CAC Arsh care tablet is herbo mineral and purely ayurvedic formulation .Arsh care tablets are 100% natural & safe containing 650mg extracts of Reetha Chhilka purified in Cow’s milk. The herb used for formulation of these tablets show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, laxative properties. It makes your stool soft and help prevent constipation. It is effective against bleeding piles and reduce the pain while defaecation.


  • Bleeding piles
  • Prevent constipation
  • Act as laxative
  • Fissures
  • Fistula

*Each 650mg contains:

  • Reetha Chilka  (Sapindus mukorossi)  –  650mg
  • Purified in Gau dugdh  (cow milk)
  • Kuth
  • Bakyan
  • Chitrak
  • Nimboli
  • Kali Mirch
  • Pippali
  • Ghritkumari
  • Tankan
  • Sfatika
  1. The anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties of aloe vera reduces the irritation of piles, and does not cause constipation. It is beneficial in treating both internal and external types of piles. Apply aloe vera gel to the warts outside the anus. It calms the burning and itching. Eat 200-250 grams of pulp of aloe vera. This will not cause constipation and will ease bowel movements.
  2. Apple vinegar helps in shrinking blood vessels due to its astringent properties. Drink a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water in bloody piles and drink it twice a day. Soak cotton swabs in apple cider vinegar and keep it in the anus. This will give relief from burning and itching.
  3. Due to today’s sedentary lifestyle, Piles have become a common problem that occurs as a result of chronic constipation. Constipation leads to the impairment of all the three doshas, mainly Vata dosha. An aggravated Vata causes low digestive fire leading to persistent constipation that might result in pain and swelling around the anal region if ignored or left untreated and further lead in the formation of pile mass. Chitrak helps give relief from constipation due to its Rechana (laxative) property and also reduces painful Piles due to its pain relieving as well as Vata and Pitta dosha balancing properties.