Ayurveda Treatment for Skin Rashes and Itching

Ayurveda Treatment for Skin Rashes and Itching

1.Skin surrounds our whole body making it the largest organ in our body.
2.It functions as a protective barrier and is important for knowing different sensations and also keeps its temperature balanced.
3.For proper skin health care, you can opt. Ayurveda, as it is safe and giving promising effects. Herbs help to improve the condition of your skin naturally.
4.The bright nourishing sun rays shine on the skin and provide it with Vitamin D. That’s how our bones and body stay healthy.

Functions of the Skin

1.External Factors- It protects the body against physical injury, entry of infectious pathogens, bites, chemical attacks etc.

2.Moisturizes- It helps to retain appropriate moisture levels in the body.

3.Sensitizing Effect- By a sense of touch skin helps to feel things. It helps us feel and experience sexual contact.

4.Connecting with Environment- It provides the person to connect with the environment through gross and fine motor activities.

5.Protection & Temperature maintenance- The various blood vessels in our bodies are placed near the skin surface. These vessels dilate and constrict to control temperature along with the subcutaneous fat layer.

6.Protection against Harmful UV Rays – It produces melanin pigment and protects the body from radiation-laden UV rays.

7.Influences- Different skin types are influenced by different circumstances such as age, allergies, sensitivity, dryness, oiliness, sun damage, wrinkles, and congestion.

8.Natural healer- Helps heal cuts, wounds, and cracks that are a result of injury, accident, or dryness.

9.Providing Essential Vitamins- The skin helps absorb Vitamin D, and this helps the body fight against dangerous diseases. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to some neurological disorders, a heart condition, osteoporosis, obesity, and cancer.

Different Types of Skin Problems

Different Types of Skin Problems
Different Types of Skin Problems

1)Pruritus or Itchy skin-

In this condition person experiences an urge to constantly scratch because of the itchy sensation on the skin. It can be because of an underlying skin condition or other illnesses.

2)Dry skin-

It is associated with skin itching, cracks, or scaling.
Common sites of dryness are arms, legs & abdomen. Lifestyle changes may result in excessively dry skin.

3)Allergic eczema-

It is red, inflamed, itchy, raw, scaly, and looks like a burn. If you neglect this condition, it can develop blisters. The blisters can ooze out and become crusty on drying.


Skin can develop raised extremely scratchy welts if exposed to an allergen. It might hurt when touched and shape is round or irregular, small, or large/ ring-shaped welts are reddish in color.


Rashes are Red, inflamed, and itchy skin bumps may be because of allergic reactions, fungal infections, parasitic infections, an infectious disease, bacterial infection, insect bite, an autoimmune disorder, Or the side effects of medicines.

If the condition is left untreated, it may lead to-

4.Respiratory trouble
6.Fainting spells
7.Acne or pimples

It is a condition commonly faced by many youngsters. The pores present on the skin get clogged when the natural skin oil combines with the dust and dirt to swell up, forming zits or pimples.

Some Herbs for Skin Rashes and Itching

1)Neem, Daru Haridra, and Rakta Chandan –

These herbs possess antifungal and antibacterial properties and are natural Blood purifier. They might help to treat- Allergies, Acne, Rashes, pruritus or itching, Patchy blemished skin, Skin eruptions, Pimples and other skin conditions.

2)Azadirachta Indica and Curcuma longa-

These herbs are enriched with abundance of medicinal properties that can help the skin stay free from various disorders.

3)Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi-

The extracts of these herbs are very essential for Ayurvedic treatment of Skin and helps in many skin disorders. In addition it boosts immunity and helps the body fight against the onslaught of infections.

4)Carom seeds-

It helps to get relief from acidity and toothaches and also helps to cleanse the skin impurities.

Whenever the person suffers from skin irritation, he or she loves to scratch the “itch” away but Persistent skin irritation can leave a severe impact on life and may have some medical consequences. It may lead to inflammation, skin blemishes, and open wounds, which can be very painful.

In order to get rid of the stubborn itch and rashes in time, it is really very essential to address the skin issue with Ayurveda treatment for the Skin.

Ayurveda Treatment for Skin Rashes and Itching

Ayurveda is a natural science that nourishes the body from deep within and allows it to heal naturally. These herbal products have medicinal properties that are extremely beneficial for the body.
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The following medication might help to get rid of the stubborn itch and Rashes.

1.Detox Premium powder
2.Itch Care tablet
3.Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu
4.Twaka oil
5.Skin Care tablet
6.Skin care Plus tablet
7.Blood Purifier syrup
8.Aloe Vera Gulab gel
9.Twak churna

Direction of use – As prescribed by the Physician.

Other Products-

CAC Special Skin Care Kit

CAC Special Skin Care Kit
CAC Special Skin Care Kit

CAC Special Skin Glow Kit

CAC Special Skin Glow Kit
CAC Special Skin Glow Kit


Some Precautions for removing the superficial allergens from the skin-

1.Maintain Hygiene – The affected area should be clean and try to wash it with a fragrance-free cleanser.

2.keep it Dry- There should be no moisture on the affected site so keep it dry. Sweat and wetness lead to skin problems if it stays collected on the skin. Use a soft towel to blot and dry the skin. Never rub the surface hard, or else the skin irritation can increase further. This can also cause wounds to leak and infections to spread.

3.Soothing and calming herbal extracts can be used to reduce the inflammation on the skin. They will definitely bring instant relief from the itching.

4.Hydration- Hydrated skin will not develop cracks or dryness, so eat healthy foods and lots of water. If the skin is not well- hydrated it may lead to various infections. This will also help you gather other health benefits that act wonderfully on the body.

5.Clothing- Clothing should be loose which does not rub repeatedly against the skin to reduce the persistent irritation. These tips are vastly helpful if an individual is suffering from an allergy because of an external source like metal, food products, or cloth.

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