Herbs and Home Remedies for Ear Problems

Ear Problems
  1. Mix 65mg ash of poppy with rose oil and put a few drops in ears. It cures ear pain.
  2. Take 10gm of Ajowan and cook it in 50gm of sesame (til) oil. When tolerably hot, put 2 drops of warm oil in the ears. It cures ear pain.
  3. Mix Henbane with sesame oil and put 2drops of the mixture in ears to get relief from pain.
  4. Cook Linseed with onion juice and put a few drops of it in the ear. It also cures any kind of swelling in the ear.
  5. Take 100 ml extract of fresh pomegranate l leaves, 400ml cow urine, and 1ooml sesame oil. Cook all the three on low heat. When only oil is left, strain and store it. Every morning and evening, warm a little amount of this oil and put a few drops in the ears. It helps cure problems like pain, itching, dryness, tinnitus and deafness.
  6. Take equal quantities of extract of pomegranate leaves and bael leaves. Add ghee and medicate it. Give 20gm of this hot ghee with milk mixed with 250 gm sugar every morning and evening to the patient. It helps cure deafness.
  7. Take fresh prickly chaff, clean, washed root and cook it with equal amount of sesame oil. When only oil is left, strain it and store it in a bottle. Put 2 drops of warm oil in the ears daily. It cures deafness of ears and is also beneficial in curing ear discharge.
  8. Put 3-4 drops of arjun’s juice in ears. It cures ear pain.
  9. Grind the bark of shyonak in water and then keep it with sesame oil. Add double the amount of water to it and then cook it on low heat. When only oil is left, strain the solution and store in a bottle. Pour 2-3 drops of this oil in the ear. It helps cure ear pain due to vata and kapha.
  10. In case of boils or worms in the ear take few drops of banyan milk and mix with mustard oil. Put drops of this mixture in the ears. It cures the boils and kills the worms.
  11. In case of pain or put in ear boil 20gm jasmine leaves in 100gm sesame oil. Put 1 drop each of this oil in the ears. It cures pain and stops the leaking of pus.
  12. Mix aloe in jasmine oil and put this in ears. It cures the itching in ears. Mix 5ml of leaf juice and mix with 10 ml cow urine. Heat the mixture slightly and put drops in ears. It also cures pain in ears.
  13. Heat the juice of thorn apple’ s leaves till it thickness. Apply this thick paste at the back of ear. It cures the swelling.
  14. In case of ottorhagia, take 8parts of mustard oil, 1 part gandhak, 32 parts of thorn apple leaves’ juice. Mix them all and prepare medicated oil. Put 1 drop of this oil in each ear every morning and evening.