Post-Pregnancy diet

It is often seen that women of delivery do not pay attention to their food as they used to give during pregnancy. After doing this, after a time, their body starts getting weak which can cause problems for both mother and child.

Experts believe that the new mother is required to breastfeed the baby for about a year and hence they should take full care of their food. By doing this, both mother and child are protected from many dangerous diseases.

1 .Egg

Women need protein the most after delivery and eggs are the best source. It gives strength to the body and it also removes vitamin D deficiency.

2. Oats

Oats are a very good source of fiber and are also very useful in meeting the iron requirement. Oatmeal also keeps the mother from stress.

3. Spinach

Spinach is a treasure of iron. Along with this, it is also a good source of Vitamin A. You can include it in your diet in any way like juices, vegetables, salads.

4. Milk

Milk is considered a complete diet. In addition to vitamin D, B and protein, it also contains many nutrients. In addition, the calcium present in it plays a major role in strengthening bones.

5. Vitamin E

Being the main source of vitamin E, every new mother is advised to use almonds in her diet. Omega 3 found in it is beneficial for both mother and child.


What should the mother eat after delivery?

In such a situation, every mother should eat only food to improve her health. Such as:

1. Eat protein after delivery

Research suggests that after giving birth to a mother’s baby, she needs to eat at least 71 grams more protein.

Therefore it is a good suggestion to eat things made with milk, so that the mother gets the elements of calcium along with proteins. Apart from this, he should also eat lentils and different types of meat. Also, at such times, the mother can also eat the following things:

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Yogurt
  • Machli

2. Eat grains after delivery

In this situation the mother can give strength and strength to her body by carbohydrates. Whole grains are a means of transporting that carbohydrate to its body.

The element of sugar also increases our agility and strength, but there is a risk of deteriorating the balance of sugar in our body. They can also increase their calories excessively.

Therefore, foods like brown rice, jowar, and oatmeal should be eaten by the mother. With this, his greener gets the proper amount of carbohydrates, and it also becomes good for his health.

3. Take fats after delivery

After giving birth to a child, every mother should eat food that gives her the fat content. But keeping it in mind, eat only the right types of fats.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables after delivery

Fruits and vegetables are things that are very beneficial for the mother even in her pregnancy, and even after giving birth to the child. They contain such a large amount of fiber, which keeps the digestive system of the mother healthy, and also removes problems like constipation.

Also, it provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals like elements to their body, which makes the mother’s milk healthy for the baby.

Due to pesticides and chemicals, they should eat organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

If organic fruits and vegetables are not available, things such as spinach, apples, and grapes should not be eaten, as a lot of pesticides are added to those fruits and vegetables. In fruits and vegetables such as onions, pineapples, kiwi, mangoes, and corn, less pesticides are added, so they can be consumed.


These 11 nutritious diet should be included in the diet after recovery

1. Panjiri

Panjiri is a healthy thing that helps to improve a new mother’s metabolism and keep weight under control. You can eat it like this or by making laddus.

2. Gum ladoos

Protein and other nutrients are present in gum laddus which removes the weakness of the body. It contains moong dal, flour and dry fruits in addition to the food gum.

3. Whole Sprouted Grains

A lot of nutrition is found in sprouted grains. If it is mixed with dry grains and used to prepare its flour, it will be very beneficial.

4. Poppy seeds

Pain and swelling occur in the body after delivery. Due to muscle weakness, it is necessary to give energy immediately. In such a situation, poppy seeds, poppy soup, poppy pudding or other things made from it can be given.

5. Fennel water

There is also little effect on digestion after delivery. Drinking fennel water is beneficial to repair it again.

6. Celery

It is believed that celery not only relieves stomach aches and gas, it also produces breastmilk milk. Celery has been described as a medicine in Ayurveda. Celery has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Women can eat from celery paratha to pudding after delivery. This will also increase their energy level. If you want, you can eat it by making laddus. Add plenty of desi ghee and dry fruits to it, which will help in bridging the deficiencies in the woman after delivery.

7. Pulses

Protein is also present in pulses. After delivery, boiling the lentils and making their soup and drinking it are quite beneficial. Apart from this, make moong dal pudding and feed it. This will increase the breast milk and will also remove weakness. Whole grains should be consumed in breakfast as it keeps energy in the body throughout the day. Eat oats, oatmeal etc. in breakfast. Women also get nutrients from this.

8. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in iron, which increases the amount of blood in the woman’s body and also benefits the baby. Especially eat spinach soup or vegetable.

9. Consumption of milk

Consumption of milk products is also very important for a woman. It also provides adequate amount of calcium to the body, which helps to develop the bones of the baby and the weakness in the body of the woman during delivery.

10. Sesame Laddus

Sesame Laddus are loaded with calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus. It supplies essential elements in the body. In addition, it regulates intestinal function. Sesame seed laddus are very popular anyway because of their taste.

11. Almonds

Almonds contain many minerals besides carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B12 and E. If the woman includes almond in her diet after delivery, it is beneficial for both mother and child. If you want, you can also make almond halwa and give it to the woman.


vitamin b2

What is Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) used for?

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is commonly used for riboflavin deficiency. Vitamin B2 and other B vitamins help in the formation of red blood cells and support other cellular functions that provide energy.

