Arandi or Castor Oil Benefits

Native castor plants in Ethiopia and tropical East Africa are naturally found in many places around the world. These plants are usually found in moist, well-wet soil, such as along river banks and along roadsides, and in barren fields or on the edges of cultivated land. Castor is an evergreen, shrubby or small tree, due to which it is also used for garden decoration.

These solid soft perennial plants grow up to 40 feet long and grow stems within a few years in a cold-free climate. Due to its rapid, vigorous growth, it is easily grown during summer in a temperate climate, but it rarely grows more than 6-10 feet in a season. Its leaves are star shaped on long stalks and are more than 2½ feet long. They have serrated edges and prominent central veins.

Flowers are produced in a dense inflorescence 8–18 inches long at the apex of the stem. Bisexual plants produce male flowers under female flowers. The small spinal ovaries of the female flower develop into a fruit or seed cover shaped like a golf ball after pollination. In addition, its seed pod may be green, pink or red, but gradually turns brown. Each spherical seed membrane is covered with thick flexible thorns and consists of three segments that separate when the seed matures.

Castor is cultivated for seeds that produce a fast-drying, non-yellowing oil, mainly used in industry and medicine. Its seeds are very poisonous, so keep the plants out of the reach of children. The poison found in it is Ricin, one of the deadliest natural poisons, which is 6,000 times more poisonous than cyanide and 12,000 times more poisonous than Rattlesnake. At least four seeds can kill an average-sized adult, while consuming it in small quantities can result in vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and other problems.

Castor oil is used in fabric and other protective coatings, in the manufacture of high-grade lubricants, transparent typewriters and printing inks, in textile dyeing, in leather preservation, and in the production of a polyamide nylon type of fiber Is used in Hydrogenated oil is used in the manufacture of wax, polish, carbon paper, candles, and crayon.

Its oil and seeds are also used as some folk remedies: such as warts, cold tumors, damage to stomach organs, lacteal tumors, corns, moles, etc. . Protein of its seeds Raisin acts as a blood spleen. At the same time, the use of oil is externally useful for dermatitis and eye diseases. All written material and media available on the run are published for informational purposes only. It is not intended as an alternative to professional medical advice and should not be used as health or personal advice.

Botanical Description:

  • Sanskrit – Erand, Gandharvahast, Vardhamana, Vyaghrapuchha, Uttanpatra
  • Hindi.- Undi, castor, castor
  • Marathi-castor
  • Gujarati – Erando Divelegaon
  • Bengali – Bhernda, Shadarandi
  • Malayalam – Aman Vakku
  • Persian – Ved Fig
  • Arabic-Khirwa
  • English – Castor Plant
  • Latin -Arcinous communites
  • Taste: Eating is pungent, tasteless.

Castor is of two types, first white and second red. There are two more castes. One mal castor and the other rain castor. Rainfall castor grows during the rainy season. Mal castor can last up to 15 years. Rainfall castor seeds are small, but they contain more oil than fecal castor. Castor oil is a stomach cleanser, but due to not being too intense, there is no harm in giving it to children.

  • Trees: Castor tree is 2.4 to 4.5 m, slender, long and smooth.
  • Flower: Its flowers are of a lingering, reddish purple color.
  • Fruit: Castor has a green cover on the fruit. Each fruit has three seeds.
  • Seed: Its seeds are white smooth.
  • Nature: Castor is warm in nature.
  • Comparison: It can be compared to Jamalaghota.

Remover of defects: Katira and Masti removes its defects by protecting the properties of castor.


Taking 5 to 10 grams of red castor oil with lukewarm milk eliminates the pain of vagina, gonorrhea, gout, heart disease, chronic fever, Back Pain, back and constipation. It enhances the mind, interest, healing, memory (Yadastasta), strength and age and strengthens the heart.

Properties: Castor removes old stool and lightens the stomach. It is good for those with cold nature, ardhang vata, gridhrasi jhanak bai (pain caused by sciatica), ascites (excess of water in the stomach) and destroying all the diseases of its leaves, roots, seeds and oils of all medicines. Even astrologers and tantrikas use errands to overcome the ill effects of planets.

White Castor: White castor, destroys fever, phlegm, stomach ache, bloating, body aches, back pain, headache, obesity, spasm and undergrowth.

