Herbs and Home Remedies for Hair Problems

Hair Problems

1. Oil of mango seeds help in preventing premature graying of hair. It also helps in changing the color of grey hair to black. It is also useful in curing hair problems like dandruff and hair fall.

2. Grinding the creeper in sesame oil and applying on head is beneficial in case of baldness. It makes the hair roots stronger.

3. Take 50gm of this creeper, grind it and boil it in 1kg water. Use this water to wash hair. It makes the hair shiny and golden and also helps in curing dandruff and hair fall.

4. Take 30gm dried amla, 10gm bebeda, 50gm mango seeds and 10gm iron powder. Soak all the element in a vessel overnight. Apply this everyday on hair. Prematurely grey hair turns black with this treatment.

5. Prepare decoction of gooseberry, reetha and shikakai. Wash hair with this decoction. It makes the hair soft, dense and long.

6. Take gooseberry and mango seeds and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on hair. It results in strong and long hair.

7. Give powder of Hemidesmus root, thrice a day with water. It helps cure baldness.

8. Take equal quantities of aerial roots of banyan tree and sesame seeds. Grind the two into a fine powder and apply on head. After half an hour, clean the powder by combing the hair. Next, grind bhringraj and coconut and apply the paste on the head. Within a few days, it helps increase the hair length.

9. Take powders of henna and neem leaves in equal quantities and prepare the paste in water. Apply this paste on hair. It colors grey hair black.

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