In some situations the need for riboflavin may be greatly increased such as:

  • Alcoholism
  • To burn
  • Cancer
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Disease
  • Infection
  • Intestinal disease
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Serious injury
  • Tension
  • Abdominal surgery

In addition, riboflavin can also be given when there is an excess of bilirubin in the blood of infants.

Riboflavin is claimed to be effective for acne, some types of anemia (anemia), migraine headaches, and its use for muscle spasms.


  • Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is an essential vitamin.
  • This is necessary to maintain the energy required for metabolism in the body.
  • It helps to process nutrients in the cardiovascular system through aerobic energy production and keeps cells in good health.
  • This vitamin also improves vision and skin health.
  • Riboflavin deficiency causes cracks and redness in the skin and causes problems like swelling in the mouth, ulcers, sore throat and anemia.

DOSAGE: It is prescribed to take 1.3 mg of riboflavin for men and 1 mg for women.

Vitamin b2 foods :

  • Carrot- Carrot is one of the most common vegetables. Its most important quality is that carrots contain 5% of our daily requirement of vitamin B2. You can add it to your salad or eat it just like that.
  • CHEESE- In addition to being high in cholesterol, high amounts of vitamin B2 are found in cheese. Cheese provides the highest amount of vitamin B2 with 0.57 mg per 100 grams. It is also a good source of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Milk- Cow and goat milk are high sources of vitamin B2. It is also a rich source of vitamin B complex and other minerals.
  • Almond- Almonds are nuts that contain high amounts of riboflavin. It is also a high source of vitamin E, calcium, potassium and copper. Its health benefits are proved by the fact that 1.01 mmg riboflavin is found per 100 grams.

How do I use Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)?

Vitamin B2 should be eaten along with food and eat exactly as mentioned on the label, or eat it according to the doctor’s advice. Do not use it in large quantities or in small quantities or for a long time unless you are advised.

How do I store Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)?

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) would be good if you keep it at home temperature and keep it away from direct light and moisture. To avoid worsening of the drug, you should not keep vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in the bathroom or freezer. There may be different brands of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) which may have different storage needs. Therefore, it is necessary that you read the collection information written on the product carefully before purchasing it, or take the information from the pharmacist. For safety, you should keep all medicines separate from children and animals.

Is it safe to take vitamin B2 (riboflavin) during pregnancy or breast feeding?

There is no such study yet on the risk of using vitamin B2 (riboflavin) during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor regarding the benefits and disadvantages of using vitamin B2 (riboflavin).

What can be the side effects of vitamin B2 (riboflavin)?

Usually, riboflavin (an active ingredient present in vitamin B2) does not cause any side effects. Talk to your doctor if you experience any side effects and see any other side effects. If you notice any symptoms associated with an allergic reaction to riboflavin, seek emergency treatment as soon as possible: hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, tongue, lips, or throat.

What medicines cannot be used with vitamin B2 (riboflavin)?

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) should not be used together with the medicines taken, this may alter the function of the drugs or increase the risk of serious side effects. To prevent any medication from being mislabeled, you should keep a list of medicines used (including prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines and herbal products) and then with a doctor or pharmacist Share.

Can vitamin B2 (riboflavin) be used with food or alcohol?

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can cause misalignment with food or alcohol by changing the way the medicine works or increasing the risk for serious side effects. If you do not see any right results with food or alcohol before taking this medicine then talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

How can eating vitamin B2 (riboflavin) affect health?

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can have an adverse effect on your health status. This effect can worsen your health status or reduce the way the medicine works.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is one of the safest and effective nutrients. Experts also recommend taking vitamin C after workouts.

You may have noticed that many athletes or professional body builders consume orange after exercising. Orange is a good source of vitamin C.

According to a recent study published in Preventive and Alternative Medicine, in more than 100 studies in 10 years, the list of benefits of vitamin C is increasing.

Benefits uses source and risks of vitamin c capsules

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the body. It is not produced in the body, so it has to be taken through food or supplements. It is also known as L-ascorbic acid (L-ascorbic acid), ascorbic acid (L-ascorbic acid) or L-ascorbate.

The deficiency of this water-soluble vitamin can be met with food. But if some of the reasons are not able to meet its deficiency with food, then supplements / capsules are also available in the market for them.

If you take it by diet, there is no deficiency in the body. Lack of it can also cause some health problems in your body.

Sources of Vitamin C

There is no need to work hard to supply vitamin C in the body. This is accomplished by everyday food and drink. A deficiency is also seen in those who do more strict diet.

Eating raw vegetables and fruits provides more vitamin C than cooked vegetables. Actually, cooking vegetables in water reduces the amount of vitamin C.

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, red chillies, oranges, strawberries and spinach etc. are good sources of vitamin C.

If someone is deficient in vitamin C, it is advised to eat limcee tablet or celin tablet.

Vitamin C Deficiency

According to the National Institutes of Health, people who reduce the intake of fruits and vegetables can often see vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C deficiency can cause swollen joints, loose teeth and jams, besides bleeding gums and loose teeth. Apart from this, such people may also have problems like anemia, tiredness / tiredness etc.

How much vitamin C do you need?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), if you are consuming sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables, then there is no need to take Vitamin C Supplements.

If you include a 500 mg tablet of vitamin C in your diet, it will not harm you. Consumption of up to 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day is completely safe.

