As such, we choose hot and cold water according to the weather. Or according to age and mood, we choose any water at the time of bathing. But in Ayurveda, the method of bathing has been explained as to how water should be used for bathing. Bathing is very important to maintain the body’s supplies and well-being. According to Ayurveda, this work can be done after eating.

In Ayurveda, it is dangerous to take bath in Ayurveda, it is the most important work of routine. Many diseases are not only eliminated by bathing, but freshness is also maintained throughout the day with attention. However, bathing with both hot or cold water has its many benefits. But in this article we know that according to Ayurveda, what kind of water should be bathed.

Benefits of bathing with cold water

Bathing with cold water in the morning can help in relieving depression, bathing with cold water can remove depression. Having bath helps in the release of a chemical called endorphins that relieves depression. Studies show that bathing with cold water helps in the release of testosterone, which improves reproductive health in men. It also helps in improving the functions of the lungs. Cold water bath stimulates the body’s immune system and lymphatic thereby increasing the production of cells to fight against infection.

Advantages of bathing with hot water as we all know that hot temperature kills germs more quickly. In this way, the body is cleaned by taking a bath with warm water. Several studies have shown that warm water helps improve muscle flexibility and relaxes sore muscles. Bathing with hot water can reduce the risk of diabetes. Apart from this, it is beneficial for the treatment of cough and cold by cleaning the steam pipe.

Cold or hot water?

According to Ayurveda you should use hot water for the body and cold water for eyes and hair. According to Ayurveda, water temperature should be determined based on the following factors.

  1. Age-based youth and elderly are given the idea of ​​bathing with hot water. But if you are a student and spend most of your time studying, then taking a bath with your cold water will be more beneficial.
  2. If your body type is bile based on body type then it is better for you to take a bath with cold water and use hot water if your body type is Kapha or Vata.
  3. Disease-based If you are suffering from any disease related to bile, such as indigestion or liver disorder, taking a bath with cold water will be very beneficial for your health. And if you are suffering from Kapha or Vata related disorders then take a bath with hot water. If you are an epileptic patient, it is forbidden to bathe with both hot and cold water. Instead, take a bath with lukewarm water.
  4. If you work regularly based on habits, then bathing with hot water is suggested. 5. Time-based bathing with cold water is better if you take a bath in the morning. But if you take a bath at night, one should take a bath with warm water to feel comfortable. Since in the evening it would be beneficial to take a bath with hot water.

How to take baths according to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, “Bathing in a hurry is like eating food in a hurry and your body does not get all the benefits. And if you take a bath in a hurry, there is no proper body cleansing. ” To get freshness, it is necessary to have a good bathing experience. You follow this process slowly so that water goes properly in every part of your body. Let us know how to bathe properly. Start bathing by washing your hands and feet. If you are taking a bath with cold water, then you should start from head to foot. And if you are taking a bath with warm water, then you should start washing with the fingers of the feet and then come to the head. You should avoid chemical soaps available in the market because all the chemicals can absorb your skin. Mustard oil or sesame oil massage before bathing can be beneficial for your body. It helps to relax muscles and improve skin texture. Although it should not be too early while bathing, it is not good to take a bath even for a long time. Apart from this, bathing twice a day is sufficient for better hygiene. You can add some neem to the bath water and leave it for some time. Then bathing with this water improves skin health. According to habit, if you workout or gymnate daily, then you should take a bath with warm water. If you massage oil in your body every day and sleep or apply oil, then you should take a bath after one or one and a half hours after applying oil. If you travel a long distance then bathing with hot water can eliminate all the fatigue.