Brihati: Badi Kateri – Medicinal Benefits

The creeper of the Indian Night Shade or badi kateri is often wrapped by trees and walls. There are two types of vines of big Kateri, and two white in one, and purple flowers bloom in the other. Vegetables of its fruits are also prepared and eaten. Generally, people consider large katari as a useless vine or plant, but this is not true. In fact, the body gets a lot of benefits from the consumption of big kateri, and big kateri also has many medicinal properties. Do you know that Badi Kateri is also a herb, and in diseases like Kapha Dosha, Menstrual Disorder, fever, use of Badi Kateri provides benefits (uses). Not only this, in the digestive system, urinary diseases, heart diseases, flatulence problems, etc., the medicinal properties of big Kateri provide benefits.

Brihati Badi Kateri benefits and side effects

In Ayurveda, very good things have been told about the quality of Bade Kateri, which is very important for you. You can take the benefits of medicinal properties of big Kateri in headache, respiratory disease, cough etc. You can also take benefit from big katari in leprosy, weakness, swelling. Let us know here one by one how many diseases are benefited from the consumption or use of big kateri, as well as know what can be the Indian Night Shade side effects.

What is a badi kateri?

The white-colored species in North India and the purple flower in South India are considered large. Violet flower species are more beneficial.

Big Kateri is also known as Brihatidvaya. Some scholars are made up of Brihatvidya, Brihati and Kantakari, and some scholars are of the opinion that Brihatidvaya is different and Kantakari is different. Many species of large are found. One of these is found in cold and humid places called Solanum torvum Swartz or White Brihati. Its curves are 2-3 meters high and similar to large. Its branches are short, straight and hairy. Its thorns are usually only 1 or 2 downward at the middle end. Its flowers are white in color.

Apart from this, the big Kateri in Kaidevnighantu is also known as Simhi, Brihati, Kantakari, Nidgdhika, Vallibharathi, Vrittrabhriti, Whitebhurti, Alambuffalabhurti, Amalbhruhati, Jalbhurthi and Sthalabhuti. In Dhanvantari Nighantu and Rajnighantu, the big Kateri has been written under the names Sarpattanu, Khataghani, Lakshmana, Bantaki, Whitebrihati, Vrintaki, Brihati and Kantakari.

In these too, Lakshmana is said to be different from whitewash. Solanum torvum Swartz is used in various places in the name of Brihati. Based on extensive research and experiments, we have concluded that the species mentioned above is Solanum anguivi Lam. He is the main master.

Here the information about the advantages and disadvantages of Badi Kateri is written in very easy language so that you can get full benefits from the medicinal properties of Badi Kateri.

Name of Brihati Badi Kateri (Indian Night Shade)

Botanical name of Big Kateri Solanum anguivi Lam. (Solanum anguvi) is Syn-Solanum indicum Linn and is of the Solanaceae (Solanaceae) family. Big Kateri is also known by these names in the country and abroad, which are: –

Brihati Badi Kateri in –

  • English- Banbhanta, Banbhanta, Big harvesting, Big Kateri, Barhunta
  • Sanskrit-vartaki, asterism, greatness, greatness, nationalism
  • English-Indian Night Shade (Poison berry)
  • Uttrakhand- Banbhatta (Banbhatta)
  • Urdu-Junglivringan
  • Assamese- Tidbaghuri
  • Kannada-Kirigula
  • Gujarati-Ubhi ringani
  • Tamil- Julli (Mulli), Pappar mulli
  • Telugu-Tella Mulaka, Chittimullaga
  • Bengali– Vyakud, Vyakur
  • Punjabi-Kandyari, Kantkari
  • Marathi-Dorli (Dorali), Chinchurati vangi
  • Malayalam-Cheruchunda

Ayurvedic properties

Rasa- katu, tikta

Guna- laghu, ruksha

Virya- ushna

Vipaka- katu

Medicinal Properties of (Indian Night Shade) Brihati Badi Kateri

The ayurvedic qualities-actions and effects of big kateri are: –

Big Kateri is very bitter, thick, sweet, warm, short, rough, kafwatshamak. It has grahi, heart, digestive, dipan, beneficial, pittaraka, clairvoyant, gourd, inflammatory, badi kateri benefits and uses. Also large cutter brines, bracing; Meningitis, uncharacteristic, leprosy, fever, breathing, colic, cough, esophagus, gout, atrophy, soreness, angina, atrophy, venereal disease, medullary abscess, heart disease, vomiting, worm, heart disease, ophthalmology, itching, diuresis and dementia.

Its fruits are bitter, thick, small and kaphawatshamak; There are itching, leprosy and anthelmintic. Its plant is vatanulomak, kafnisarak, digestive, soft-analgesic, diaphoretic, stimulant, columnar, palliative, emmenagogue, antipyretic, agnatic, purifier and diuretic. The big root is bitter, thick, hot, digestive, astringent and vermin.