Before adding vitamin C supplements to the diet, consult a doctor.You must have heard many times that, Vitamin C is very important for the body, but you probably will not know what are the benefits of adequate intake of vitamin C to the body.

Vitamin C contains abundant antioxidants that keep your bones, muscles and blood vessels in good shape. Apart from this, it also helps in the absorption of iron in the body and helps in making collagen. Along with this, vitamin C has many more benefits.

Vitamin C work

The special thing about vitamin C is that it cannot be made, but it is self-made inside the body. Due to the availability of adequate amounts of vitamin C in the body, your body is protected from many diseases. It works by keeping the body healthy as well as bringing a glow to the skin. Along with this, adequate amounts of vitamin C have the following benefits: –

Benefits of vitamin c

Vitamin C is beneficial for the body in the following ways: –

Vitamin C protects skin

Vitamin C causes the formation of blood vessels and the blood vessels make it easier for protein to reach your skin. It cures the dryness or dryness of the skin and maintains the moisture of the skin, which keeps the skin healthy and does not cause wrinkles on your face. Vitamin C is able to prevent wrinkles on the face and eyes.

Moisturizes skin

Vitamin C keeps your skin soft by retaining moisture. Apricot oil available in it gives essential nutrients to the skin.

Wounds heal quickly

Vitamin C has antioxidants inside it which work to heal the wounds, wounds or injuries that occur in the body.

Strengthens disease immunity

Vitamin C strengthens the immunity of your body due to which the body remains infection free.

Protect skin from sun rays

Due to the currently contaminated and harmful environment, there is a possibility of damage to your body in many ways. It is the first side effect on the skin. Harmful rays from the sun can also damage your skin. DNA begins to deteriorate due to photochemical reaction. Vitamin C gives us relief from all these troubles.

Makes bones strong

Vitamin C works to keep bones healthy. Its adequate amount corrects bone disorders and strengthens it. In case of bone related disease, you can take vitamin C after consulting a doctor.

Keeps skin healthy in old age

Glycosaminoglycans are deficient in the body in old age and the skin becomes dry due to this. Vitamin C provides relief in this problem. It maintains the moisture content in the body and reduces wrinkles, which reduces the signs of aging.

Keeping gums healthy

Sufficient intake of vitamin C in the body keeps the gums healthy and there are no problems like bleeding in the gums.

Reduce high blood pressure

Many people currently suffer from hypertension. According to a research, vitamin C helps in controlling high blood pressure.

We have listed below the benefits of Vitamin C

  • According to a study done in 1982, vitamin C helps in healing wounds and cuts faster.
  • Vitamin C acts like a defense system of the skin. Therefore it is helpful in keeping glowing skin.
  • Vitamin C is a very good source of antioxidants. It can also go a long way in dealing with the problems of Chronic Diseases.
  • Vitamin C can help prevent acute respiratory infections. Also, can help physically stressed people.
  • Vitamin C is helpful in controlling blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause heart problems, which are the major cause of death. According to the study, vitamin C relieves blood vessels, which helps in controlling blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C helps to boost immunity. In addition, it also helps in the production of white blood cells. They protect the body from infection.
  • Vitamin C helps a lot in cardiovascular health. It widens the blood vessels. This can prevent problems such as heart disease or high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C also controls cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C Disadvantages

  • Abdominal irritation may occur when there is too much vitamin C. This means that the body is not absorbing the amount of vitamin C that you are taking. This can also cause diarrhea.
  • If you use vitamin C supplements more then you may have kidney stone problem.
  • You should talk to a doctor before taking vitamin C, because high levels of vitamin C can cause tissue damage to the body.



Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin present in different forms , but the human body uses only alpha – tocopherol form , which work as an antioxidant , scavenging loose electrons (free radicals) that can damage cells .

It also enhances immune function and prevents clot from forming in heart arteries . Antioxidant vitamins can help to cure cancer , vision loss and other chronic conditions. It also has the ability to protect cell from free radical damage as well as stop the production of free radical cell .

Daily Dose Requirement For Human Body :-

The Daily dose requirement for vitamin E for males and females of age group 14 years and older is 15 mg daily (or 22 international units, IU), including women who are pregnant.

Lactating women need slightly more dose i.e. 19 mg (28 IU) daily.


  1. To Cure Heart disease
  2. To Cure Cancer
  3. Helpful In Age-related vision diseases
  4. Help To Cure Cognitive function and neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Due to its Antioxidant properties it protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals. Free radicals can harm cells, tissues, and organs. They are believed to play a role in certain conditions related to aging.
  6. The body also needs vitamin E to help keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria. Vitamin E is also important in the formation of red blood cells. It helps the body to use vitamin K. It also helps widen blood vessels and keep blood from clotting inside them.
  7. Cells use vitamin E to interact with each other. It helps them carry out many important functions.
  8. Wound Healing
  9. Anti- Inflammatory
  10. Vitamin E is a skin care and healthy vitamin. It protects the skin from dryness, wrinkles, premature aging and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  11. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells.
  12. Vitamin E reduces the risk of stroke in women after menopause.
  13.  People who take vitamin E supplements reduce their risk of getting Alzheimer’s.
  14. Vitamin E combines with other anti-oxidants to prevent macular degeneration. It also protects the retina.
  15. It also protects women from pain during menstruation.
  16. Vitamin E deficiency increases the risk of diabetes.
  17. It is also useful in the prevention of breast cancer.
  18. Strengthens the immune system.
  19. Vitamin E also reduces the side effects of medicines taken for hair loss.
  20. Also useful in allergy prevention.
  21. In children it is necessary for the development of the skeletal system.
  22. Maintains vitamin A and K stores in the body.
  23. It controls cholesterol levels in the body.


