Bargad / Banyan (Ficus benghalensis)- Properties & Medicinal Usage

bargad tree,  banyan tree

BOTANICAL NAME – Ficus benghalensis

FAMILY NAME – Moraceae

SANSKRIT NAME – Vata, Bahupad


Generations after generation and decades after decades, the World has changed but the banyan tree stands erect witnessing the changes around it. It stands as alive restimonial of all geographic and social change and natural disasters. The banyan tree has got special mention in the Hindu mythology and is a well known tree and does not need any specific introduction. Branches of the tree are widely spread out from which grow aerial roots, which grow brown and thick.


It cures kapha and pitta , relieves pain, cure ulcers and wounds, is a blood purifier, cures oedema, swelling and is beneficial for eyes. It helps cure bleeding diathesia, enhances semen production and cures uterine problems.


To improve the facial glow:-

Take 4-5 fresh leaves or its aerial roots and grind them with 5-10 gm masoor. Apply the paste on the face.

Take 1 part of each of each of its dried yellow leaves, jasmine leaves, red sandalwood, koot. Grind them all in water and apply the paste on face.

Ear problems:-

In case OF Boils or worms in The car take few drops of banyan milk and mix with mustard oil put drops of this mixture in the cars lt. cures the boils and kills the worms.

Hair problems:-

Take 15-20 gm ash of its leaves and mix in 50ml linseed oil. Massage this oil on the head. It helps grow new hair.

Take extract of fresh, soft leaves and mix equal amount of mustard oil in it. Cook the mixture to medicine the oil. Apply this on the hair.

Tooth problems:-

Take 5gm tree bark, 3gm catechu, and 1gm black pepper. Grind them all to form a fine powder, use this powder to brush the teeth.

In case a tooth is to be extracted, apply its milk on the tooth. The tooth can then be easily extracted.

Nasal bleeding: –

Give 2gm powder of aerial roots with butter milk.

Sleepiness / drowsiness: –

Take hard, green, shade dried leaves and crush them to form a solid powder. Take 5gm of this powder and boil it in 1 litre of water till water is reduced to 1/4 add 1 ½ gm salt in it and give to the patient every morning and evening.

Tea for cold:-

In case of cold , take its soft, red colored leaves and dry them in shade and crush them. Take 1 or 1 ½ tea spoon of this powder and boil in 1 litre water till water is reduced to 1/4. Add 2 teaspoonful sugar in the mixture and give to the patient every morning and evening like tea.

Swelling of the Eyes: –

Take 5ml of banyan tree milk and add 100 mg camphor and 1 tea spoon honey in it. Apply this mixture with an eyeliner.


Give 10gm cold decoction of its branches and small soft branches.

Non-bleeding piles: –

Boil 10gm bark in 200 ml water till water is reduced to half. Strain the solution and ghee and sugar. Give to the patient.

Bleeding piles:-

Take 20gm fresh, soft leaves and grind them in 100ml water. Give this mixture to the patient. Wit in 2-3 days, bleeding stops.

Diarrhoea with blood:-

In case of blood lost before, with and after passing stools, take 10gm buds and grind them. Soak them in water overnight. Next day morning, strain the solution and cook it with 50gm ghee. Cook till only ghee is left behind and add 10-15 gm each of honey and sugar in the left over ghee. Give to the patient.

For sweating:-

Cook yellow leaves with rice and give the decoction of cooked rice to the patient.


Smear leaves with ghee and tie on the affected area. It bring immediate relief.


Grind its buds or soft leaves with curd and apply on the burnt area. It brings immediate relief.