Red castor: eliminates stomach worms, hemorrhoids, blood poisoning, loss of appetite, and jaundice. Its other properties are similar to white castor.

  • Castor leaves: Castor leaves increase vata pitta and destroy urine (difficulty in urinating), wind, phlegm and insects.
  • Castor seedlings: Castor seedlings destroy diseases like boils, stomach pain, cough, stomach worms etc.
  • Castor flower: Castor flower destroys cold related diseases like cough, cold and mucus and stomach ache.
  • Pulp of castor seeds: pulp of castor seeds eliminates body pain, stomach ache, boils, loss of appetite and liver disease.
  • Castor oil: eliminates stomach disease, boils, pimples, cold, swelling, back,  stomach and anal pain.

Harmful effects: Due to the poisonous substance called Raisin, eating 40-50 grains of castor or eating powder of peels of 10 grams seeds can also cause vomiting and death.

Quantity: 2 to 6 grains. Oil 5 to 15 ml. 3 to 4 grams powder of leaves Powdered pulp of root 10 to 20 grams. 1 to 3 grams of root powder.

Useful in various diseases:

1. Skin diseases:

Cook 20 grams of castor root in 400 ml of water. When it remains 100 ml, then drinking it is beneficial in skin diseases.

Massage of castor oil ends the pain of breaking the skin of any part of the body.

2. To grow hair on the scalp: Infants who do not grow hair on their head or have very little hair or men and women who have very little hair on their eyelids and eyebrows, then they should massage castor oil regularly at bedtime. . This will lead to beautiful, thick, long, dark hair within a few weeks.

3. Headache: Massaging castor oil in the head ends headache. Grinding the root of castor in water and applying it on the forehead also relieves headache.

4. Burning: By applying castor oil in a little lime and applying it on the wounds burned with fire, they heal quickly. Applying equal quantity of mustard oil in the juice of castor leaves gives the same benefit.

5. Pyorrhea: Mixing camphor powder in castor oil and massaging the gums regularly 2 times a day provides relief in pyorrhea.

 6. To increase the power of the penis (penis): By grinding the powder of castor seeds in sweet oil, massaging the penis (penis) regularly increases its strength.

7. Removing Obesity:

Filter the decoction of castor root and take one spoon of it with honey thrice a day.

Grind equal quantity of castor leaves, red sandalwood, drumstick leaves, nirgundi, after adding 2 buds of garlic, cook and keep the decoction, keep the steam out of it, you should bake it with that steam and rinse it with decoction .

Drink castor asafetida from castor leaves and eat bhat (rice) from above. It benefits.

Eating castor leaves vegetable removes obesity.

8. For increasing milk in the breasts:

Drink two spoons of the juice of castor leaves thrice a day regularly for a few days. This causes milk to grow in the breasts.

Drinking 10 to 20 grams of castor powder with lukewarm milk daily in the morning and evening increases the milk in the breasts of the mother giving birth to the child.

Massaging castor oil on the mother’s breasts 2-3 times a day increases the amount of milk in the breasts.

9. Stomach worms of children:

Castor oil should be given with hot water or mixed with castor juice in honey and children should be fed. By this, the stomach worms of children are destroyed.

Applying juice of castor leaves 2-3 times daily in the anus of a child kills children (stomach worms).

10. On scorpion venom: Put the juice of castor leaves, the part of the body which has no bite, in the ear on the side and let the ear remain intact for a long time. In this way, putting two or three times scorpion poison is removed.

11. Lack of sleep: Grind fine sprout of castor and mix some milk in it and make paste. Applying this paste near the skull and the ear, reduces sleepiness.

12. Disease of nose- Keep castor oil on heat and sniff the castor oil several times a day from the nostril on the side

13. In back pain: Castor oil should be mixed with cow’s urine. By this, the colic (pain) of the back, waist, shoulders, stomach and feet is destroyed.

14. Children’s diarrhea: Mix the powder of castor and rat’s lei with lemon juice and apply it on children’s navel and anus. This stops children’s diarrhea.

15. Lips cracked: Applying castor oil on the lips at night on the lips is beneficial.

16. Heart disease: Giving decoction of castor root with impure carbonate, kills heart disease and back pain.

17. Swelling of the breasts (swelling and pain due to breast milk of women): Castor leaves should be tied in the breasts of a woman suffering from swelling of the breasts. It provides great benefit in swelling and pain of the breasts