  1. Vitamin E is found in plant-based oil , seeds , vegetables , nuts and fruits .
  2. Wheat germ oil
  3. Sunflower, safflower, and soybean oil
  4. Sunflower seeds
  5.  Almonds
  6. Peanuts, peanut butter
  7. Beet greens, collard greens, spinach
  8. Pumpkin
  9. Red bell pepper
  10. Asparagus , Avocado and Mango


Deficiency of vitamin occur in most of the people who have digestive disorder or not able to absorb fat properly ( Celiac disease , Cystic Fibrosis ,Pancreatitis etc ) . Common Sign Of Deficiency :-

  1. Retinopathy (damage to the retina of the eyes that can impair vision)
  2. Peripheral neuropathy (damage to the peripheral nerves, usually in the hands or feet, causing weakness or pain)
  3. Ataxia (loss of control of body movements)
  4. Decreased immune function

Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5


Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, is a water-soluble vitamin. This vitamin helps in the synthesis and metabolism of enzymes, essential proteins, carbs and fats in the body. It is found in mushrooms, red meat, avocados, peanuts, etc.

Vitamin B group or complex is very important to give vitality to the body. Due to deficiency of this vitamin, the body becomes a stronghold of many diseases. Several departments of vitamin B have been discovered. All these departments together are called vitamin B complex. Although all departments are integral to each other, but still all differ among themselves. Vitamin B complex has a capacity to withstand heat up to 120 centigrade. It is unable to tolerate more than that and is destroyed. This vitamin is water soluble. Its main function is to keep the muscles healthy and to contribute actively in the digestion of food. It gives vitality to the body by increasing hunger. Eating and drinking helps to establish organs. By the addition of alkali substances, it is destroyed without any heat, but it is not destroyed even when boiled with acid.

Vitamin B5 deficiency is seen in very few people. A major reason for this is that it is found in almost every vegetable. However, due to lack of vitamin B5, we can come in the grip of many diseases like fatigue, muscle spasms, burning sensation etc. According to experts, to avoid diseases caused by vitamin B5 deficiency, we should take 10 mg regularly. Specific diet containing vitamin B5 is being mentioned here.


  1. Skin reactions
  2. Pantothenic acid deficiency
  3. Converts carbohydrates to glucose
  4. heal wounds



Mushroom is one of the best sources of vitamin B5. Not only do we consume vitamin B5 by consuming mushrooms, but it also has many other benefits which are helpful for our metabolic activities. Like mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli etc. are also considered rich in vitamin B5.


Apart from vegetables, when the father comes to fruits which are full of vitamin B5, then we can take the name of strawberry by closing the eyes. Along with strawberries, maize is also considered an excellent source of vitamin B5. Apart from this, both these fruits are also present in many other .

nutritious elements which is necessary for chemical changes of other of our body. A small bowl of strawberry or boiled maize corn fills you with energy as well as helps in warding off many other diseases.


Not only almonds, but also peanuts etc. are infused with vitamin B5. If you eat almonds every day, then believe me that you cannot be deficient in vitamin B5. Apart from almonds, sunflower seeds are also rich in vitamin B5, which also gives you other benefits. With the help of peanuts, almonds, etc., you can add life to your dull vegetable i.e. tasty as well as healthy

Dairy products

If you are a vegetarian, the best source of vitamin B5 is milk products. If you are a non-vegetarian, then vitamin B5 is found in plenty in chicken liver, egg etc. Apart from this, all kinds of vitamins are found in milk products like curd etc. These vitamins are considered beneficial for different parts of your body. Not only this, milk products can also be chosen to fill energy with strength in the body.


The following is a list of possible side effects that can occur from medications that contain Vitamin B5 / Vitamin B5. This is not a comprehensive list. These side effects are possible, but not always. Some side effects may be rare, but severe. If you notice any of the following side effects, and if they do not end, consult your doctor.

  • Rash
  • Hives
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Swelling of face, lips, tongue or mouth

Interactions with Vitamin B5 / Vitamin B5

If you take other drugs or over the counter products at the same time, the effects of Vitamin B5 / Vitamin B5 may change. This may increase your risk of side effects or because of this your medicine may not work well. Tell your doctor about all the medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements you are using, so that your doctor can help you avoid the side effects of the drug. Vitamin B5 / Vitamin B5 may interact with the following drugs and products:

  • Aspirin
  • Clopidogrel
  • Donpezil
  • Ebixa
  • Galantamine
  • Heparin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • Rivastigmine
  • Tetracycline



Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the trachea. The tubes that carry air from the trachea to the lungs are called bronchi. In this, the walls of bronchi become unnecessarily weak due to infection and inflammation, due to which they become shaped like balloons. This swelling causes more mucus than normal, as well as these walls are unable to push out the accumulated mucus. As a result, there is a severe accumulation of thick mucus in the respiratory tubes, which causes obstruction in the tubes, due to this blockage, the lung part attached to the tubes is severely damaged and destroyed, or the balloons swell up. . The lungs and respiratory tract located in the damaged part are unable to perform their work smoothly and various types of complications arise in the patient’s body.

