Top 6 Common Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Right from normal men to celebs, everyone looks to enhance their performance. Male sex enhancement is very essential and with that, it’s important to bring about an increase in the libido, supply of blood flow etc.

Erectile dysfunction

Well, Erectile dysfunction is a very common sex problem and 31 percent of men suffer from the same and this has given rise to certain misconceptions. Given below are some myths that many follow; these can lead to discouragement of men.

1. Erectile dysfunction is very common

Although we have discussed that ED is common, it doesn’t mean that it is a part of normal aging process. This is a medical problem and overall well-being feeling can be impacted. Regardless of the age, this problem can affect any and everyone.

2. Only men can feel the impact

This impact of ED can be felt not only by men, but also by his partner. Yes, feelings of inadequacy are created. It would further lead to depression and low self-esteem. There is a negative impact on the intimate relationships. It’s good to address the situation as soon as possible. Chandigarh Ayurved Centre’s Men Power Kit will do all the magic. The contents in it will increase libido and also help him perform well in bed.

3. ED is caused due to tight underwear

Many people believe that due to tight underwear, ED is caused. In fact, there is a relation between infertility and tight underwear. However, no research has been able to prove a connection between ED and Tight underwear.

4. ED occurs due to relationship issues

No doubt, relationship issues do contribute immensely to ED, but many a times, the issues are physiological rather than psychological. Sometimes, if ED is not treated well, difficulties are increased in the relationship. If you are too worried, you need to buy Men Power Kit from Chandigarh Ayurved Center now. Don’t leave it untreated; instead, treat it properly with this best combination of effective herbal remedies as it has all the necessary ingredients to boost performance and increase stamina.

5. Only old men suffer from ED

This is once again wrong! There are several medical conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease and obesity that contribute to ED. So, it’s not just not just aging but various other factors that lead to ED. The biggest contributor is smoking and overdose of medications.

6. Only Viagra and oral medications can treat it

This is totally wrong. Try out Chandigarh Ayurved Center’s Men Power Kit and you will not find a better option than that. In this kit, you will find Himfort Capsules, Dhatu Poshak Churna, Makarprash, Swarna Makar Rasayan and Sheet Dhara Syrup.

Men Power Kit

  • Himfort Capsules – For relieving stress and for relaxing the mind completely. Makes you feel young and energetic.
  • Dhatu Poshak churna – For enhancing stamina and bringing improvement in sexual performance.
  • Swarna Makar Rasayan – For building sexual power and giving that vigor which is needed. Enhances sexual drive.
  • Makarprash – Boosts sexual feelings and ensures a great performance.
  • Sheet Dhara Syrup – makes you feel fresh and happy.

So these were few of the misconceptions that were associated with Erectile Dysfunction. Hope everything is clear by now.

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