Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Ashwagandha, Withania somnifera

  • Botanical Name:- Withania somnifera
  • Family name:- Solanaceae
  • Sanskrit Name:- Ashwagandha
  • Common Name:- Winter cherry, Indian Ginseng


All over India, especially in dry lands and Himalayan region, natural and cultivated plants of winter cherry are found even at heights of 5,500 ft. Compared to the natural plants, cultivated plants are medicinally superior. But for oil extraction, it is better to use natural forest plant.


It is beneficial in curing cough and acidity. It increases physical strength, is purgative and improves vitality. It is beneficial for the digestive function and in curing weakness.


  1. Multinodular Tuberculosis:- Take fresh new leaves of winter cherry with equal quantities of jiggery and prepare cherry shaped tablets. Give one tablet to patient in the morning with stale water.
  2. Angina:- In case of pain in the heart due to acidity, give 1gm winter cherry powder with water. It bring relief.
  3. Tuberculosis:- Give 1gm winter cherry powder with 10gm decoction of its own. It is beneficial in curing tuberculosis.
  4. Cough:- Take 5gm root of winter cherry and grind it solid. Mix 5gm sugar candy in it and then boil true in 200ml water till water is reduced to 1/6 of the of quantity. Give this to the patient in little portions repeatedly.
  5. Conceiving:- Take 10gm winter cherry powder, 1/2 litre water and 150 ml milk. Cook them all together at low heat till only milk is left behind. Add 4gm sugar candy and 4gm ghee to it. Three days after the completion of menstrual cycle, give this mixture to the woman for three days. The woman definitely conceives with this treatment.
  6. Abortion:- In case the foetus aborts naturally, give 5gm each of fresh juice of winter cherry and white kateri root from first to fifth month of pregnancy.
  7. Helminths:- Take equal quantities of winter cherry powder and guduchi powder. Mix them with 4-8gm honey and give to the patient regularly.
  8. Improving eyesight:- Take 1gm winter cherry powder, 1gm amla powder and ½ gm liquorice root powder. Mix them all and give tea spoon with water, every morning and evening. It helps in improving eyesight.
  9. Arthritis:- Take winter cherry whole plant, grind it and strain it. Give 20-25 gm of this to the patient. It cures arthritis pain. Also, take 20gm fresh leaves and boil in 150gm ml water till water is reduced to half. Strain the solution and give to the patient.
  10. Lumbago:- Give 2-4 gm powder with ghee or sugar. It cures lumbago and lack of sleep.
  11. Joints pain:- Mix 2gm winter cherry powder with 2gm ghee and 1/2gm sugar. Give this to the patient every morning and evening.
  12. Weakness, fatigue:- Treatment with winter cherry for a year makes the body healthy and disease free. Take 5gm each of winter cherry powder, sesame oil and ghee and 1gm honey. Mix them all and in winter season give this to the patient.
  13. Blood disorders:- Take equal quantities of chopchini and winter cherry powder and mix them. Take 2gm of this mixture with honey every morning and evening.
  14. Fever:- Take 4gm powder of winter cherry, 2gm powder of guduchi salt. Mix and take daily in the evening with warm water.
  15. All kinds of disorders:- Take mixture of 150 gm guduchi salt with 4gm ashwagandha powder. Give this mixture with honey. It helps cure all types of disorders.


For the hot – tempered people.