Who likes Stretch Marks on the body?

Probably not to anyone…. I also do not like it at all. But due to these stretch marks, stomach is starting to look strange. After delivery, there were stretch marks on stomach, which look so bad that one not able to wear a sari And thinking about the stretch marks, one keep getting upset.

Stretch marks are often considered to be the markings on the stomach and thighs of women during pregnancy, but stretch marks caused by stretch and tightness in the skin due to obesity are also marks. Stretch marks can happen to anyone. Whenever someone is fat, a sudden change in the body and a stretch in the skin causes many scars on the skin, which are called stretch marks.

These Ayurvedic tips will remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are usually on the armpits, abdomen, breast, Thai, and hips, because this part of the body fat is the most. There are many treatments such as surgery to avoid stretch marks from them. No matter how safe these techniques are, there is always the possibility of some dangers. Their being very expensive is also a big problem. They may need to be completed in several sessions, so that the cost of the entire treatment can reach millions of rupees as well. But you can also avoid this problem by adopting some Ayurvedic remedies.

Regular exercise

Exercise regularly to protect your skin from marks caused by stretch marks. By doing this, the skin will help to spread without any problem, as well as your weight will also be under control. So do exercises daily to avoid the stretch marks.

Aloe vera skin softener

“Stretch marks can be cured with aloe vera. Aloe vera has natural healing properties and is also a very good skin softener. Both these things make Aloe Vera a good home Remedy to remove Stretch marks. Apply aloe vera gel on your stretch marks before taking a bath. ”

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is used in many homes. This doubles the taste of food. Apple vinegar has many properties that are very beneficial for the test as well as the health! Try apple cider vinegar. There will be a difference in a few days. To remove the scar, dissolve apple vinegar in water and apply it on the scar for 20 minutes. Wipe with lukewarm water.

Stretch marks soak coconut oil

Since stretch marks are like a stain for your skin, but don’t worry, because coconut oil helps in healing them quickly. Several studies on the properties of coconut oil have shown that it heals skin wounds in a very short time. Applying Virgin Coconut Oil on Stretch Marks daily can reduce the redness of Stretch Marks.

Egg white

It can be quite useful to use the egg white on the stretch marks. The white part of the egg contains amino acids and protein.” Take two white pieces of egg then apply it on the stretch marks as a thick layer and when it dries completely then immediately apply olive oil after washing it with water. It cleanses your skin and removes stretch marks. ”Using it 2 to 3 times a day results in quicker and better results. The use of egg albumin on stretch marks brings new life to the skin.


You will be surprised how you can remove stretch marks from sugar, but natural white sugar can be the best way to remove these marks. Sugar removes the old layer of skin only when new layer comes in which is soft.

Add a few drops of almond oil and lemon juice to a spoonful of sugar and apply it on the marks. Every day, before bathing, give a light massage for 10 minutes.


Potatoes contain vitamins and minerals that help the skin cells to grow. Cut the potato into thick pieces and rub it lightly on the marks and leave it for a while.

Keep in mind that the juice coming out of the potato must be applied to the marks you are trying to remove. Then when it dries, wash it with lukewarm water. By doing this every day, you will see the difference on your skin.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains many ingredients and antioxidants that help in improving the skin and also removes stretch marks. Heat olive oil and apply it on the marks, which will improve blood flow. Apply oil and leave it for one hour so that the vitamins A, D and E present in it soak the skin.

To maintain moisture in your skin at night, add vinegar and water in olive oil and apply it on the marks before bedtime. This will keep your skin soft.


You may not have thought that water can be so effective for removing stretch marks. By keeping the right amount of water in the body, many skin related diseases are cured. This keeps your skin’s pores clean from time to time and this keeps your skin resilient.

To do this, drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. This will keep your skin soft and flexible. It is better to stay away from coffee, tea and soda because these things reduce the amount of water in the body.

By adopting these measures, you can get rid of the stretch marks.