Herbs and Home Remedies for All Types of Fever


1. Prepare decoction with equal of Gooseberry fruit, jasmine leaves, nagarmotha, and ywsasa. Give 1\4 part of it with jiggery to the patient. It helps cure all the infections in the body.

2. Give 2 -5 gm of Ankle’s roots powder two times a day. It causes sweating which immediately controls the body temperature becomes normal.

3. Take 10gm Tie bid root, 3gm each of koot and peepal, 6gm bebeda. Boil them all in 1litre water till water is reduced to 1\8th. Strain the solution and add sugar candy to it. Give this solution both morning and evening. It helps cure influenza or any other communicable illness.

4. Take 3gm powder of Tiebid root and mix with 2gm dry ginger powder and cook in rice water. Give this solution to the patient. It is beneficial in curing dengue fever and also in influenza.

5. During fever, heat Tiebid leaves and tie on the painful area.

6. Grind the Tiebid’s fruits in water and apply the paste on the body. It cures the burning sensation during fever.

7. Grind the Tiebid’s root in water and apply the paste on the body. It cures the pain during fever.

8. Give 1-10gm Indian Atis powder, 4-5 times a day with warm water. It causes sweating which cures the fever and also cleanses urine.

9. Take equal quantities of Indian Atis powder, vaya bading powder. Mix the two and give 1gm of this mixture with honey to children. It kills the worms in children.

10. Before the recurrence of fever, give 2gm of Indian Atis powder orally at an interval of 2hour. It helps control the temperature.

11. Give 2gm Indian Atis powder with chebulic Myrobalan jam (murabba). It cures bleeding diarrhoea.

12. Give 625mg Indian Atis powder orally. It controls the body heat due to fever.

13. To control fever, give 625mg Indian Atis powder with 200mg green kasis.

14. To get rid of malarial high fever, take 1gm Indian Atis powder with 75mg quinine. Give this quantity 2-3 times a day.

15. In case of normal fever, take 1part Indian Atis powder and 2 part sugar candy. Mix them and in case of adults, give 1gm of this mixture and in case of children give 500mg of this mixture with honey or squash of banafsa, every morning and evening.

16. Take 10gm each of Persian lilac bark and dhamasa, and 10 seeds of kasami. Grind them solid and then soak in 50 – 100 ml water. After some time, crush the mixture and strain it. Give this to the patient before the patient starts shivering due to cold.

17. Grind soft leaves and 1\4th the amount black peppers. Prepare tablets of this paste and give 2 tablets to the patient twice a day. It cures malaria fever and also frequently occurring fever.

18. Take equal quantities of jasmine leaves, Indian Gooseberry, nagarmotha, and jawasa and prepare the decoction. Mix jiggery in its decoction and give 30ml of it to the patient, twice a day. It helps cure the fever and patient is relieved of all the disorders.