These drugs are useful in controlling the symptoms of depression.


These medicines help in providing relief from asthma symptoms.


Inflammation reducing medicines. These agents help reduce oxidative stress by clearing free radicals.


Inflammation reducing medicines.


Medications that reduce inflammation caused by injury or infection. The element that prevents the effect of free radical oxidation in living cells.

These agents are effective against the growth of microorganisms occurring in a particular part of the body. Medications that improve mucus secretion in the respiratory tract.

Agents that destroy microbial replicas (replication of microbes) and prevent them from growing, by destroying or inhibiting their functioning.


Mucus-extracting substances from the lungs and respiratory tract. Drugs or ingredients used to lower body temperature in fever. These agents help reduce oxidative stress by clearing free radicals.

Benefits of Anu Talia

  • Closed nose main
  • Eye disease
  • Throat infection (Read more – Home remedies for throat infection)
  • It is a medicinal compound present in life-related skin disorders, inflammation, joint pain etc. It is also very beneficial in healing wounds.
  • Nagarmotha relieves mental tension. In addition, it can also reduce the effects of toxic stings.

Due to the good benefits of liquorice, it has also been given a place in this medicine. It proves useful for headache, hair growth, ear diseases, respiratory problems, etc.

Kantkari acts to remove the problems of baldness, loose breasts, itching etc.

The use of Shalparni leads to a happy delivery in women. It is also very helpful in treating eye disorders.

This medicine works by relieving the nerves and relieving the symptoms of pain and improves the function of the sensory organs.

Beneficial in relieving stress

  • Treatment of diseases related to head, neck, shoulders, eyes, nose etc.
  • Cleansing the unwanted dirt from the skin
  • Soothe the nerves
  • Proper functioning of all sensory organs
  • Complete relaxation of the brain
  • Helping to extend hair lifespan
  • Helpful in relieving joint pain
  • Physical exhaustion removal

Anu Tailam dosage

If you take the dose of divine atomic oil according to the advice of the Ayurvedic doctor, it will be appropriate. Because the dose varies according to the person’s condition.

It is advisable to apply celestial molecule oil to an external organ before sleeping.

The amount of this medicine can be reduced or increased, depending on the exacerbation and type of symptoms. Do not voluntarily alter any kind of medication.