Ayurvedic Cure For All Type of Heart Diseases & High Blood Pressure


1. Take Guava fruit: remove all the seeds in it. Chop the fruit into fine pieces, add sugar from a paste. Sauce on low heat. This paste is very beneficial for heart. It also cures constipation.

2. Take 10gm pomegranate (anar) leaves and grind them with 100gm ml water. Strain the solution and give to the patient every morning and evening. It maintaining the heart beat.

3. Give 6gm powder of shade dried pomegranate leaves with fresh water to the patient. It cures eczema, blood related disorder like psoriasis. It also cures stabilizes heartbeat.

4. Take 20gm wheat flour and roast it in 30gm ghee. When it turns pink, add 3 gm powder of Arjuna bark and 40gm sugar candy and 100gm boiling water in it and cook the mixture. When the mixture thickens, take it off the fire. Give this to the patient every morning and evening. Its regular intake cures heart pain, increased heartbeat and other heart disorders.

5. In case of heart weakness and in swelling of heart cook 6-12gm powder of arjun bark with jiggery and milk. Strain the milk and give this to the patient .it prevents water of blood lymph from getting into the blood vessels and thus prevents swelling which in turn cures the fatigueness and weakness of heart.

6. In case of fatigue of heart fast heartbeat swelling of heart enlargement and all other heart disorders. Arjun is very beneficial.

7. After heart attack give 50 ml of arjun decoction every morning and evening. It is an effective heart or cardiac tonic.

8. For complete benefit prepare the decoction in milk. It cures disorders like increased heartbeat angina pain and anxiety.

9. In case of heart diseases impact of cloth sieved powder of its bark is much more effective than an injection. Keep Arjun powder on the tongue and suck. It gives immediate relief. Its effect is similar to that of sorbitrate tablet. In case of fast heartbeat and high pulse rate keep its powder on the tongue of the patient. It immediately provides strength to the pulse. The effect of this medicine is permanent and does not cause any negative effect. It is much more effective than allopathic medicine like digitalis.

10. Arjuna is beneficial in high blood pressure. In case of swelling of heart due to high blood pressure, this medicine cures even this swelling.

11. Take equal quantities of long pepper root and green cardamom. Grind them into fine powder. Give 3gm of this powder with ghee every morning and evening. It cures constipation and heart disorders.

12. Mix equal quantities of long pepper powder and powder of bark of root of lemon. Give 3gm of this mixture with decoction of Arjuna, on empty stomach in the morning. It cures heart pain and other incurable heart disorders.

13. Give 1gm long pepper powder every morning with honey. It controls the cholesterol levels and cures weakness of heart.