Difficulty in breathing is known as SHWAS ROG in Ayurveda .

Home Remedies for Bronchitis

To get rid of bronchitis, first of all home remedies are adopted.

1. Turmeric Beneficial for Bronchitis :- Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties that relieve phlegm problems and phlegm is the main cause of bronchitis. In this case, boil a quarter teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk and take it twice a day in the morning and at night before bed.

2. Gargle with salt water is beneficial in bronchitis (Salt Gargle Beneficial for Bronchitis) :- To avoid the symptoms of bronchitis, gargle with salt water 4–5 times a day. Grind a little ginger, a spoonful of cinnamon and two to three cloves in a cup of hot water and mix. Mixing it properly and drinking it once a day relieves the symptoms of bronchitis.

3. Herbal Tea Beneficial for Bronchitis :- Boil half a teaspoon of ginger powder and 2–3 grains of pepper in herbal tea. After this, drink half a teaspoon of honey mixed with it.

4. Eucalyptus oil is beneficial in bronchitis :- Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water and steam it, cover your head with a towel while steaming. This makes it easy to get mucus.

Massaging the chest with eucalyptus oil helps in relieving phlegm and does not cause any obstruction in the respiratory system.

5. Sesame oil mixture beneficial in bronchitis :- Eat one teaspoon sesame seeds, one teaspoon flaxseed seeds, one teaspoon honey and a pinch of salt together and drink warm water. Use it at night before bedtime.

6. MIXTURE OF GINGER AND HONEY :- If the problem is seasonal the mixture is very helpful . Take 2 teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with an equal volume of honey . Taking this remedy twice a day help to get rid of the problem .

7. USING STEAM :- Antibiotic doesn’t show satisfactory result over bronchitis . The therapy could help to overcome the symptoms of bronchitis . You can just take a hot shower or pouring streaming hot water into a bowl and lean over it. Inhaling the steam loosen the secreation of the lung .

8. Tomato soup :- It is extremely rich in vitamin C which help to reduce the excessive formation of mucus during bronchitis . Drink the soup for at least twice in a day for better relief .



Athlete’s foot is a Fungal Infection caused by the tinea fungus. In this disease, there are problems like itching in the feet, it smells bad. You can protect yourself from this problem by just cleaning.

One that is a cause of the majority of Athletes foot infection is the trichophyton rubrum. Athlete’s foot is caused when your shoes are encased in tight shoes all day without getting a chance to breathe. This fungus loves a moist, warm and humid environment. Athlete’s Foot is usually treated with  the medication oral or topical (Anti-fungal).Pay special attention to keep your feet dry and clean . Avoid walking barefoot. Athlete’s Foot can be of several types.

For the relief of pain and itching at the initial stage of athlete’s foot, easy home remedies can be adopted instead of antibiotics or medicines.

1. GREEN TEA :- These days green tea is present in most of the houses, you just have to use this green tea for relief in this problem.Green tea contains tannin, which is very effective in dealing with fungal infections of toes or toenails. Wet feet give tinea fungus a lot of chance of causing infection. But the tannin and tannic acid present in green tea removes moisture from the outer skin. In this way, fungus does not arise. During this infection, tannic acid also helps in the formation of new tissues if the skin gets out or peels off. Put 5-6 tea bags in one liter of boiled water. Allow the hot water to lukewarm. Now keep both feet immersed in this water for 10 minutes. Then wash the feet with clean water and dry them well. You can dry the moisture between the fingers by applying talcum powder or cornflour. You can also use tea tree oil for this task, just like tea bags

2. Let the feet go

3. Keep feet dry

4. Take care of cleanliness

5. Wear sandals a few days a week

6. Organic tea tree oil:- Soak your feet in water to which 40 drops of tea tree oil have been added. Remove from water and dry your feet before massaging some tea tree oil on the affected area.

7. Apple cider vinegar and Himalayan crystal salt:- Soak your feet in this anti – fungal mix of apple cider vinegar .Himalayan crystal salt and water. Dry your feet thoroughly after 10 minutes.

8. Baking soda:- Dust a little baking soda on your feet and shoes on for the day. This will soak up the moisture and prevent the spread of the fungal infection.

9. Hydrogen peroxide:- This is a wonderful cure for athlete’s foot that kills both bacteria and fungus. Soak your feet in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

10. Yoghurt:-  Apply probiotic yoghurt on the affected area and let it dry. Wash off.

11. Garlic:-  The anti-fungal and anti –microbial properties in garlic will make short work of your athlete’s foot. Mae a paste of garlic cloves and olive oil and apply to the affected area. After half an hour wash the feet with normal water. Repeat this two to three times a day.

Home Remedies to get rid of Alcoholism


Alcohol is no less than an elixir for any alcoholic. You must have seen many people around you who are badly trapped in alcohol addiction. Due to this dirty addiction, he spoils his life and at the same time makes his family members unhappy. It is very important to be determined in yourself to overcome this addiction by drinking energy mixed with alcohol. Alcohol addiction is also known as alcoholism. Alcoholism is not a disease to be treated. By the way, it is very difficult to quit this addiction. It should be controlled slowly. There should be strong faith in the mind to just leave it. In today’s stressful environment, alcohol addiction is emerging as a disease. Addiction to anything is bad. Not only this, drinking too much alcohol causes liver damage, digestive problems, diseases like heart, eyes, diabetes, neurological disorders and cancer. These 7 big benefits like weight loss, digestion are better with tequila shots, although there are many medicines available in the market, but today we are going to tell you some easy home remedies so that you can get rid of alcohol addiction.

