What if we tell you that a single Amla a day or two spoonful juice of it are good enough to keep you young forever, slow down aging, keep your hair and skin healthy and protects your heart as well as liver! There is no doubt about saying that Amla, the Indian gooseberry, is the most versatile and rich fruit when comes to nutritional value. Apart from being a medicinal fruit known for some amazing benefits, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Digestive Fibre as well. Its nutritional value package consists of polyphenols. They are quite useful when it comes to fighting against the cancer tumour cells. It is studded with a number of antiseptic and antioxidant properties making it quite useful for the treatment of most of the skin issues. It has proven to be excellent herbal medicine.


The juice of Amla fruit is very useful and its consumption prevents numerous diseases. The juice prepared and sold here is 100% Natural and is made with freshest Amlas without using any chemicals.


If you are feeling lethargic or experiencing hair/skin related problems, Amla Premium Juice is the one you need. It strengthens the body and considered to make skin look smooth and beautiful. It also makes hair stronger. Apart from these benefits, Amla Premium Juice helps in boosting immunity. It can prevent the bacterial and viral ailments such as a cough, cold and fever.

If we talk about the Ayurveda, this Amla Premium Juice is very well known in balancing the entire processes of the body. It has the capability of bringing the three doshas i.e. Kapha, Vata, and Pitta to equilibrium.




Take 15 -30 ml twice daily with equal amount of water.

SCIENTIFIC NAME –    Emblica Officinalis

FAMILY                   –    Phyllanthaceae.


  • GUNA (QUALITY)                     –   GURU (HEAVY), SHEETA (COOL)
  • VIRYA (POTENCY)                   –   SHEET (COOL)
  • It is rich source of Vitamin C, E, A, IRON AND CALCIUM.
  • IMPROVE IMMUNITY – Amla contains more Vitamin C than an orange, it has more antioxidant power. The Vitamin C content in Amla makes it an excellent source of building your immunity and metabolism. It is known to fight both viral and bacterial infections and reducing the impact of various health problems such and cancer and heart-related problems.
  • PREVENT CHEST CONGESTION – Help to fights againt common cold.  Amla also help in removal of sputum from the respiratory tract and soothe the inflamed airways. Therefore it is used to provide relief from bronchitis, cough, and other respiratory illnesses.
  • NATURAL BLOOD PURIFIER – It makes blood vessels stronger and thicker. Amla acts as an antioxidant agent and detoxifies the body. It also increase your hemoglobin when taken it regularly.
  • IMPROVES EYESIGHT – Amla is said to enhance alochaka pitta, which governs eyesight. Amla as the “RASAYANA” for strengthening the eyes. Add amla to your diet can significantly improve overall eye health and help relieve the eyes problems such as cataract, intraocular tension and prevent redness, itching, and watering eyes.
  • HELP TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY HAIR – It strengthen the scalp and hair. Reduce premature pigment loss from hair or greying. Stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss. Prevent or treat dandruff and dry scalp.
  • RELIEVES PAIN – It help in Arthritis, joint pain, painful mouth ulcers and few other common pain. Amla has anti-inflammatory properties and all these pains can be relieved by using it regularly.
  • HELP IN WEIGHT MANGEMENT – Amla juice benefits people who are struggling to manage their weight it improves digestion and metabolism. Eating amla in empty stomach daily help in weight loss.

It also helps the body absorb nutrients and acts as a natural laxative due to its high fiber content.

  • PREVENTS CONSTIPATION – Alkaline nature of Amla is known to strengthen the digestive system. The high fiber content in Amla is excellent for the digestive system and cures constipation. Amla also contains anti-inflammatory properties, therefore used to cure hyperacidity and prevent stomach ulcers.
  • FIGHT AGAINST COMMOM COLD – Amla is the richest source of Vitamin and have excellent immunity boosting and antioxidant properties. Consuming vitamin C regularly enhance performance of macrophages and other cells of the immune system and help to fight against infection.
  • LOWER CHOLESTROL LEVEL – It helps in lowering bad cholesterol and keeps the levels of good cholesterol in optimal range. It can reduce the accumulation of fats in arteries and veins and lowers the risk of getting atherosclerosis and promotes healthy circulation and maintain healthy cardiovascular system.