CAC Amrit tulsi ras

CAC Amrit tulsi ras is Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) or tulsi is a powerful herb that has been used in Ayurveda and other traditional medical treatments in India for thousands of years. The small holy basil shrub with tiny flowers is considered a sacred plant in India. It was believed that the holy basil leaves had potent powers to flush out toxins from the body. People have tulsi water (water which has tulsi leaves soaked overnight) or chew on a tulsi leaf to improve overall health. Several health products are available with tulsi extracts to help treat cold, cough, and the flu.

Holy basil is incredibly beneficial for our health, primarily due to the unique composition, containing , flavonoids, nerol etc. This rich blend of organic compounds delivers several health benefits.

Tulsi ras is very effective for

  • Acne,
  • Asthma,
  • Inflammation,
  • Respiratory issues,
  • Lower your chances of heart diseases.


  • Anti oxidants,
  • Anti aging
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti viral
  • Anti septic
  • Anti flu
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti toxin.

EACH 10 ml contains extracts of the following

  • Ocimum santum- 2.5 ml
  • Ocimum gratissimum 1.0ml
  • Ocimum canum 1.5ml
  • Ocimum basilicum 2.0ml
  • Ocimum citriodorum 1.0ml


Take 1 DROP of CAC Amrit tulsi ras in a glass of water/tea 4-5 times a day.

Not only the Ayurveda, now allopathy has started accepting the qualities of Tulsi. Experts have accepted that Tulsi helps in increasing the immunity of human body and protects against various fatal diseases like malaria, dengue, cough, cold and cold. Panch tulsi extract (panchamrit), a mixture of some herbs. This extract has made many people disease free.

They told that these extracts are blood cholesterol, acidity, dysentery, colitis, muscle pain, colds, colds, headaches, vomiting-diarrhea, phlegm, facial revolution, acne, white spots, leprosy, obesity, blood pressure, heart It is beneficial in diseases like malaria, cough, herpes, itching, arthritis, asthma, torsion, eye pain, stones, hemorrhage, lung inflammation, ulcers, pyorrhea, sugar, urinary diseases etc. But the methods used by pregnant women in its use and some diseases are different. Therefore caution and consultation is also necessary.

Amit Tulsi Drops uses 5 types of Tulsi extracts- Ram Tulsi, Shayam Tulsi, Vishnu Tulsi, Amrit Tulsi and Biswa Tulsi.

Rama Tulsi is green which is usually found in most Indian homes. Shayam Tulsi is purple in color and has properties similar to Rama Tulsi.

Tulsi has been used for the last 5000 years to increase medical and immunity. Basil can be used to help with respiratory disease, heart health, control blood sugar levels, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, healthy liver as well as to remove insects. The benefits of basil are many and incorporating basil in the diet can provide health benefits to many people.

How to use

Amrit Tulsi drops can be put in hot water, tea or milk. Mix well and consume. The pack states that use 2-3 times a day. You can contact an Ayurvedic expert or doctor for advice related to its consumption.

Flavor and Fragrance – We have used this product in hot water and tea for 1 week. It was easy to dissolve and use. The basil flavor is good and feels natural. This does not make tea or water bitter. When these drops are added to the tea, the basil smells and the taste does not change.

Although there is no way to test the effect of this product, it can be said that natural herbs and spices help in relieving severe illness and strengthening immunity. Gives information related to the use of natural herbs and plants to treat various diseases in Ayurveda.