  1. Basil: Basil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants, which cleanse the impurities of the body. That is why the consumption of Tulsi also reduces alcohol addiction.
  2. Cereals: Cereals contain fiber, eating it daily in their food increases the blood sugar level as well as there is no lack of water in the body. It also helps in getting rid of alcohol.
  3. Bitter leaves of bitter gourd: The bitter leaves of cucumbers help to remove harmful toxins from the body and along with this it helps in relieving alcohol addiction. For this, grind the leaves well and extract its juice, now drink it by mixing two spoons daily with buttermilk.
  4. Fruits: Eating fruits that contain maximum fiber keeps the blood sugar level of the body good, for this, fruits with fruits like oranges, and pomegranates should be eaten. Not only this, it also helps in getting rid of alcohol.
  5. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This causes toxins out of the body. Also, alcohol addiction is also missed. For this drink a spoonful of Ashwagandha powder in a glass of milk daily.
  6. Brahmi- Brahmi reduces stress which are the biggest cause of alcohol addiction. Not only this, drinking it also purifies the blood.
  7. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil contains saturated fat and antioxidants which helps in reducing stress. Not only this, it helps in killing the yeast of the body, so that alcohol does not feel like drinking.
  8. Ginger oil: Add a few drops of ginger oil to the kandil and steam it after burning it, or else you can eat a few drops of ginger oil with honey. This will relieve some addiction to drinking alcohol.
  9. Eating grapes relieves you from the desire to drink wine. This is one of the best home remedies for quitting alcohol. By eating this, you get rid of alcohol addiction. Wine is made from grapes and if you eat it every day, then you will not have the desire to drink alcohol. Many nutrients are found in grapes such as glucose, magnesium and citric acid. In many diseases, consuming grapes is beneficial.
  10. Licorice Root-Licorice root contains antioxidants and antibodies that keep respiration and liver healthy. Along with this, it also relieves the addiction of alcohol. Licorice root has antioxidant, antiviral, and antibody properties that help kidney and liver recover.
  11. Carrot Juice– Carrot Juice, easily found in winter, can relieve alcohol. With this regular intake, your willpower to drink alcohol starts decreasing.
  12. Raisins – Whenever you want to drink alcohol, chew 2-4 raisins slowly, by doing this, half of your mind starts to drink. By doing this regularly, alcohol addiction also starts to reduce.
  13. Basil leaves chewing the leaves of basil with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties daily reduces the desire to drink alcohol. Along with this, the dirt accumulating in the body is also cleaned.


1. Ayurveda

Effective treatment of many diseases is available in Ayurveda. There is no special provision in it for quitting alcohol, but treatment is done to remove the diseases caused by alcohol. Drugs given for the treatment of liver inflammation, stomach and nervous system diseases can be eliminated as other benefits. For example, aloe vera is beneficial for liver, while ashwagandha makes the nervous system and brain strong. Sarthak Churna, Brahmi Ghritam etc. reduce the poison of alcohol from the body. Apart from this, Shankhpushpi, Kutki, Arogya Vardhani etc. are also given. Sura is consumed as an alternative to alcohol. In lieu of alcohol, 30-40 mL of dead starch is given. But these drugs should be used only after consulting a doctor.

2. Homeopathy

There are many such medicines available in homeopathy with the help of which alcohol and its effects can be reduced. Along with curing diseases, these medicines also benefit from psychological point of view. But for the use of these medicines, please consult a doctor. For this, medicines like Curcus Q, Cinchona officinalis, Calidonium etc. can be used as per the instructions of the doctor

3. Meditation and Yoga Practice

It can also be overcome through yoga practice. The disorder is removed from their body through posture, meditation and yoga actions. Something for

Gyan Mudra: Gyan Mudra increases confidence and purifies the mind. To perform Gyan Mudra, place the thumb of the right hand on the tip of the index finger and place the left palm above the chest. Doing this activity continuously for 45 minutes gives a lot of benefit.

Meditation: By doing meditation, bad elements are removed from inside the body. Tratak is done to bring concentration. It is practiced to see the light continuously without blinking an eyelid. Apart from this, you can also do many types of yoga activities such as Kunjal Kriya, Vasti, Conch Disinfection, Concentration in Conch Disinfection etc.

4. Home remedies

  1. The consumption of orange and lemon juice and the consumption of alcohol, banana etc. reduces the poison accumulated in the body due to alcohol.
  2. Date is very beneficial. Rubbing 3-4 dates in half a glass of water helps in giving up the habit of alcohol.
  3. Stop smoking altogether. Smoking increases the desire to take alcohol.
  4. Mixing half a glass of water and equal quantity of juice made from celery, drinking it for a month daily provides great benefit.

5. Responsibility of society and law

The work of getting an alcoholic on the right path starts from his home. The day the woman or the man is drunk, the protest should start from the same day. Later these drunkards start committing domestic violence. In such a situation, the police can also be informed or taken to the counseling center.

6. Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous. It is better to call it an institution and not a family of men and women victims of alcoholism. No fees are charged here. Every new member joining this family is welcomed here with full respect. In the meeting held here, all the members share their experiences and the mistakes they made due to alcohol. The new member is handed over to a trainer called a sponsor. The sponsor always maintains a contact with them. For this, it is advisable to attend 90 consecutive meetings. Even if someone has drunk alcohol, he can still attend the meeting. A new member joining the meeting is told about their past experiences. If someone is illiterate, his words are taped or a fellow member helps in writing as he says. The entire 12 formulas have been made for personality changes.

But AA members point out that the three main sutras are emphasized the most.

  1. Faith on God: It can be worship, prayer, meditation or other religious activities.
  2. Eliminating bad habits: The drunkard has to note down his bad habits and leave them.
  3. Service: Talking to get rid of alcoholic liquor, going home, etc. 1. Ayurveda



Boils are a problem in which there is a lot of pain. Tell that in this problem if any hair of any part of the body breaks from the root, then a lump is formed there first. It is a common disease but very painful. Sometimes this problem also makes you cry. There are many ways to get relief from this disease. Let’s know about domestic remedies.

Boils are pus-filled abscesses boils on the skin that are caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus. They are often caused by poor hygiene or malnutrition but may be due to a weak immune system or exposure to certain chemicals or medications. Fortunately, not only are there external skin issues and are easy to spot, they can also be treated at home.

 Are there any side effects?

These treatments are quite safe and there is no risk of side effects if they are administered properly and with care. In some specific cases, however, side effects are likely. These side effects are usually the result of inconsistent administration of treatment or due to lack of caution for those with the administration of treatment. These can be:

Allergic reaction: If the patient is allergic to tea tree oil, it can trigger a reaction in the form of inflamed skin in that area. Although it is very uncommon for someone allergic to tea tree oil, it is not a common side effect. However, caution is needed while any new substance is applied to the skin that is already experiencing issues such as boils.

Infection: Boils occur due to bacterial infection, but the infection can often increase if treated in a sterile condition. To avoid treatment, make sure you use a clean washcloth for warm compress. There is no problem in adding some potassium permanganate in water while preparing it for hot compress. This will ensure that the open wound or surrounding skin is not exposed to any additional bacteria that can worsen its condition.

Here are some ways to treat boils:


On the other hand, if you are feeling very irritated in the place where you go, then you can use henna. Henna is cold so it gives instant relief in irritation.

Betel leaves

For betel, heat betel leaves and apply castor oil to it and tie it on a cloth with a cast. You get rid of it soon.


Onions are rich in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms. To remove pus or pus, apply two to three drops of onion juice on the boil. Also Read – Benefits of Onion: Eat onion as a salad in summer, these 6 effective benefits to the body


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which purify the blood. It has anti-microbial properties. These help to take out the pus from the boils on their own. To make a paste, add five to six drops of water to one fourth teaspoon turmeric powder. To get relief, apply it on boils twice daily for three days.


Parsley acts like a natural paste, which helps reduce pain and remove pus. Its leaves soften the boils by reducing inflammation. Boil parsley leaves in water until they become tender. Wrap these leaves on the boils after cooling them.


Ginger improves blood circulation and helps reduce pus formation, inflammation. This causes pus or pus to come out easily. Dip a piece of cloth in ginger tea and place it on the boils twice a day for 15 minutes. You will get rid of boils soon

Warm Compress:

One of the best and most well-known treatments for boils is Warm Compress because it helps to remove the pus. To administer this treatment, you can take warm water with a few spoons of salt in it, wash a clean cloth in warm water and apply it to the affected area. You should keep a washcloth for ten to fifteen minutes. This process should be repeated several times a day to clean the pus and prevent it from settling. This should be repeated at least twice.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is another well-known home remedy for boils. Being an antiseptic, tea tree oil is good for treating all skin issues and infections. All you have to do is apply a drop of it to the affected area on the skin. The oil’s antiseptic properties will help kill aggravating the boil or bacteria that grow and help it heal faster. Once the pus is removed, it can be applied between warm compresses to heal the skin.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

There are no major post-remedy guidelines as boils are a problem that soon subsides with proper treatment. However, treatment should be continued for a few days even after the problems have subsided, so as to prevent pus deposition and keep the affected area clean and free of bacteria. Other things to keep in mind are:

To keep the affected area clean to avoid further infection.

It is advised not to pick up any coagulating pus or scabs present in the affected area. Such scabs have to be washed while applying warm compress, as this will ensure that they are safely removed. One should also take care not to scratch the affected area because it does not increase the infection and inflammation.

How long does it take to recover?

These treatments will show results as soon as they are applied. The warm compress will start removing the pus from the first application itself. However, when applied twice daily, this remedy will take one to two weeks to completely heal the affected area. If you are looking for faster results, you can apply warm compress after tea tree oil, during the day.



In atherosclerosis, the arteries harden or contract. Because of this, the flow of blood in the arteries is blocked. It is also known as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Due to this there is a risk of diseases like heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis

Most symptoms of atherosclerosis are not seen until blockage occurs. Symptoms include chest pain, leg and arm pain, and pain in any part of the body where the arterial block has occurred. Difficulty in breathing, fatigue, blockage of the blockage affecting blood flow in the brain, weakness in the leg muscles due to lack of blood flow.