Brihati Badi Kateri Benefits and Uses

The medicinal properties of big Kateri, quantity and methods of use are: –

1. Benefits of Indian Night Shade to Treat Baldness

Mix honey in the juice of Brihati (big Kateri) and apply it on the head. It provides benefit in baldness problem.

Mix castor oil and honey in the powder of big Kateri fruit and apply it on the head. It provides benefit in baldness problem.

Grind large katari leaves and make a paste. Applying it on the scalp cures baldness.

2. Indian Night Shade Benefits for Ear Infection

Light a large bowl. Put its smoke in the ear. This cures ear infection.

3. Benefits of big Kateri in eye diseases

Take out the seeds of ripe Brihati (big Kateri) fruits. Take Pippali and Sources with it. Grind it fine for seven days giving the feeling of bijoura lemon juice. Applying it like kajal in the eyes has benefits in the disease of the eyes (badi kateri benefits and uses).

4. Indian Night Shade Benefits for Sinus Treatment

Grind the root of big Kateri and apply it on the nose. It is beneficial in sinus disease.

5. Benefits of consuming big kateri in digestive system disorder

Boil the soft fruit of Brihati in a little water. Mixing buttermilk in it and eating it is beneficial in digestive system disorder.

6. Benefits of consuming big Kateri in cough

Take equal amount of Pippali, Padmakastha, Lac (Laksha). Along with this, mix equal quantity of honey in the powder of big Kateri fruit. Add half the ghee to it. Lick 1-2 grams of this daily. This cures TB cough (badi kateri benefits and uses).

Make a decoction of big kateri. Cough is cured by mixing 1-2 grams of Pippali powder in 25-50 ml decoction.

7. Benefits of consuming large katari in dysentery

Drinking 1-2 grams of large root paste with whey cures dysentery. For better remedy, please consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

8. Benefits of Brihati Badi Kateri for Increasing Appetite

Toast large (big cutter) fruit in ghee and put it in buttermilk. Lack of hunger ends by eating it.

9. Benefits of consuming big Kateri in vomiting

Mix equal quantity of ginger juice in the juice of 5 ml large leaves. Vomiting stops by taking it.

10. Benefits of Brihati Badi Kateri for Piles Treatment

Boil the fruits of big kateri in the alkali water of taroi. Fry it in ghee and mix jaggery. Drinking it with buttermilk is beneficial in piles.

11. Brihati Badi Kateri Benefits for Abdominal Bugs Treatment

Dry 1 gram of large flowers in shade. Make a powder of it. Taking one gram powder mixed with honey kills stomach worms.

12. The medicinal properties of big kateri in kidney stones

Take the root of Gokshur, root of Talmakhana, root of castor. With this, take equal quantity of root of small and big cutlery. Grind them with milk and make a paste. Taking 1-2 grams of paste for seven days breaks the stones and comes out.

13. Indian Night Shade Uses to Treat Urinary Disease

Make powder of big kateri, small kateri, patha, mulethi and kutaj seeds. Add 2-4 grams of powder to it and take honey. It is beneficial in urinary diseases.

14. Benefits of Indian Night Shade to Treat Itching

Grind the leaves and fruits of Brihati (big Kateri). Itching is cured by adding sugar to it.

15. Badi Kateri Benefits in Fighting with Fever

Take big Kateri, Patol leaves, Harada, Behera, Amla, Turmeric, Motha, Kutki. Along with this, take lemon bark and cedar. Make the decoction by taking the same amount. Taking 10-30 ml of this medicine cures fever.

16. Benefits of Bare Kateri (Indian Night Shade) to Treat Typhoid

If the patient of typhite starts to faint then mix 2 grams of fruit powder of big kateri with 1 gram of Pippali and 1 gram of dry ginger powder. Taking this powder by nose is beneficial in typhoid.

17. Benefits of big Kateri in stomach disease

Tie a thread on the fruits of Brihati (big Kateri). Fill these fruits in the bowl. Now dry the goat feces. Burn the stool and place the fruit bowl on the burning fire. Burn the fruit and make it ash. Stomach diseases are cured by applying this ash mixed with oil.

18. Beneficial Part of Brihati Badi Kateri (Indian Night Shade)

These parts of big kateri are used: –

  • The root
  • The fruit
  • flower
  • Leaves
  • seed

How to use big cutlery?

Large quantities of Kateri should be used in:

  • Powder 1-2 grams
  • Brew – 10-20

Brihati Badi Kateri Side (Indian Night Shade) Effects

Here the information about the advantages and disadvantages of big kateri is written in very easy language (Indian Night Shade benefits and side effects in Hindi) so that you can get the full benefit from the medicinal properties of big kateri, but big kateri for any disease. Be sure to consult an Ayurvedic doctor before consuming or using big kateri.