Benefits of Haritaki or Harad

Haritaki is also called Harad. Seven types of Haritaki are described in the Nighantu. Depending on the form, it has seven castes – 1. Vijaya, 2. Rohini, 3. Putana, 4. Amrita, 5. Abhaya, 6. Jeevanti and 7. Chetki but currently it is available in three types. Which people believe to be the fruit of a single tree by distinction. By the way Haritaki is found everywhere. Perhaps you do not know that Harad is a medicinal tree with many qualities. Harad is a tall, medium-sized, branching tree up to 24–30 m. Its leaves are simple, shiny, elliptical and spear shaped. Its fruits are elliptical or spherical, 1.8–3.0 cm in diameter or diameter and yellow to orange-brown in ripe state. Five lines are found on the back of the fruit.

The fruits which are harvested before they go into a raw state, are known as Chhoti Harad. Their color is dark yellow. The fruits which are cut in half ripe state have yellow color. Its fruit in full ripening phase is called Badi Harad. Each fruit has a seed. Leaves fall in February-March. Flowering takes place with new Pallavas in April-May and fruits are grown in winter. Ripe fruits are available in the month of January to April. Its seeds are hard, yellow, large in size, bone-like and angular in shape.

Bile from Haritaki being sweet and bitter; Being bitter helps to control the vata dosha. In this way, it helps to reduce all three defects. It is dry, hot, hunger enhancer, intelligence enhancer, beneficial for the eyes, age enhancing, body strengthening and vata dosha.

These include phlegm, diabetes, haemorrhoids, leprosy, bloating, stomach disease, helminthiasis, hoarseness, Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, flatulence, ulcers (ulcers or wounds), fatigue, hiccups, Helps in curing diseases of throat and heart, kamala (jaundice), colic (pain), spleen and liver diseases, stones, diuretic and urinary tract (urinary) diseases.

The fruit of haritaki  is beneficial for ulcers and is warm by nature. The fruit of Haritaki is beneficial for swelling, leprosy, acid or acidity and eyes.


  • Botanical name of Haritaki: Terminalia chebula
  • Haritaki is a genus: Combretaceae (Combritaceae).
  • Harad is called Chebulic myrobalan in English, but it is known by different names in other languages.

Haritaki in-

  • Sanskrit – Abhaya, Avitha, Pathya, Kayastha, Putana, Haritaki, Haimavati, Chetki, Shreyasi, Shiva;
  • Hindi – Harar, Harare, Harar, Harar;
  • Urdu – Hejarad (Haejarad);
  • Oriya – Karedha, Haredha (Harida);
  • Assamese – Hilikha;
  • Konkani – Ordo (Ordo);
  • Kannada – Anilaykayi, Karakkai;
  • Gujrati – Haritaki, Himaja;
  • Tamil – Kadukkay;
  • Telugu – Karakkaya, Haritaki;
  • Bengali – Horitaki, Narra;
  • Nepali – Harra, Barro;
  • Panjabi – Har, Haritaki;
  • Marathi – Hirad, Haritaki;
  • Malayalam – Divya, Putanam
  • English – Black myrobalan;

Benefits of Haritaki:

1. Using Harad gives relief in the problem of vomiting. If your heart is nauseating and you feel like vomiting, then you can get help. If you are feeling restless or nauseated before going out somewhere, eating Harad powder with honey helps to prevent vomiting.


2. Use of myrobalans in piles is beneficial

Use of myrobalan can prove beneficial for hemorrhoids patients. It is caused by swelling of veins around the anus or anal area. In this, there are bulges like moles on the anus, which make you feel pain while bowing. How to use myrrh – Boil the myrabalan chebulie with lukewarm water then consume it after it cools down a bit.


3. Use of Harad beneficial in digestive power- Harad For Digestion

Works to strengthen the digestive system. Consumption of myrrh also relieves gas and indigestion problems. Mixing haritaki with half cup of water and drinking it removes digestive problems.


4. If someone has a problem of diarrhea, then he should make harad chutney and feed it. The problem of diarrhea is eliminated by eating raw myrobalan sauce 3-4 times a day.


5. Use of myrobalan in inflammation is beneficial –

Consumption of myrabalan in inflammation related problems provides relief. For problems such as swelling of the body, using Harad mixed with cow urine can be beneficial.


6. Sexual problems

Harad is also used for sexual problems. But consuming harad for a long time can also cause harm. Harad increases sexual energy. For this, you have to eat 1 to 2 grams of Harad daily for one month.

Harad works as an effective medicine in many diseases. Taking myriad chutney with food every day increases the intelligence, strength and age. Consumption of myrabalan at the end of a meal calms the disorders caused by vata, phlegm and bile. Eating myrabalan chebulie with salt, eating phlegm, khand with gall, eating with ghee, eating with air and jaggery, kills all diseases.

Other benefits:

* If there is indigestion, take powder of myrabalan chebulie, peppercorn and rock salt and keep the powder. Taking 5 grams of powder with curd water or lukewarm water immediately benefits.

* Diarrhea is stopped by eating boiled myrabalan chebulie.

* Consumption of myrobalan with jaggery gets rid of gout.

* Consumption of powder of myrabalan chebulie, beleric myrabalan and Indian gooseberry in the body ends constipation and purifies the intestine.

* Make laddus of 15 grams by mixing old jaggery and myrabalan powder in Sammatra. Eating one laddu every day is beneficial in swelling of the body.

Taking 5 grams of myrobalan powder with honey in the morning and evening benefits in malaria.

* If there is any problem in the eyes, wash the eyes with myrobalan. It removes eye disorder and increases eye light.

* 5 grams of myrobalan powder is 40 ml. Leprosy is destroyed by mixing in cow urine and drinking it every day.

* In case of cough, eat 3 to 4 grams of powder of myrobalan, black pepper and peppercorn with jaggery thrice a day.

* Consumption of myrabalan powder with jaggery or rock salt helps to open the appetite and the food is easily digested.

* By brushing myrobalan powder, brushing it regularly makes teeth clean and healthy. Sucking myrobalan and catechu together makes the teeth strong.

Mixing myrobalan, neem bark powder, and jaggery together and taking it kills stomach worms.

* Mix equal quantity of myrobalan powder and old jaggery and take it thrice a day, jaundice is cured. Keep the intake to 10 to 20 grams.

* Take the powder of myrobalan chebula with jaggery twice a day, it cures piles.

* Taking one teaspoon of myrobalan powder with two raisins removes the acidity problem.

* Chew the pieces of myrabalan to increase appetite.

* For mouth ulcers, grind small myrobalan in water and apply it on the ulcers.

* Gargle with alum in the decoction of the myrrh clears the throat and makes the voice melodious.