Amrud (Guava)- Properties & Medicinal Usage

amrud, guava, medicinal usage, properties

Botnical Name – Psidium guajava

Family Name – Myrtaceae

Sanskrit Name – Peruk, Bahubheej


Guava is a common fruit. The two varieties of fruit have white & red pulp. Taste wise the fruit are sweet and sour. Fruits from winter season are sweeter and tastier. Fruits are available in rainy season. The tree is 20 – 30 ft tall. Leaves are 4- 7 inch long on small branches. Stem is sweet and flowers are small in size.


Its fruit is tasty, appetizing thirst and strengthens the hear. It is purgative and cures cough.



Take a unripe guava before sunrise. Rub it on stone and make a paste. Apply the paste on forehead area which aches. This treatment should be administered 2 – 4 times a day.


Chew 2-4 guava leaves. It relieves toothache or boil 4-5 leaves and potassium permanganate in water and use the water for gargles.


Chew fresh guava leaves with catechu. It cures boils in mouth.

Mental disorder

Decoction of leaves is used to cure boils disorders .


Massage the backbone of children using the tincture of leaves.

Heart tonic

Remove all the seeds in it. Chop the fruit in fine pieces, add sugar and form a paste. This paste is very beneficial for the heart.


In case of phlegm give one guava ( remove the seeds ) to the patient and give fresh water to drink. Within 3 days blocked phlegm will flow and clear the nose. After 3 – 4 days to control the flow give 40 gm jiggery without water at night.

Cough and related disorders

In case of dry cough where phlegm does not come out easily, bite and chew a fresh guava. In case of excessive phlegm and cough and mild fever, give fresh and sweet guavas to eat.


Give 12gm decoction of guava leaves. It controls vomits.


Take 15gm juice of its soft leaves and mix sugar in it. Give this to patient daily in the morning. It gives relief within 9 days.


Cut fine pieces of guava and soak in water. Give this water to patient to drink after sometimes.


Give guava with black pepper, black salt and ginger to the patient during breakfast. Eating guava during lunch is beneficial in curing colitis and diarrhea.


To cure diarrhea in children, take 20gm guava root and boil in 200ml water. When the water is reduced to half, give 8ml of the solution to the patient, 4-5 times a day.


Guava jam is beneficial in dysentery and diarrhea.

Prolapse rectum

In case of children apply thick decoction of root as paste.

Take equal quantities of guava root, bark and leaves. Take 200gm of this mixture with 1/2 kg water. When water is reduced to half use this decoction to rinse the affected area and push it inside.


Make paste of fresh guava leaves and apply on the painful area. It helps relieve the pain to a great extent.


In case of malaria give guava fruit to the patient .grind the soft leaves with water and then strain the solution. Give this solution to the patient.

Burning sensation

Take guava seeds grind them and mix the paste with rose water and sugar candy. It cures enlarged liver.


Give enough quantity of juice of the leaves to the patient. It nullifies the effect of bhang.