It is also important to know the symptoms of heart attack and stroke. Both are caused by atherosclerosis and require immediate medical attention. The symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, shoulder, waist, neck, hand pain, abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, vertigo, vomiting or nausea.

Symptoms of stroke are weakness or numbness in the face or arms and legs, difficulty speaking, difficulty visualizing, insensitiveness and sudden high headache.

Causes of atherosclerosis

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Inflammation such as arthritis or lupus
  • Obesity or diabetes
  • Smoking

Treatment of Atherosclerosis

In this treatment, lifestyle changes reduce fat and cholesterol intake. Exercise may be needed to improve the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Doctors recommend medication or surgery if a serious condition occurs. Doctors may prescribe cholesterol-lowering, beta blockers or calcium channel blockers, or diuretic drugs to lower BP, or anticoagulant drugs to block arteries or block blood clots.

If the symptoms are very severe or there is a risk of muscle or skin, then the doctor may perform surgery.

  • Keep a low amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet.
  • Do not eat fatty food.
  • Do eat fish twice a week.
  • Do at least 75 minutes of hard exercise or 150 minutes of normal exercise a week.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stay away from stress
  • Treat conditions related to atherosclerosis such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.


  1. Wash 250 grams ghee (gourd) with skin and tighten it. Grind the grated gourd either in a grinder or on a whisk. Grinded gourd juice will come out of the grinder automatically, then sieve it with a cloth. While grinding the gourd, do not forget to add 7 leaves of basil and 6 leaves of mint. Add the same amount of water to the juice of the ghee. Add 4 ground black pepper and 1 gram rock salt to the water. Take it 3 times in the morning and evening and at night after half an hour of meal. Keep in mind that the juice should be extracted fresh every time. Ghee juice removes all the digestive disorders in the stomach and excretes them out of the anus, it is possible that 3-4 days after its onset, there may be some tingling or thunderous feeling in the stomach, but later all stopped. Will be done.
  2. Essential Ingredients Garlic – 2 to 3 apple vinegar – 1 big spoon lemon juice – 1 tbsp. Method: Grind garlic and add other ingredients to it. Then mix all the ingredients in it. Now eat this prepared solution every morning before breakfast. Along with this home remedy, you also need to pay attention to your lifestyle. You can adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating at the right time, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. A mixture of garlic, apple vinegar and lemon juice dilutes the blood stored in the arteries and prevents it from freezing again. Clear arteries will be able to transport blood and oxygen to the heart easily, and this method will also protect you from heart attacks. This home remedy also reduces the cholesterol present in your body. So, this way you can avoid heart disease.

1. Walnut

Dry fruits can also be eaten as a great option to avoid heart diseases. Actually, walnuts have the properties of balancing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure, which are considered to be the main causes of heart disease. Therefore, if you include walnuts in your diet, it will help to protect you from many types of heart related diseases.

2. Flax-seed

You can consume flax seed as breakfast in the morning, which is considered to be a diet necessary for your healthy heart. In fact, omega 3 essential fatty acids are found in flax seed, which are counted as a good fat. It is said by doctors to be a diet that has beneficial effects on the heart. At the same time, the omega 3 fatty acids present in it are a beneficial nutrient directly to the heart, due to which you can add it to your diet and stay away from heart diseases.

3. Almonds

To avoid heart related diseases, it is important that your blood pressure and blood cells remain healthy and they work actively. Whereas, in a study conducted by experts, it was observed that eating almonds reduces the risk of heart disease manifold and at the same time it also works to keep the blood cells healthy. Apart from this, the amount of antioxidants present in it, along with reducing blood pressure, also maintains blood circulation, due to which you can avoid many types of heart related diseases.

4. Tomatoes

Tomato is most commonly used as a sauce in Indian cuisine and in vegetable cooking. Not only this, its juice and soup are also consumed by people on a large scale. According to scientific research, tomatoes can help in reducing bad cholesterol and can also prevent blood clotting. The risk of heart attack risk can be reduced to a great extent by people who consume it. Therefore, to avoid heart disease, you can also place it in your diet.

5. Carrot

You can buy carrots from any vegetable store and use it as a breakfast in your diet or as a salad during lunch. This will provide the necessary nutrition to your heart and will also help in running its functionality actively. In fact, carrots contain vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamins B1, B2, B6 as well as calcium potassium fiber and antioxidants. Along with this, alpha and beta carotene are very essential nutrients for the heart. Therefore, if you consume carrots, you will avoid heart diseases.

6. Spinach

Spinach, which is predominantly included in green leafy vegetables, is considered a storehouse of nutritious ingredients. It is also used as a vegetable in juices, as well as cooked with lentils. Indeed, spinach contains sufficient amounts of the antioxidant, vitamin B and fiber, as well as the most essential nutrient for the heart, omega-3 fatty acids. Given the presence of these nutritious elements, if you place it in your plate, it will be very beneficial for your heart.

7. Salman

Salmon is a marine fish that you will find in any fish market. Right now it is difficult to buy it in lockdown but after that you can buy it very easily. It contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is a very important nutrient for the heart. Therefore, you can avoid heart disease by including it in your diet.