Bhojpatra – Medicinal Benefits

In India, it is found in the tropical Himalayas at an altitude of 2100-3600 m in Kashmir and 2700-4200 m in Sikkim. It is a small, medium sized, deciduous tree up to 12-15 m tall. Its stem is white in color and the end skin is pink in color, thin like paper, which is easily separated from the stem. Its leaves are yellow in color and sticky in the new state. Its flowers are attached to the petals. The bark of this tree is called Bhojpatra. It is similar to paper or dried banana leaves. In ancient times when paper was not available, it was used for writing in place of paper. The manuscripts written on it are preserved for years.

Ayurvedic properties and effects

Bhojpatra is bitter, astringent, hot, short, tridoshshamak, balakarak, diet, ear disease, leprosy, poison, colic, hemoptysis, meh, pandu, white, worm and ulcer killer.

Its stem is fragrant, astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic, expectorant, antiseptic, antipyretic and hemostatic.

The stem skin font exhibits aerating properties.

Botanical name: Betula utilis D.Don (Betula utilis) Syn-Betula bhojpattra Wall.

Family : Betulaceae

English name: Himalayan silver birch

Ayurvedic properties

Rasa- kashya

Guna- laghu

Virya- ushna

Vipaka- katu

Effect of Dosha

It will balance all the three dosha

Names in other languages

Sanskrit-Bhurjapatra, Bhurja, Chami, Mridutvach, Bahuvalkal, Sucharma, Chhadapatra, Valkadrum, Bhurjapatrak, Chitratvak, Bindupatra, Rakshapatra, Vichitrak, Bhootaghna, Mridupatra, Mriducharmi Polyhedral, soft;

Hindi-Bhojpatra, Bhujpatra, Bhojpatra;

Uttarakhand-Bhojpattar, Bhuj;



Telugu-Bhojpatramu, Bhujpatri;


Punjabi-Bhuj, Burj;



English-Indian paper birch, Jacquemen tree.

Medicinal Uses

  • Burning of the ear by making the decoction of the bony leaf scandal, eradication of ear bruising and coarctation.
  • Make a decoction of the bark of Afra-Bhojpatra by drinking 10-15 ml of it, there is benefit in Aadhaman, Kamala and Pitta-pathogenic fever.
  • Leprosy-bark tree tree knot, garlic, shirishtvak, Vacha, Guggulu and horseradish powder mixed with mustard oil and apply on leprosy.
  • Grind liquor like manshila, bhurjagranthi, kutaj etc. and apply in leprosy.
  • Grinding gland eryspar-Balamool, Nagbala, Haritaki, Bhojpatra tree knot, Bahera, genealogy and Agnimantha and applying it on gland erysipa is beneficial.
  • Grinding the knot, kasis, threesomes and guggulu of the bhojapatra tree and applying it on the wound heals quickly.
  • Incense of barley, melted butter, balsam, madanphal, gandhviroja and cedar are beneficial in secretion and pain related gout.
  • Washing the wound with ulceration scars quickly heals the wound quickly.
  • Consuming a font (10-20 ml) made from Yoshapasmar scandal is beneficial in Yoshapasmaar.
  • Balgraha – Yellow mustard, Neem Patra, Arkamool, Vacha and Bhojpatra mixed with melted butter and give incense, all types of Balagraha are peaceful.
  • Application: bark, bhurjagranthi (tree knot).

Quantity: decoction of 10-15 ml or as per doctor’s consultation.