Effective Herbs to Cure All Type of Tooth Diseases

Healthy Tooth

1. Burn the peel of babul and almonds and brush with it. It cures tooth problems.

2. Use the soft branches of babul and neem tree to brush the teeth.

3. Take equal quantities of dry babul bark, flowers, leaves and pods. Grind them all and use the powder to brush the teeth.

4. Use the decoction of babul bark to gargle. It cures the infection of teeth.

5. Take 50gm powder of bark of neem root, 50 gm swarna gairika and 10gm rock salt. Mix them well and give it 3 triturating of juice of margosa leaves. Dry the powder and store it in a bottle. Use this powder to brush the teeth. It cures bleeding from gums, pus formation in gums, stomatitis, foul smell from mouth, and anxiety etc disorders.

6. Course grinds 100gm of neem root and boils it half liter water till water is reduced to 1\4. Give this decoction to the patient to use it for gargles. It cures multiple disorder of teeth.

7. All Below given herbs should be taken in mentioned quantities and made to a very fine powder.

Haridra 50gms
Sphatika 50gms
Bark of babul 50gms
Tumburu 50gms
Rock salt 50gms
Neem (leaf) 50gms
Akarakara (flower) 25gms
Lavanga or clove 10gm

Cures danta roga, danta krmi, pyorrhea, etc. by root.

8. Gargle with tinpatia (changeri) leaves juice. It cures all kinds of gum problems.

10. Chew tinpatia (changeri) 2-3 leaves like betel leaf. It cures the foul smell.

11. Use tinpatia dried leaves to brush the teeth.

12. Til is beneficial for teeth. Chew 25gm sesame seeds regularly. It makes the teeth stronger.

13. Keep sesame seeds in mouth for 5 – 10 minutes and then spit out. It cures pyorrhea and also make the teeth strong.