We all know eating healthy is important for our mental and physical well-being. But sometimes our bodies require some specific nutrients to be more active and healthy. The brain being a part of our body also requires some important nutrients to function properly.

Here we bring to you a list of foods that will help you improve the functioning of your nervous system.


Green leafy vegetables are proven for the best results on our nervous system. They are rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, etc. they help the nerve cells to maintain the proper rate of heart, help in digestion functions and respiratory functions too. These veggies help in stopping the ageing effect in the nervous system.


1.This vegetable is easily available in the markets.
2.Also, the prices are easy to afford for everyone.
3.We can get vitamin K and choline from this content in a rich quantity.
4.These two contents play a magical role in boosting the health of the nervous system.
5.Broccoli is easy to cook and tastes good too.


1.Uninterrupted oxygen supply is a basic requirement for flawless and healthy brain performance.
2.Garlic can support nervous system function effectively.
3.If you are looking for a solution to avoid the problems due to brain aging, start eating garlic from today.
4.This ingredient keeps your nervous system younger for longer.
5.Also, its usage in cooking can promote the taste of a recipe.


1.For nervous system health, eat as many leafy vegetables as you can.
2.Our brain requires Vitamin A, C and folate for flawless commands and actions.
3.Spinach is the biggest source of these nervous system supporting contents.


Not only vegetables, but there are also more options we do have. Variety helps us to enjoy a particular diet program. Let us find out which fruits come in the category of a nervous system supporting sources:


1.Your nervous system can receive enough antioxidants with this fruit.
2.Also, blueberries provide the most reliable Ayurvedic treatment for nervous weakness.
3.These are effective in dealing with cancerous cell growth.


1.Free radical development is responsible for brain damage and other complications.
2.A routine intake of pomegranate juice can get you rid of this condition.


1.A strong concentration capacity is the identification of a healthy brain.
2.Avocados support this function with their nutrients.


1.Nervous system hydration is highly important for smooth performance.
2.Electrolytes are found in bananas in sufficient quantities. That keeps your brain hydrated.


1.This fruit is popular for multi-level advantages.
2.Simulating our skin and hair problems is also good for brain health.
3.Memory capacity enhancement is the prior nervous system benefit of coconut.

NUTS: Another choice is to enrich your diet with nutrition. The nuts have a very good effect on our mental health and body.


Almond has high levels of brain-healthy omega -3 fatty acids and lots of brain- protecting vitamin E.


1.The shape of this fruit is similar to our brain.
2.Also, it works so well in strengthening our nervous system.
3.You can also accompany walnuts with almonds and cashews for better and faster results.