1.In Ayurveda, Panchakarma is considered as a whole body cleansing (shuddhi) procedure which should be done in order to achieve a fruitful conception. But the Panchakarma is meant for purification of whole body.
2.Uttara Basti is specially meant for local purification of UTERUS.
3.It has got a leading role in pre – conceptional care or it helps to conceive naturally.
4.It is a special procedure mentioned in Ayurveda in which medicated ghee or oil is introduced into the uterine cavity for treating problems of uterus and providing definitely has unique kind of benefits to uterus.
5.Uttarbasti can be administered in both male and females for treating genito–urinary disorders.

Female Uttar Basti

1.As per the name Uttara meaning superior, it is the superior form of Basti.
This procedure is done by Introducing medicated oil or herbal decoctions into the intrauterine cavity or up to the cervix.
2.Duration- 4th 5th 6th day of menstruation but preferably after cessation of menstrual flow and done for 3-4 cycles as per patient’s medical condition.

What are the Indications of Uttar Basti?

Uttar Basti is indicated in the following problems-

1.Fallopian tube blockage
2.Yoni bhramsha or Prolapsed uterus
3.Rajo and Yoni dosha- morbidity of diseases of menstrual blood, Vagina or uterus.
4.Pre Conception Program
5.Asrugadara or Dysmenorrhoea
6.Cervical erosions
10.Cervical Polyp
11.Vandhyatva or infertility
12.Recurrent abortions
13.Unhealthy endometrium
14.Tubal block
15.Cervical factors or ovulatory causes.

According to the site of administration it can be classified into-

1.Garbhashaya (Uterus) Gata Vasti

In this Basti is administered through Garbhashaya or Uterus and it is given through the vaginal orifice. This Basti helps in cleansing of Uterus or Garbhashaya by expelling the morbid Doshas out of the uterus. This Basti is very beneficial in eradicating the morbidity and diseases related to the female uro-genital system.

2.Mutrashaya Gata Vasti

The medicine is administered through Mutrashaya or Urinary Bladder i.e. through the Mutra Marga or Urethra. The site of administration is the urinary passage or urethra in both men and women. This Basti helps in curing the diseases related to urinary system and genital system.

3.Uttara Basti for Garbha samskara

1.The main aim of Garbha sanskar is to achieve normal and healthy delivery. Thus, this sanskar is done in order to achieve healthy pregnancy & healthy baby at the end of pregnancy.
2.The garbha sanskar strengthens the uterus and makes it healthy & strong. It purifies and cleanses the uterus and also it is a nourishing procedure.

Method of application-

Uttara basti is done in females for 3 cycles after initial body purification or shareera shodhana through Panchakarma during Garbha Samskara.

1st cycle- Shodhana or cleansing the Doshas from the uterus.
2nd cycle- Shamana or pacifying the remaining Doshas.
3rd cycle- Brumhana or providing nourishment to the uterus.

Before administering the medicine to uterus all necessary aseptic precautions have to be taken. Uttar basti should be done with utmost care & caution. Usually it is done after the cessation of menstrual flow (after 6th day).

According to the condition of the women Suitable medications in the form of ghee or oil are selected.

If it is executed in a proper manner it may prove to be a fundamental step in Garbha Samskara and gives all its positive benefits to a conceiving woman.

Ayurveda Formulations used for Uttar Basti-

1.Kshara taila
2.Shatapushpa taila
3.Shatavari taila
4.Mahanarayana taila
5.Shatavari ghruta
6.Phala ghruta
7.Kalyanaka ghruta etc.


Here are some benefits of Uttar Basti which will help to conceive and heal you naturally-

1.It is an amazing therapy mentioned in Ayurveda for the management of Gynecological disorders & infertility. The healthy individual can also utilize its benefits by the Garbha samskara procedure.
2.As the uterus holds & supports the fetus & provides nutrition to growing embryo during the antenatal period so Health of uterus is vital as it has to sustain all kinds of mechanical stretch, stress & strain during delivery.
3.It is very beneficial in Garbhashaya shuddhi or helps to cleanse the uterus.
4.It helps to remove increased Doshas or regularize the imbalanced Doshas
5.Provides proper nourishment & strength to uterus.
6.It helps to get rid of ailments of genito -urinary system.
7.Make the Uterus strong so that it is ready to bear all these changes going on during pregnancy & delivery.
8.If Uttar basti is appropriately planned and done before conception then it definitely provide the needed support & strength to uterus.

Some Points Regarding Uttar Basti

1.It is the most effective treatment in gynecological disorders.
2.In case of severity of the disease this treatment can be given at any time but usually it is given in between the 4th 5th 6th 7th day of the menses.
3.In this therapy medicated oil or herbal decoctions are introduced into the intrauterine cavity or up to the cervix.
4.This therapy is not painful and the duration depends on the seriousness of the disease.
5.It is strictly advised that this therapy should be performed by experienced Ayurveda practitioners.
6.The sterilized medicines are used and hence there are no chances of getting infected.
7.A person can continue working the same day as it is a day care treatment.
8.No hospitalization is required during this therapy but complete treatment requires few sittings according to the health and it is advised to be followed all the precautions and procedures as advised by the expert.