Herbs and Home Remedies for Eye Problems

Eye Problems
  1. Take 20-25gm Indian Gooseberry. Grind them solid and boil with 1\2 liter water for 2 hours. Strain the water and put a few drops in eyes, thrice a day. It is beneficial in all types of eye disorders.
  2. Prepare paste of 5-6 pomegranate leaves with water and apply this paste twice a day. You can also wet the leaves and place them over the eyes. It gives relief in case of painful eyes.
  3. Take extract of 8-10 fresh pomegranate leaves and let it dry. Sieve it through a fine cloth and store. Using an eyeliner apply this powder in the eyes every morning and evening. It helps cure eye disorders like itching watery eyes problems in eye lids boil etc.
  4. In case of eye inflammation take 2 gm powder of apamarga root. Mix it with 2 teaspoonful honey and put 2 drops of this mixture in eyes.
  5. Grind Babul’s soft leaves and put 1-2 drops of the extract in the eyes or tie it with woman milk on the eyes. It cures swelling and pain in eyes.
  6. Grind bakayan’s fruits and form a small cake from the paste. Tie it on the eyes. It cures conjunctivitis. It also cures pain in eyes due to excessive heat.
  7. Take 10gm powder of bhagera shade dried leaves 3 gm honey and 3 gm ghee. Give this to the patient every night before going to bed for 40 day. It cures all types of eye disorders.
  8. Put 2 drops of Bhagera juice in eyes within 1 second of sunrise or 1 second before sunset.
  9. Take Bhagera 2 liter juice and add 50 gm paste of liquorices root 500 ml sesame oil and liter cow milk to it. Mix them all and cook them on low heat till only oil is left. Strain the oil and store it. Apply this oil in the eyes or use this to give Nasya. It cures all types of eye disorders. It also helps regain the lost eyesight.
  10. Apply the cinnamon oil on the eyes. It cures the flickering of eyes and also improves eyesight.
  11. Grind 20 gm coriander and boil it in one glass of water and then strain the solution through fine cloth. Put 1 drop each in both the eyes. It cures conjunctivitis disorder and also cures pain in the eyes. It reduces the itching in the eyes and also cures watery eyes.
  12. Take and grind equal quantities of coriander and barley seeds. Prepare a poultice of the paste and apply on the eyes. It cures swelling of the eyes.