Tejapatta is commonly used in Indian cuisine for its aroma. People feel that this smells good in vegetables but this leaf also has many health benefits. Tejapat oil has a variety of medicinal properties that are very beneficial for health. Many types of ointments are made from this oil and it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also rich in antioxidants. Tejpatta is a type of spice that has high amounts of copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and iron. But very few of us know about its properties.

In this article, we are going to tell you about 7 health benefits of Tejpatta, which are as follows:

1) Help in digestion: Tejpatta is helpful in digestion. And many types of digestive disorders are cured by its use. If you have constipation, acid and cramps, then Tejapatta can prove to be a panacea for you.

2) Beneficial in Diabetes: In case of type 2 diabetes, Tejpata can prove to be good for you. It controls blood sugar and keeps the heart healthy. Therefore, if you are a victim of diabetes, then Tejpatta is used in food.

3) Inspire sleep: On getting more sleep, soak Tejpatta in water for at least 6 hours and after getting up, drink that water. This will give you a lot of relief and a sleep-over hangover.

4) Remove kidney problem: Tejpata is helpful in resolving the problem of kidney. For this, boil water by adding bay leaf and drink that water. Make your ceiling the most beautiful part of your home.

5) Anti-cancer element: Tejpata has properties to fight cancer. It contains elements called caffeic acid, quercetin, and euginale that prevent metabolisms from causing fatal diseases such as cancer.

6) Pain relief: Applying the oil of Tejpatta to the painful area provides relief from pain. If you want, massage it at the painful place, it will help you a lot.

7) Cardiovascular benefits: Acne is beneficial in many heart related problems. Consumption of it reduces the risk of heart attack and keeps the heart healthy.

These Are Excellent Benefits Of Consuming Mint

  1. Benefits for Asthma patients: In the mint, such qualities are found which can be beneficial in asthma. Consuming mint leaves with figs can relieve chest phlegm. For this, you can chew some mint leaves with figs. Drinking mint juice can also relieve respiratory problems.
  2. Relief from stomach diseases: Our diet is more prone to stomach problems like acidity, constipation, in this case, peppermint can be beneficial for you. Peppermint can also be very beneficial in relieving stomach irritation or flatulence. For this, mixed mint juice in a cup of lukewarm water and a spoonful of honey in it should be drunk.
  3. Jaundice is effective even if you have jaundice, you can consume mint. With this, you can get mint relief even if the liver is swollen. Mint has many properties that can relieve jaundice.
  4. The use of peppermint saved from heat in summer is considered to be the best in summer. In summer, mint is also helpful in protecting from heat. Drinking mint juice daily in summer makes you feel cool as well as keeps you hydrated.

Be careful while consuming mint. Mint is very healthy, but excessive consumption can be a danger bell for you. Mint leaves should be consumed in limited quantities. Excess intake can be harmful to the kidneys and intestines.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves are used in almost every Indian kitchen to sprinkle food. It increases both the taste and smell of food. The nutrients present in curry leaves are beneficial for health in many respects. In Ayurveda, curry leaves have been described as a panacea for stomach diseases. Apart from this, it keeps the weight under control by keeping the sugar under control. It is also considered good for skin and hair. Eating curry leaves with lukewarm water every day on an empty stomach has many benefits. Let’s know how curry leaves benefit you. Keep the digestive system right – curry leaves have carminative properties. Which keeps away problems like constipation. It also provides a lot of relief in stomach problems.

Curry leaf acts as an anti-bacterial, due to which all stomach problems are removed.

Relief in skin infection Curry leaves have anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Which protect the skin from many types of infections. Brighten the eyesight, Vitamin A is found in it, which is very important for our eyes. Due to lack of it, night blindness occurs due to which the eyesight also reduces. Consumption of curry leaves on an empty stomach makes the eyes light up.

Get rid of diarrhea. Due to the cargo hold present in the curry leaves, it has antibacterial and inflammation-reducing properties. The hard leaf serves to correct diarrhea by removing bile related to the stomach and grinding the curry leaves for its consumption. The juice has to be taken two to three times a day with buttermilk, so that you will soon get relief in your diarrhea,

The nutrients in curry leaves do not allow the hair to turn white quickly and also reduce hair fall. It is also effective in problems like dandruff.

Eating curry leaves on an empty stomach, which helps in losing weight, reduces weight. For that, boil 10 to 20 curry leaves in water. Now let this decoction cool down. After this, mix lemon and honey in it and drink it. Now drink it on an empty stomach every day, this drink will burn the fat in your stomach.

Prevent cancer disease – Curry leaves contain plenty of antioxidants, which protects us from diseases like cancer. And curry leaves protect against leukemia, prostate cancer and colorectal etc. due to special elements like phenols. The presence of many types of vitamins in it also prevents the loss of oxidative and free radicals.