Ashoka Herb (Saracaka Indica) : Medicinal Properties, Usage & Health Benefits

Ashok tree (Saracaka Indica) are found all over India. These are grown in gardens for decoration. It is more common at heights of 3000 ft.

Ashok tree, Saracaka Indica


The evergreen ashok tree is 30-35 ft tall and with its numerous dense branches provides cool shade. When mature, it is brown in color and rough. The inside of its bark is reddish. Leaves are 10 inch long, round and pointed. They grow together in pairs of 6-7. New leaves are reddish in colour but turn dark green in colour on maturing. The edges of the leaves are wavy. Flowers grow in bunches. These are orange or reddish in colour when mature and very beautiful with a nice fragrance. The pod is 5-11 inch long, 2-3 inch wide and grows in summer season. Each pod has 5-11 seeds. When unripe it is dark purple in colour and when ripe, it turns into red colour. Seeds are 1-1.5 inch long, flat with thick outer covering. When the stem is pricked, liquid oozes out which turns red when exposed to air.


The bark has tannins, essential oil, haemotoxicilin- a Ketosterol, a glycoside, saponins, calcium and carbonic compounds one with calcium the other with iron. The ketosterol of the bark has properties as that of the estrogen hormone. This is why it is very effective on the reproductive system.


It is light, dry, bitter, pungent and cool. It promotes spleen growth, blood formation and is a pain reliever. It improves complexion, enhances bone healing, is very fragrant and cures tridosas. It is also beneficial as an anthelmintic, in curing rheumatoid arthritis, severe, pain, piles, and blood disorders. It cures uterus related disorders, all types of fever, acidity, indigestion and related disorders. It is used to cure bleeding disorders, renal stones and urinary disorders. The bark is analgesic and antipyretic. It helps cure digestive disorders, blood related disorders, weakness, fatigue, piles, swelling, pain etc. It also helps cure stomach disorders, excessive bleeding, bleeding from uterus etc.


Promotes intellect:-

Take equal quantities of ashok bark and brahmi powder. Give 2 tea spoon of this mixture every morning and evening with 2 cup of milk, regularly for a few months. It sharpens intellect.


Boil decoction of its bark till it thickens. Take it off fire and let it cool and then add equal amount of mustard oil in it. Apply this on acne, boils etc. Regular use shows positive results.

Bronchial asthma:-

Take the seeds powder not more than the size of a rice seed. Wrap this powder in betel leaf and give to the patient for 5-8 times. It gives relief in asthma.

Facial paste:-

Take juice of its bark and grind mustard seeds in it. Let the mixture dry in shade. When it is to be applied on face, grind mustard in its bark’s juice and apply. It helps improve the complexion.

Bleeding diarrhea: –

Grind 2-3 gm flowers in water and give to the patient. It controls blood loss in stool.

Bleeding piles: –

Give 30-40 ml decoction of its bark. It controls the blood from piles.


  1. Mix equal amount of bark powder and sugar candy. Take 2gm of this mixture with cow’s milk every morning and evening. It helps cure leucorrhoea.
  2. Give 30-40ml decoction of its bark with milk every morning and evening. It helps cure leucorrhoea and metrorrhagia.

Menstrual cycle:-

Take 60gm bark and boil with 4 times the amount of water till the water is reduced to one fourth. Add 60ml milk and boil the solution till the water is completely evaporated. Mix the solution and then give to the patient morning and evening.